Not that bad to isntall

by | Rex,Ga |

Well I installed my kit on 12/0/17 and I have to start of by saying that I read some the reviews and I seen where people were saying that they cut the film too big, so I was going by what they were saying and it turned out to be a big mistake. All the film is cut to perfection you just have to position it the right way on the widow, I trimmed my first piece and it left a gap, but ones I took my time and position it the right way it went flawlessly, the back window was definitely a challenge but I got it done with some imperfections but I can live with them. So all and all this is a good kit and would definitely recommend it to any one that is trying to save some money and get the right to say I did it myself when ask who did your tint. I’m including a pic for reference 04 Maxima paid 1000 and I’m bringing it back to live paint is next.