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    Rcraft™ Mahogany Wood Grain Vinyl films give you the look and textured appearance of Mahogany without the expense. Installs easily on flat or curved surfaces, these wood grains films are perfect for a wide variety of interior and exterior uses. Use this Mahogany Wood Vinyl as a wrap on your car or motorcycle, reface your cabinets or even use it to repair your desktop. However, you choose to use this self-adhesive woodgrain be sure to send in your pics and review for cash back and discounts.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Rcraft-WOD-006

    Rcraft™ Mahogany Vinyl Film Features

    • Featuring a semi-gloss, reddish brown straight grain
    • Made for DIY installation with heat
    • Semi-permanent adhesives allow for easy install and safe removal
    • Offers a 3-Year Warranty against cracking and fading
    • Perfect for interior or exterior use

    Mahogany Wood Grain Craft Films

    Mahogany woods are indigenous to the Americas just like Rvinyl so it only makes sense that our Rcraft™ Mahogany wood grain films are one of our best sellers. Featuring a straight grain with a dark, reddish brown coloration and semi-gloss finish they are ideal for use in both exterior and interior automotive trim applications. Whereas other woodgrain vinyl films resemble contact paper, Rcraft™ Mahogany films are professional grade and feature a 3D embossed grain that you can actually feel. In fact, they're so realistic that it's almost impossible to tell them apart from genuine wood laminate when installed.

    Another great feature of this wood grain vinyl film is its pressure sensitive, semi-permanent adhesives. What this means is that you can install it like a sticker simply by peeling the paper liner away and pressing it onto the surface, as long as it's hard, clean and non-porous it will stick like a champ. But, if you ever need to remove it you can do so without having to worry about causing damage.

    Designed for DIY Installers

    Rcraft™ Mahogany wood grain films are designed especially for DIY installation. Just use a bottle of Rapid Prep to clean and prepare the surface before application and ensure that the temperature is between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. Once you're ready to go, pick up a bottle Rapid Tac and spray both the underside of the vinyl (the sticky side) and whatever you're refacing. Although not necessary it certainly helps to reposition the film when you're covering larger areas because Rcraft™ wood grain vinyl do not feature air channels unlike true wrapping films.

    Rcraft™  Mahogany wood grain vinyls are perfect for tons of different uses. Engineered for both outdoor and indoor use and guaranteed not to fade, crack or peel for at least 3 years, you can use them just abut anywhere you can think of. Through the years, we've seen our customers wrap almost everything under the sun from trunks to jet skis but we thought we'd share with you some of the more popular applications below:

    • Restoration of automotive dash trim
    • Refinishing control panels on airplanes
    • Craft display stands
    • Cabinets & counters
    • Phones & tablets
    • Decals & signage

    When it comes to Rcraft™ Mahogany craft vinyl you're really only limited by your imagination. But, however you end up using these wood grain vinyl films we want to see the results and we're willing to pay you for it. Sound good? If so, keep reading.

    Share Your Results & Earn Cash Back

    There's just no better advertisement than a satisfied customer, especially one who's willing to share photos of the results f their successful installations. That's why we're happy to offer a $20 Cash Back rebate for your pics/ Just send in five or more high quality pictures of your installed Mahogany wood grain wraps and we'll send you a refund of up to twenty dollars plus we'll post them to our site and blog. What could be better? Fame, fortune and a free wood grain vinyl sheet!

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