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DIY window tints for your Smart car are the best and cheapest way to add comfort, protection and style to your ride. Smart is dedicated to building the ultimate urban vehicle and the Smart ForTwo embodies its metropolitan aesthetic that blends functionality with form on in a compact size perfect for fitting into any parking space. Why even think of paying up to 3 times as much when you can tint your Smart's windows yourself for less than $50? And remember, when you spend $49.99 or more you get fast and free shipping right to your door. What could be more convenient or affordable? Run, don't walk to find your wallet and buy today before we have to raise our prices to keep up with the post office!

Fast & Convenient   

We've done our best to make using our website fast and convenient. We understand that most of our customers are just regular people who want to upgrade the look of their cars by adding some precut window tint and that you're not a professional tinter or computer programmer. Due to this we have created an easy to use drop-down menu selector that lets you choose your make, model and year to find the window tints you need. Once you've found your Smart car you will come to a page that shows a diagram of your windows. Click into that and then choose the tints and percentages you need by scrolling through the pictures. It's so simple even a child could do it. Choose a visor, front, back or rear windshield only in any combination of 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT you can think of. At Rvinyl we make it easy for you to get only what you need so you save time and money.

If you like our ordering process but are worried about installing your DIY Smart window tint kit don't be. We've made that just as painless. Every Smart window tint is shipped with an easy to understand yet detail single page instruction sheet that covers all aspects of tinting. Not a big reader? We also have a growing collection of instructional videos, tutorials and window tinting guides that will walk you through cleaning, preparation installation and even after-care. Oh, and if you do make a mistake we've got you covered there too. Simply buy a  discounted replacement and you can fix any mistakes in a jiffy.

It goes without saying that you also need the right tools to tint your Smart's windows which is why we make adding Gila's professional window tint installation kits to every order incredibly easy. Inside each kit you get a multi-purpose Conqueror squeegee, a retractable razor blade, a spray bottle of full of application fluid and a microfiber cloth that won't scratch your tint. All you have to provide is patience, elbow grease and a heat gun.

Why Choose a Precut Window Tint Kit?

When you want to tint your Smart's windows going with a precut kit from Rvinyl is your best option. Where else can you get benefits like the following:

  • Savings of up to a 75% off the price of a local shop.
  • Discounted Replacements and an automatic 3-Year Warranty on every purchase.
  • Next business day fulfillment on all window tint orders.

Quick Cash Back Rebates

Everyone likes cash so it's no surprise that our $20 cash back refund rebate program has been such an amazing success. What is it and how does it work? Long ago we figured out that the best way to show how good our window tint kits look and perform was to give you guys an incentive to send us your pics. SO, when you send us 5 or more multiple angle photos of your installed window tint kits we give you up to a $20 refund for it. Sound good? We thought so. So, don't delay buy your tint today and don't forget to submit your pics when you're done!

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Great product - Harder than it looks...
by Sean, Georgia 4.00

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This is an honest review of the product and experience. The product was top-notch. The package arrived quickly with everything I needed to perform the installation. The materials themselves were high quality and cut perfectly. The wealth of informative videos and articles was great - they make it look so easy! (As they should, they are professionals!) Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. As hard as I tried, I am not an expert, and I wasn't able to get the results expected. It's a great product if you're willing to give it a try. The only fault lies with me and my inability to install it correctly.


4.00 | 1 Reviews