Cracked Tribal Body Graphic

Earthquake inspired tribal graphic will add a cracked out flare to your import. Aggressive sharp corners let everyone on the road know you mean business with this decal.

Manufacturer Part Number: rvi0005
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QTY: Body Graphic Decal Kit Description:

Body graphic kits are universally sized for your vehicle.  Both a driver side and passenger side decal is included as well as detailed installation instructions and application squeegee.  The stickers come mounted with paper transfer material which allows the installer to properly apply the graphic on their vehicle with properly spaced and proportional applications each and every time.

Do they come in pairs?
Yes, body graphic kits come complete with both the driver side and passenger side graphics (left and right decals).

Do they come with everything I need for Installation?
The decals come pre-mounted and ready to apply.  Detailed installation instructions are included as well as an application squeegee.  Application fluid is not included, however instructions are included on how to make your own fluid using water and soap.  Alternately, we do offer professional grade application fluid in the application tools section of

How do I know what size is required?
Kits are available in sizes ranging from 72 to 144 inches in length.  We recommend measuring the desired application area and choosing an applicable size.  If you are unsure as to which size is required, please contact the Rvinyl Team and we will be sure to recommend and appropriate body graphic size for your vehicle.

Can this Graphic be removed?
Yes, graphics can be removed at a later date after installation using a hair dryer or heat gun.