Lincoln Pillar Post Trim

Lincoln believes that true luxury should play a bigger role in our daily lives, not just behind the wheel of our vehicles but also out in the world. That's why Lincoln has invested heavily not only in the latest designs but in technology to make your ride safer and more comfortable. So, whether you've got the newest Lincoln Continental with coach doors (too bad it sold out almost immediately in 2019), a late-model MKS or an older Town Car or Navigator, you can customize and protect your pillar trim with a number of high-quality options. Choose from Rtrim™ Precut Pillar Trim kits in a variety of colors and styles or wrap your pillar post with Rwraps™ or 3M™ 1080 Series vinyl. Choose whatever make she most sense for your time, skill-level and budget but we know you'll love the results, whichever you pick.

What Are Pillars Anyway?

In essence, your Lincoln's pillars are the vertical support posts which are located around all the glass on your ride. They're not only important for holding glass in place but they also add structural integrity to a vehicle, primarily the roof. The "A" pillars holds the windshield in place while the "B" pillars start at the end of the first door and usually offer substantial structural support for the roof. Depending on the design, there may be multiple pieces attached to increase the integrity of the roof. They are also responsible for where a door's latch connects to the body. "C" pillars hold a vehicle's rear window in place unless there are additional windows, in which case these may be termed "D" pillars.


Lincoln Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim

Rtrim™ Lincoln Pillar Trim kits are precut to fit your vehicle's model and year. In order to find the right set for you all you have to do is use our intuitive product selector to choose your make, model and year and then find the product diagram of your vehicle to see if the trim it we offer matches your ride. Choose from a wide variety of finishes such as Carbon Fiber, Brushed Aluminum, Woodgrain as well as in specialty finishes like Diamond Plate and Camouflage patterns. Designed for performance and ease of installation, these trims are made using the latest in air-release, pressure-sensitive adhesive technology.

How to Install Your  Lincoln Rtrim™ Pillar Trim Kit

Installing your Lincoln Rtrim™ Pillar Trim t couldn't be easier. Just follow these five steps:

  1. Clean thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol or Rapid Prep
  2. Dry with a lint-free cloth
  3. Align the precut pieces to your pillars
  4. Apply the trim to your pillar posts with a squeegee
  5. Heat cure and trim

It's just that easy. Plus, since Rtrim™ is made using semi-permanent adhesives you can remove them at any time without causing damage. This way you can preserve your resale value or just switch it up.

Restyle Your Lincoln and Get Cash Back

When you add the style of an Rtrim™ Pillar Trim kit or wrap your pillars with 3M™ 1080 Series film and send us six or more high-quality images you could receive a rebate refund of up to $20! And, if you also leave a review, you could get $50 in savings! It's a win-win so what are you waiting for?

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great product, really makes door pillars pop, and covers the oxidative discoloration that rears its ugly head with time.


5.00 | 1 Reviews