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    Rwraps? Matte Blue Chrome vinyl wraps give you the subtle look of blue chrome with a satin-finish. Made with an invisible protective layer that can be removed after installation to protect it from scratching and scuffing, this Rwraps? vinyl wrap film is made for the DIY installer. Get professional looking results with this specially formulated Matte Blue Chrome wrap that features air-release adhesives for bubble-free results. Wrap the craziest corners and compound curves with this Rwraps? chrome film available in 12, 24 or 60 inch widths and in lengths of up to ten yards.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-MCH-001

    Rwraps® Matte Blue Chrome Vinyl Features

    • Bubble-free, self-adhesive technology for easy installation.
    • No fluids or glues necessary — use heat and squeegee
    • Dual cast, dimensionally stable film does not distort or discolor during wrapping.
    • Will not peel or crack for up to 3 years
    • Available in 3 widths and lengths of up to 10 yards.

    Wrap Anything with this Matte Blue Chrome Film

     Rwraps® Matte Blue Chrome vinyl wraps are just the right combination of price, value and ease-of-use to make them the DIY installer and enthusiast's best-friend. For a fraction of the cost of 3M 1080 series films, Rwraps® vinyl wraps give you the subdued look of bold Blue Matte Chrome in a super thin, 3mil wrapping film engineered with pressure sensitive adhesives and air-release channels. In other words, you get bubble-free results without having to use messy fluids or extra glues. Just clean the surface, add some heat and smooth on with a squeegee.

    Rwraps® Matte Blue Chrome Wraps for Simple Installation

    Made with you in mind, our Rwraps® Chrome films can be removed with out causing damage to the substrate. Plus, with a choice of three widths (12", 24" or 60") and the ability to buy as little as a foot or as much as ten yards in length, you'll never buy more than you need! Use these thermo-formable wraps on just about any hard, non-porous surface you can think of. Wrap your car, truck, SUV or use it in vinyl cutting machines for graphics, signage and pin striping applications.

    Matte Blue Chrome Vinyl Specifications

    • Color: Blue Chrome
    • Finish: Matte/Satin
    • Adhesives: Pressure-sensitive with air-release channels
    • Recommended Uses: Automotive, Architectural, Signage
    • Conformability: Flat, compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
    • Thickness: 3 mil (with removable, protective clear liner)
    • Application Type: Dry

    Cash Back for Your Photos

    One reason we have so many customer examples of our Rwraps® films is because we put our money where our mouths are. In other words, we pay you to share your photos and thoughts about our Rwraps® Matte Blue Chrome films. How does it work? Just install your vinyl wrap, take five to six pictures of the installed film, write a quick review and either send them to us or upload them. We'll post them to our site and issue your refund of up to $20.


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