Why Choose 50 Percent Window Tint

Not all drivers want an intense near-black tint. While that can look great on show cars, some drivers simply want a light tint to help shade their vehicle from prying eyes and help keep it a bit cooler in warm weather.

Here at Rvinyl, we have automotive window tints for all vehicles and all preferences. Our 50 percent tint is a popular choice for cars, vans and SUVs and comes with detailed instructions on how to install it. Window tint isn't just for professional installers and experienced car modders — you, too, can install your own tint and save money while improving the looks and comfort of your vehicle!

Understanding Automotive Tint

There are rules and guidelines that limit the amount of tint you can install on your vehicle. Most states have their own legislation, while some states refer to federal laws on the subject. In all cases, you need to look closely at allowable tint levels (%) for:

  • Driver and front passenger windows
  • Front windows (typically only allowed at the top)
  • Rear windows
  • Side rear windows on vans, SUVs, wagons and hatchbacks

Some states apply one single allowable tint level for the whole vehicle, while others have different levels for front and rear windows. Take the time to learn about the rules for your state to avoid a costly ticket and the hassle of having to remove your tint.

It is also useful to understand what a 50% window tint is. The % refers to the amount of visible light that is transmitted through your tinted windows — in this case, 50%. Many of our customers buy 50 percent window tint because it gives a unique look that isn't overkill and still allows for comfortable viewing. Even a 50% tint makes a big difference in summer, as it blocks out a significant amount of light and keeps your vehicle cooler.

If your state rules allow it, you can even install a 50% tint on your driver and front passenger windows and opt for a darker tint on the other windows for a cool style.

Why Buy Tint From Rvinyl?

We're not the only source for automotive tint, so why buy your 50% tint kit, sheets or rolls from us? Our existing customers already know that there are many advantages to ordering from us. We offer:

  • A wide selection of kits for all makes and models, as well as individual sheets and rolls
  • Competitive pricing on top-quality automotive tint
  • A 3-year guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading
  • Rebates for installers who share their photos with us
  • Discounts on re-orders for botched installations
  • Free shipping on orders over $59 in the U.S.

We've made it easy to find the tint you're looking for. Simply select your vehicle make, model and year from the drop-down menu in our online search and you'll find the precut kit that suits your car, truck, van or SUV. Our customers love the hassle-free installation of our kits because each piece of tint is perfectly cut to fit your windows. There's no trimming, cutting or modifying to get it to fit.

It takes a little bit of patience and care to get your first piece of tint installed, but once you have a knack for it you can finish your installation with confidence. If you really aren't handy and are worried about making a mess of your tint, you can always buy our affordable 50 percent window tint and have it installed by a professional. You're still saving the cost of more expensive tints and benefitting from our three-year guarantee.

Be Proud of Your Installation

There's a feeling of pride when you upgrade your vehicle with a tint and see it out in the sun for the first time. You benefit from a more attractive look and a cooler interior. If you're proud of your result, snap a few pictures and send them along. We'll display them on our website and even offer you a rebate to thank you! This is one of the reasons why Rvinyl.com continues to grow and attract new customers. We appreciate our customers and want to thank you for choosing us as your automotive tint source.

Input your vehicle year, make and model now and place your order for the precut 50 percent window tint kit designed for your vehicle. You can also choose 50 percent window tint sheets or rolls if you want to do some custom work or tint other non-standard windows such as custom vehicles, trailers, motorhomes or boats.

If you're not sure about the level of tint to select or have some questions on our products, you can always fill in our online contact form or chat with us live (9-5 EST). Our team makes it easy for you to get the window tint you want, so get started right now and get ready for a cool, affordable and durable automotive upgrade that's as attractive as it is practical!