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    Rapid Tac a warm weather application fluid designed to aid in the application of decals, graphics, tint and wrap kits.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rvi5115

    Rapid Tac Features

    • Rapid Clear is specially formulated to clean and polish materials such as glass, plastic & Lexan.
    • Ideal for use with Rtint, Rwrap, 3M, Oracal, Hexis, Scotchprint, DiNoc and all polycarbonates.
    • Non-hazardous, non-combustible & bio-degradable.
    • Delivers professional results quickly and easily.
    • Convenient 4oz spray bottle comes with enough fluid to polish and clean large surfaces.

    Rapid Clear is a revolutionary polish and cleaner for use on all transparent materials and vinyls. It's gentle but extremely effective formula is biodegradable, non-toxic and nonflammable and it allows you to quickly clean and bring plexiglas's, glass, and most polycarbonates to a high luster shine that will take your breath away. Perfect for use with headlight and taillight tints, vinyl graphics, automotive detailing and just about anything you can think of, be sure to pick up a bottle before you do your next job.

    Rapid Clear by Rapid Tac is really meant to be used in combination with Rapid Prep and Rapid Tac application fluids as the finishing touch. You see, Rapid Prep is used as a pre-cleaning treatment before installing vinyl wraps or graphics and then, once the cleaning has been finished, Rapid Tac is sprayed on the substrate and the media in order to both increase the strength of the adhesive bond and to allow for repositioning. Only once the tint, vinyl or decal has been applied will you use Rapid Clear to bring the product to a shine or clean it up without causing damage.

    At Rvinyl.com, we're passionate about aftermarket modifications and our specialty has always been in vinyl films (you can tell by our name) so we know what works and what doesn't. Rapid Tac's full line of vinyl film installation fluids, adhesive removers, waxes and silicone products has been trusted for years by professionals and amateurs alike. So, if you're considering purchasing a wrap or auto body graphic be sure to pick up a bottle of Rapid Clear polish-you'll clearly &be amazed.

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