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Acura custom dash kits let you restyle your interior trim in under 60 minutes. Specifically designed as dash accent trim for your specific model and year of Acura, these kits really are the ultimate DIY interior mod. With over 100 different colors and finishes to choose from and available for under $100 you just can't find this kind of custom-made quality and affordability anywhere else. Semi-permanent adhesive makes these Acura custom dash kits ideal for use in leased vehicles and show cars. Buy a custom dash kit today and save!

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1903

Acura Custom Dash kits

Acura custom dash kits are a true custom product made to fit your year, make, model and sub-model. Made from premium quality materials and available in over 100 different finishes and colors these kits are adhesive backed and are designed to be applied over the interior trim of your Acura as accents. Because custom-designed dahs kits are non-refundable and we want to ensure an accurate fit and  for every Acura custom dash kit we design and manufacture, we send an email to you immediately after purchase requesting additional details about your vehicle's configuration and details. Once we receive your reply with the necessary information, we begin work at once. The design and manufacturing of your Acura custom dash kit typically takes between 7 to 21 business days from the date we receive your confirmation. Sometimes it may take slightly longer and we will notify you if that is the case.

Why Buy an Acura Custom Dash Kit?

There are many good reasons to choose a custom dash kit for your Acura. Custom dash trim kits are a great option when pre-existing woodgrain, carbon fiber, chrome or aluminum dash kits are unavailable for purchase, when additional pieces are needed for your project or a wrap kit just will not work for you. Even though we already offer a number of precut dash kits for Acura vehicles such as the Integra, MDX, TSX and RSX it is possible that we don't yet have a kit for your year or model. Regardless of which you choose, all of our dash kits are developed and designed using the same process used to make your custom dash kit. Although every kit is different is designed according to your specifications and with reference to the materials and contours of your Acura's interior trim, custom dash kits generally include the following accent trim:

  • Center console trim
  • Door control accent trim
  • Vent surround trim
  • HVAC trim
  • Navigation or infotainment trim
  • Shifter trim

Of course, some kits will include all or only some of these and it is impossible to tell what pieces a custom Acura dash kit will contain prior to beginning design although we will certainly try to accommodate every request on a per case basis. Not all pieces that may be designed may fit all vehicle sub-models, but all the pieces will be included at no additional charge.

DIY Custom Dash Kits for All

Every custom Acura dash kit comes to your door ready to install. We ship every kit with easy to follow instructions that walk you through the entire process of cleaning, preparation and installation of the trim kit. In addition, we have growing collection of video tutorials online for those of you who prefer to see it done rather than read about it. And, because these kits are covered by a Lifetime Warranty, if you ever find that they have peeled, cracked or faded we just need a picture of the problem and we will send out replacement pieces in no time at all.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

When you're installing your Acura dash kit yourself you want to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Luckily for you, our dash kits don't require any specialized or expensive tools to install since they are designed to be applied over your existing dash. Nonetheless, because we want you to get professional results every tine we do offer a variety of application fluids and tools as add-ons for you to purchase. We highly recommend you purchase a squeegee with every custom dash trim kit to help you get all of the air bubbles out during installation. Although not necessary we also recommend adding a friction sleeve to prevent scuffing on high-gloss finishes like chrome and dark burlwood.

Rapid Prep is an excellent way to clean your dashboard and interior panels prior to installing your kit as it is specially designed to remove protectants like Armor-all that can wreak havoc on your custom Acura dash kit's adhesion. Rapid Clear is a specially formulated polish for our laminates that helps you to keep glossy films looking lustrous and satin and matte finishes free of oily fingerprints. Finally, if you have kids or bad friends who are apt to try to pull up your dash kit with their fingernails you'll want to add the Edge Seal It Pen to your order. Apply it on the edges of your dash kit after you've installed it to your satisfaction and the clear coat will make it impossible for prying finger nails to lift off.

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