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    Paint protection film in a 30" width is designed for a trim-to-fit application by professional and DIY installers. This clear film can be applied to your car's hood, bumper. fenders, pillars, trunk and roof to provide protection from sand, debris, weather elements and salt.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rshield-003

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    What is Rshield Paint Protection Film Wraps?
    Rshield paint protection film wraps are a universal trim-to-fit sheet of paint protection film that may be applied to just about any car, truck, SUV or Motorcycle.
      > 4 mil thick (.17mm).
      > Heat conformable paint protection film.
      > Easily trimmed for a true custom film.
    Protects your vehicle's paint from UV radiation which causes discoloration.
      > Shield your vehicle's paint job from bugs, sand, dirt and road debris.

    How do I install Rshield Paint Protection Film?

    The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video on this page. Although it showcases a precut paint protection film application, the general principals are the same. Installing Rshield Paint protection film can be a difficult process.
      > Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.
      > Depends on whether the vehicle has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.
      > Depends on if the proper installation tools and fluids are used.
      > Depends on whether the installer is familiar with heat stretching film.

    What size do I need?
    This series film measures 30" wide. We recommend you measure your application area and purchase the most applicable size or quantity. Always measure before purchasing an applicable kit.

    What Rshield application tools do you recommend?

    All of them. Installation can be difficult and the tools we sell help guarantee results.
      > A squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the Paint Protection film.  
      > Low friction sleeves prevent "squeegee scratches." 
      > Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your painted surface.
      > Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our Rshield Paint protection film.
      > Rapid Paint will act as a finishing agent and polish on all Rwraps.
      > Seal-It Pens are used to seal the edges of all our protection films.

    How much does it cost to have my paint professionally protected?
    The cost of protection depends on the film being used and the vehicle being applied to.  In general, the cost is $500 - $700 for a complete installation. If you are purchasing this kit and plan on having a professional installer apply the film, you will generally not save much money.  Installers profit is derived from the labor, not the film costs and it is in their best interest to have as many billable labor hours as possible. These kits are designed for the do-it-yourself minded individual, if you plan on having this kit installed professionally we recommend you purchase their film and installation service.

    Do you offer a warranty?
    Rvinyl offers a Standard Warranty film (3 years).  Rshield is guaranteed to not fade, peel, crack, or bubble when installed by a licensed professional. Warranty protection is only applicable for professionally installed film kits. We will guarantee that the paint protection film will not fade or change color, we can not extend any further warranties unless this film is professionally installed.

    How does Rshield compare to Venture Shield, 3M or Lamin-x?
    Rshield Lite is a thinner film designed to be applied by the average DIY minded individual. This is the series of film offered in this auction. Venture Shield, 3M Clear Bra and Lamin-X products are great professional grade films, they are much thicker, much more expensive and generally require professional installation.  Rshield Professional is comparable to those films, please contact us for availability.

    Is Rshield Glossy?
    Yes, the film has a high gloss finish which will blend with your vehicle's OEM finish.

    What is the difference between Universal and Pre-Cut kits you offer?
    This auction is for a universal trim-to-fit kit.  It is a sheet that can be easily trimmed and applied to just about any part of your vehicle.  We do offer Pre-Cut kits which are model and year specific. Please contact us for
    model and year specific Precut kits.

    Will the paint not protected by Rshield fade?
    By maintaining your car's paint with regular washing and waxing there will be little discernable difference.

    My vehicle has just been repainted, can I install Rshield?
    We recommend you speak with the auto body shop who painted your vehicle.  In general, once you can wax your vehicle you can apply Rvinyl Rshield.

    Why not use a Cloth Bra?
    Aside from being unsightly and dated, because they are not permanently affixed they cause "chaffing" which scratches your vehicle's finish.

    Can Rshield be removed?
    Yes, when applied properly on fully "cured" paint it can be removed without damaging your vehicle's surface.

    Can Rshield be painted or clear coated?
    No, the UV stable film is not formulated to be clear coated or painted.

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