Precut GMC Headlight Tint

Custom headlight tint kits for your GMC truck are meant for DIY installation and made to deliver professional results. When you want a quick and painless way to add comfort, style and headlight protection to your Acadia, Suburban or Terrain there's just no better way to do it than with a precut headlight tint from Rtint®. GMC is the world's leader is professional grade trucks and we're proud to be able to say that we carry headlight overlay kits for almost everything they've made that's still on the road today. So, whether you have a classic S-15, Safari or Jimmy you've come to the right place to give it a refreshed look and feel with updated smoked out head lamps.

Rtint® headlight tint kits are designed specifically for your GMC's model year so they give you a hassle free installation. Rather than spending hours trying to cut sheets of tint film to the shape of your lights you can complete the job of tinting your GMC in less than an hour because they are precision designed and computer cut for accuracy. Best of all, with our intuitively designed website, ordering the exact headlight tints in the shade or color you want has never been easier. Choose from popular tints like Blackout, Smoke, Matte, Yellow smoke, Chameleon or even Pink. We've got more than a dozen options to choose from so you're sure to find something for you.

Because we want the experience of installing your headlight tint by yourself to be both rewarding and fun we not only provide detailed but easy to understand instructions with every kit we ship out but are constantly adding videos and how-tos to our help section as well. In order to ensure that your installation goes off without a hitch, we offer you the option of adding a professional headlight tint installation kit to your order at a discounted rate.  In addition to this great kit we also offer a variety of other tools like the Lil Chizler, squeegees and razors for purchase separately.

Why Choose a DIY GMC Headlight Tint Kit?

Wit Rtint®'s easy to install precut headlight covers there's no need to pay up to 3 times the price for someone else to install tint. Here are 4 great reason why you should choose Rtint®:

  1. Incredible Savings — buying a DIY headlight tint for your GMC can save you up to 75% off the price compared to what a shop would charge.
  2. Purchase Protection — every tint purchase you make is covered by a 3-year warranty or an optional, Lifetime Guarantee.
  3. Rvinyl's Price Match Guarantee —  if you find a lower price let us know and we'll match it!
  4. Fast Fulfillment — All orders are made and ship within 1 business day!

If those four reasons don't convince you then how does cash back sound?

Cash for Your Photos

At Rvinyl we know that happy customers are the best form of advertising. That's why we offer a unique cash back rebate program.  How does it work? When you buy a GMC headlight tint kit of any kind and install it on your truck be sure to take 5 or more photos of it from multiple angles. Then, either using our website to upload your pics or via email send them in to us for review. Within a few days we will review them and send you up to a $20 refund.

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Very nice and easy to put on

by Christopher Bowman, 5.00

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Very easy to put on and color was just right

Kalonji K
by Kalonji K, Trenton NJ 4.75

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Yukon xl


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