MINI Custom Dash Kits

Our Mini custom dash kits are designed and manufactured using the same attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship as your MINI itself and are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Whatever style you're looking for you'll find it here: choose carbon fiber dash kits for your Roadster, Clubman or Coupe as well as woodgrain dash kits for your Countryman or Pacer. The sky's the limit when it comes to your choices of materials, colors, finishes and, most importantly, price. And, because all the dash kits we sell are eligible for our instant cash back photo rebate and our 3-Year or optimal Lifetime Warranty, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, hurry and buy your MINI dash kit because deals this good just can't last forever.

A Brand Brought Back from the Brink

Mini Coopers are to the British what the Ford Mustang is to Americans: a cultural icon that will forever be a part of British automotive DNA. Despite the fact that Mini is no longer owned by a British company (and it hasn't been now for decades , first passing to a Spanish, then Italian and finally into German hands) it has made a real comeback in a few that few formerly defunct marques ever have. This is, in no small part, due to the deft marketing and engineering prowess of its current owners, BMW but it is also largely due to its cultural cache as well.

We could spend a lot of time talking about the history of Mini and it would be time well spent but because we're specifically looking at our dash kits for the new Mini Cooper's that have been produced under the direction of BMW we will save that for elsewhere. So, let's take a closer look at the new Mini and see why it's such a great little car and the perfect template for DIY modifications (just think of those cool racing stripes and the EDM style yellow fog lights).

Lots of Style in a Little Package

There's just something about today's Minis that screams "Customize Me!" and our customers have. Whether its the Mini Classic Cooper or the Cooper S sports cars not only do these little Fiat killers have a lot of performance going on under the hood but they've got winning style to match. So, what can you expect from Rvinyl in terms of interior styling options? Frankly, the world because we have the widest range of dash kits for MINI anywhere. Whether you have a first edition 2000 Mini Cooper or the 2015 Roadster, we've got the right dash kit for you. Choose from an almost bewildering variety of colors and patterns as well as a dash kit style to fit your budget and needs. What do we mean? By all means, read on and find out more.

Choose Your Poison

When it comes to your MINI quality and performance are probably second only to the word "fun" when you think of how you'd describe it to a friend. Fortunately, the team at Benevento know a lot about making quality dash kits that perform exactly as you expect and they make them so well that they might even be a little fun to install (I guess the last part depends on just how much you love your Mini Cooper). With over thirty years of experience designing and fabricating dash kits for hundreds of different vehicles, Benevento has perfected its techniques in order to deliver amazing precision, incredible style and ease of installation that is second to none. When you're looking fro a real carbon fiber dash kit for your Mini Cooper S or a chrome accent kit for your Clubman where else will you turn? Trust them when you want a MINI dash kit that's CAD designed, laser cut and hand-domed with the glossiest coat of polyurethane for a true factory finish. And because Benevento uses industry standard VHB automotive trim tape, once you install your dash kit you can count on a permanent bond.

All Automaxus MINI kits come with pre-applied VHB trim tape that is guarantee to stick to your dash for the lifetime of your vehicle and are designed to give you a true custom look. Because these dash kits do not have a polyurethane coating like Benevento and DL Auto you can get that European, flat finished wood grain that is a favorite of companies like Audi and BMW. Don't see a dash kit for your year and model of MINI? Don't fret, at Rvinyl we offer you the opportunity to purchase a custom MINI dash kit made to your specifications. Simply confirm your vehicle's details and, within a matter of days we will begin work on your custom dash kit. Don't wait to get a true custom look in your MINI, get started today on the ride of your dreams with custom dash kits from Rvinyl!

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by Braytan, Delphos, OH 3.75

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I like this custom dash trim for my 2014 Clubman. I ordered a carbon fiber one and it looks pretty seamless on my dash. I screwed up the radio surround and gave them a call and left a message. They called me back and the next day they even sent out a replacment piece free of charge. I wish it was a little thicker so it was easier to install, but I guess you get what you pay for.


3.75 | 1 Reviews