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    The Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2011 was built to call to mind the 1967 originals with clean lines and solid performance. The Camaro demonstrates incredible poise with a more stable ride than that of the Mustang but far more communicative than in the Challenger and even though the Camaro is nearly as wide as the Hellcat, it doesn't feel like it. Customize and upgrade your Camaro's interior with a precut Rdash™ dash kit in any one of more than 100 colors and styles. Choose from Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Aluminum, Wood Grain and more. Made in the USA and shipped within one business day. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty and eligible for a $20 Cash Back Rebate!

    Fitment Years: 2010, 2011
    Manufacturer Part Number: DK-CHE-CAM-10

    Rdash™ Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2011 Dash Kits Features

    • Custom interior styling for your vehicle in under 60 minutes
    • Accents install over OEM factory dash panels
    • Installation instructions and application video available online
    • Customize and upgrade your dash panels
    • Durable yet removable, dash kits apply like a decal, sticker or skin
    • 3-Year Warranty with every purchase, Lifetime Warranty available.

     Rdash™ Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2011 Dash Kits

    Dash kits are a decal auto trim kit, they are designed specifically for Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2011 models and come ready to apply to various parts of the interior portions of your vehicle. Please see the diagram at the top of this page to see what trim pieces are included as well as for sub-model fitment information. Not all pieces included may fit all vehicle sub-models, but all the pieces shown are included which allows for some of the most complete kits on the market. Please note that these kits will not cover over factory trim. If you want to completely hide your OEM trim we suggest using Rwraps dash wraps.

    Seamless Dash Trim Design

    Rdash dash kits are the thinnest dash kits designed to blend seamlessly with your interior and appear more like an OEM part or paint than traditional 3M style dash kits. These kits are an alternative to painting your panels, 3D replacement kits or unsightly thick domed kits. They are designed to be removable if desired without damaging your vehicle, you can swap them out year after year as your tastes change. Learn how to improve the appearance of your car's interior with flat and molded dash kits .

    The Warranties & Tools You Need

    Each warranty backed dash kit comes ready to install, guaranteed not to fade or delaminate for years to come. Application tools sold separately but, are not necessary for installation. Online application instructions, general installation videos and toll-free phone support are provided. These kits apply much like a decal or sticker, but are designed to last for years. Comparable with Rwrap films, they are a perfect color match for wrapped interiors.

    Application tools are not included, but do make installing your kit that much easier. The squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the decal and the low friction sleeves prevents scratches. Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your dash surface and Rapid Clear acts as a polishing agent after installation. Seal-It Pens and 3M Primer Pen are used to seal the edges of your dash trim.

    Product Requirement and Fitment Notes:

    • Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2011

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