Seal-It Decal Pen

Seal-It Graphics pens are designed to bond the edge of the graphic film to the application surface.

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    Seal-It Decal Pen

    Seal-It Pens are a fast and simple answer to sealing your exterior and interior vinyl applications.  Your graphic's edge is protected from washing, polishing, and excessive physical contact.

    Each Seal-It Pen is filled with "One Shot" brand 4005 UV blocker acrylic clear, for a fast drying (15 minutes) and long lasting edge seal. Each pen will seal approximately 10 sets of truck doors, plenty for a body graphic application.

    When the time comes to remove the graphics, simply clean the surface with mineral spirits to remove any remaining sealer.

    Seal-It Pens are compatible with all vinyl's, thermal, and digital prints. Simply follow the instructions that are included with each pen for your specific application.

    1. Press the application tip on a flat surface for 15-30 seconds to prime.

    2. Occasionally repress the application tip to keep moist.

    3.  Use the provided chisel tip for wide strokes and the provided bullet tip for a fine line.

    4.  Allow 30 - 60 minutes drying time.

    5.  Always close cap when not in use.
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