Why Buy 40% Window Tint?

Consider window tint to set you apart from other vehicles on the road. When you purchase 40% tint, you'll complete the look of your vehicle and add something different. You'll smile every time you see its sleek appearance and enjoy the other benefits of window tint. Tinted windows offer privacy so you can shield people from seeing what you have in your vehicle. Plus, you'll keep the temperature lower in your vehicle during warmer months when the beating sun can make your interior way too hot.

At Rvinyl, you have many options when you purchase our 40% window tint. Whether you prefer rolls of 40% tint or kits, we can provide them. Your vehicle will look better than ever with the sun protection you desire.

What Is 40% Tint?

The percentages of our products refer to the amount of sun the tint blocks. For instance, a 40% tint keeps out 40% of sun rays. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint will be.

You should check your local regulations before installing the tint on your vehicle, so you know what's legal. In some areas, you can't drive with darker tints. However, you can still apply dark tints to display, track or other vehicles that won't be on the road.

What Kind of 40% Tints Are Available?

Rvinyl sells various 40% tints, all geared toward simple installation. You can use our drop-down menus to select the type you need for your vehicle. Our options include:

  • Bulk rolls
  • Individual windows
  • Windshield visors
  • Precut kits

Additionally, we offer brand names you recognize and value, like Rtint and Avery Dennison®. All of our options provide optimal quality and durability, giving you products you can rely on for the long term.

Why Choose Rvinyl for Your Window Tints?

Rvinyl offers the affordability and style that you want. When you install window tint yourself, you'll pay about a third of what you would at an auto shop. You enjoy savings along with a sense of pride in your ability when you choose Rvinyl for your tints.

We also offer outstanding customer service that keeps you top of mind at all times. We have more than 100,000 positive reviews on eBay that speak to our focus on your satisfaction. You enjoy free shipping on orders of more than $59, and we also give a three-year warranty on our products. We'll replace all defective films and offer discount replacements for botched film installations.

Contact us to learn more or use our Live Chat (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) to ask questions. Place your order today!