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Named after the 19th-century inventor Nikola Tesla, Tesla was founded in 2003 by the engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in San Carlos, California. Originally called Tesla Motors, it dropped the "Motors" in 2017. A surprising fact about this publically traded electric car company is that, despite his seemingly ubiquitous presence as a company spokesman, Elon Musk didn't formally join the company until 2004. Originally, the team at Tesla had dreamed of building an entirely electric sports car and in 2006 the prototype for the Tesla Roadster was released and entered production in 2008.

Tesla and the Dream of an Electric Sports Car

Tesla's Roadster was released in 2008 at a price tag of just under $110k, making it completely out of reach of most buyers (even after a federal tax rebate of $7600). Since then, the company has restructured itself a number of times and has been consistently aimed to make its cars available to the general public. Along the way, Tesla has proven that EVs can be desirable by combining outstanding performance and high-tech interiors with great driving range. The Model X crossover has room for up to seven. It’s also the most expensive Tesla, featuring the unique Falcon Wing doors. In addition to the X, there are two sedans to choose from: the larger, more expensive Model S is hot-rodesque and the smaller, less pricey Model 3. Although it’s still in the concept phase, the Tesla Roadster promises to bring incredible performance to a sleek sports car. The company has also revealed its wildly styled pickup truck, the Cybertruck.

Personalize Your Tesla EV 

Tesla attracts a special type of person in search not only of inspired-styling and amazing performance but with a view to preserving our planet for generations to come. So, whether you own the Model S or the Model 3 or are thinking about preordering the Cybertruck, we'll be here ready to make your custom Tesla dash kit for you.

In addition to our lines of premium interior trim we also offer a number of other, DIY accessories for your ride. Probably the most popular of these is our precut Tesla window tint kits which is easy to order and straightforward to install since every window is pre-cut for you. Our Tesla headlight tint and taillight covers are two other fan favorites that can help give your luxury, JDM import that smoked out look in no time at all. Best of all, whichever of our DIY custom accessories you choose, they're all eligible for our Cash Back rebate refund so be sure to share your pics once you've installed your purchases to get up to $20 back!

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by Thiet, Garden Grove, CA 4.75

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Some parts didn't stick that well. Should have purchased application fluid and edge seal-it pen.

Tesla Model Y 3D Blue Dash Wrap Kit
by 2023 Model Y - 3D Blue Dash Kit Install (partial), Michigan 4.25

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I love the appearance and the installation isn't too bad once you get the hang of it. I had to order a 2nd kit to fix a couple of applications I wasn't happy with. I am very pleased with the center console wraps. the steering wheel could have been a bit more precise around the control knobs but I am also pleased with it. The door control pieces were the easiest to install but the it seems like the dimensions were not a tight as I would like. I would say be careful to avoid stretching the material during the installation. Also be very careful if using a heat gun the material gets very soft very fast.
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4.50 | 2 Reviews