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Custom Chrysler dash kits are the easy way to completely restyle your interior. Available in over 100 finishes like carbon fiber, wood grain and chrome and precut for painless installation you can refresh your Chrysler’s interior trim in under an hour. Why spend hundreds of dollars to have a shop paint or modify your dashboard when you can buy a truly custom Chrysler dash kit for under $100? Buy a custom trim kit today and treat yourself to an upgrade!

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1937
  • Available in over 100 colors & finishes
  • Customizes your interior in under an hour
  • Detailed, easy to follow instructions included
  • Semi-permanent and self adhesive
  • Covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Cash Back Photo Rebate

Chrysler Custom Dash Kits

Custom Chrysler dash kits give you the tools you need to completely customize and restyle your interior trim. Made for DIY installation and priced at less than $100, these custom dash kits are available in over 100 different colors and finishes to suit every taste and style. Choose a carbon fiber dash kit for your 200, an ebony wood grain kit for your 300 or a chrome trim kit for your Crossfire. With so many choices there's a Chrysler custom dash kit to suit everyone. Why spend up to 4 times as much to have a shop paint or customize your interior when you can do it yourself? Trust a company with over a decade of experience and who's designed more than 12K dash kits since 2003 to design and manufacture a custom dash kit just for your Chrysler!

As soon as you've completed your purchase we send you an email asking for more detailed information about your Chrysler. Not only do we need to know your model and year but also details like the type of transmission you have, your climate control  configuration, your sound system setup, etc. Once you reply our design team gets to work on your order. AT this point in the process we are unable to cancel or refund your custom design but not to worry: all custom Chrysler dash kits are covered by our Lifetime Warranty against defects and a guaranteed to fit your vehicle like a glove. Designs usually take between 7 to 14 business to complete and as soon as your dash kit is ready we will ship it to your address.

Model Specific, Custom Dash Kits

Although many companies now use the term "custom dash kits" to describe their products we are the only company that actually offers truly model specific custom made dash kits on the market. Most of our customers turn to us after spending hours of their time searching the web for a precut dash kit for their Chrysler only to find dozens of listings featuring dash covers and other universal interior mods for their Sebrings, Cirrus and Pacificas. Why waste anymore time looking for a custom dash kit when we have exactly what you need for a price that's within anyone's budget?

One thing most of customers want to know to know before they commit to buying a custom Chrysler kit is how may pieces it will contain and what trim will be included. Due to the custom nature of the trim kit it's impossible to tell which pieces you will get but after a decade of experience designing these kits we can tell you that you will typically receive trim pieces to cover the following areas of your dashboard and interior:

  • Transmission inserts and surrounds
  • Door & window control trim
  • Air vent surrounds
  • Climate & radio trim
  • Navigation trim
  • Center console surrounds

For an even better idea of the pieces usually included in our custom Chrysler dash kits we suggest that you take a look at the Voyager, Town & Country and PT Cruiser dash kits which are existing designs. And, best of all, since your Chrysler dash trim will be designed just for you we can often accommodate requests to have certain trim pieces made. Just be sure to let us know when you reply to our custom dash kit information request after ordering.

Imported from Detroit. Customized by You.

When we design a custom kit for your Chrysler we spend hours measuring the contours, prototyping the dash kit and then testing and re-testing it to ensure it fits your vehicle flawlessly. Chrysler's commitment to upgraded interior trim design means that the design process for our custom dash kits has become more rigorous but also much more rewarding. We're sure you'll be delighted by the fitment and look of your custom dash kit when you receive it and, with out easy to follow, single page guide, you'll be able to install it in no time at all.

Once you've successfully installed your Chrysler custom dash trim why not share the results with us? When you take 5 or more photos of your installed dash kit and send them to us you can receive up to a $20 rebate refund and your Chrysler will be featured on our site and blog. So, what have you got to lose? Buy a custom Chrysler dash kit today and get fame, money and the look you've always wanted!

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