Scion Precut Headlight Tint Kits

Precut headlight tints are a fast, easy and cheap way to update or upgrade the look of your Scion. Scion is a brand built not only on performance but, more importantly, on youth and style. So, whether you have a tuned FR-S, the urban friendly iQ a the beloved toaster xB you know that the right headlight overlay kit is a must not only for cosmetic purposes but to add much needed protection from damaging UV rays and privacy from prying eyes. Whether you have a first generation xA or tC or the rarely seen xD there's just no better choice than an Rtint® headlight kit to save you time and money.

Quick Ordering. Easy Installation.

We've spent years making our website easy to use so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to order the custom headlight covers you need for your Scion. By using our drop-down menu you simply select the make, model and year of your ride and are brought to a page showing you the results. But wait, it gets even easier: when you see a diagram of your Scion's headlight tints click into it. Choose from popular shades like Smoke, Blackout, Midnight Static Cling or colors like HID Blue, JDM Yellow or Chameleon. No one makes it easier to order and you can have everything you need in a matter of minutes.

Sure, ordering is easy but what about installation? With our precut Scion headlight tints installing your tint couldn't be easier. Every tint is shipped with a single page which covers the entire process from start to finish but if you want more we offer tutorials and videos on our site as well. Let's say you do your best but still make a mistake? Not to worry because you can get discounted replacements so you can fix and finish your job fast.

Why Choose a Scion Headlight Tint Kit?

Scion headlight covers from Rvinyl offer you the best in quality and affordability but if you need to convince yourself or significant other we'll break it down for you. Some of the best reasons to buy a precut Scion tint are:

  • You Save like a Boss  —  Save up to a 75% off of the price a shop would charge you to tint.
  • Ironclad Protection —  Every tint is covered by an automatic 3-Year Warranty, an optional Lifetime Warranty and  discounted replacements are available for your order.
  • Fast Fulfillment & Shipping — Your order is made and ships the next business day right to your door.

Quick & Easy Rebates

With our $20 cash back refund rebate program there's finally a rebate that's easy to get and doesn't ask you to go to ridiculous lengths for little to no pay off. When you buy a Scion tint kit from us and install it on your ride be sure to take 5 or more pictures of it from multiple angles. Then use our upload page or email us your pics an din a few days we'll send you your refund of up to $20. Simple as that. So, don't walk, run to find your wallet and buy a Scion headlight tint kit now!

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Rtint® Scion IA 2016-2016 Headlight Tint
by Diamond, Lytle TX 5.00

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Tint came out great thanks!👌

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5.00 | 1 Reviews