ORACAL 8710 Translucent Gray Dusted Calendered Film
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ORACAL® 8710 Dusted Glass Calendered Vinyl

Developed for decorative glass or mirror design elements, to give you a translucent Dusted Glass look. Also ideal for use on storefront windows, displays, room dividers and glass doors. Wet application is recommended. ORACAL® 8710 Dusted Glass Calendered film. Available in both Silver and Gold colors in either Coarse or Fine texture, you can get the exact look you want. Whether you're going for that antique, cut glass, curly-cue cornice look or you want to add a contemporary, geometric design to your architectural glass, turn to this one-of-a-kind Calendered Dusted Glass vinyl. Ready for quick conversion and electrocutting on your plotter cutter. Save hundreds of dollars when you compare it to 3M™ Fasara and Dichromatic glass films, you'll love ORACAL® Dusted Glass vinyl.

8710 Dusted Glass Cal Series Film Specifications

  • Available in Translucent Gray
  • 7 year durability
  • 84# custom silicone coated paper liner
  • Clear, solvent-based and permanent adhesive
  • 46°F minimum application temperature
  • 2.75 mil thick
  • Wet or Dry Application Method

Product Specifications

The ORACAL® 8710 Dusted Glass Calendered Vinyl is designed with precision to meet high-quality standards. The translucent gray film has a thickness of 2.75 mils, ensuring durability and ease of application. It comes with an 84# custom silicone-coated paper liner, which aids in the easy release and handling of the vinyl. The clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive offers a strong bond to glass surfaces, ensuring longevity with a durability of up to 7 years. The minimum application temperature of 46°F allows for versatility in different climate conditions. The product's design facilitates both wet and dry application methods, giving users flexibility based on their expertise and project requirements.

Common Applications

The ORACAL® 8710 Dusted Glass Calendered Vinyl is a versatile and innovative material used for various applications, especially in the fields of design, advertising, and architecture. This section will expand on the common applications and other sections to provide a more comprehensive understanding of its uses and specifications. The ORACAL® 8710 Dusted Glass Calendered Vinyl excels in a range of applications due to its translucent and dusted glass appearance. Beyond the previously mentioned uses, it serves multiple purposes:

  1. Interior Design: Ideal for creating privacy screens or decorative elements in homes and offices. The vinyl can be used on interior glass partitions, adding an elegant touch to living spaces or conference rooms.

  2. Retail and Hospitality: In retail spaces, this vinyl is perfect for creating eye-catching displays that attract customer attention while maintaining an upscale look. Hotels and restaurants use it for decorative purposes and to create a sense of privacy in glass-walled areas.

  3. Corporate Branding: Businesses often use this vinyl for branding, applying their logos or brand motifs on glass surfaces like entrance doors and windows.

  4. Public Spaces: Museums, galleries, and public buildings use it for both informational and decorative purposes. It can be employed for wayfinding, exhibit information, or simply to enhance the aesthetics of a space.

  5. Special Events: Event planners find this vinyl useful for temporary installations, such as creating themed environments or branding spaces for corporate events and exhibitions.

  6. Vehicle Customization: Although less common, this vinyl can be used for vehicle graphics, particularly for businesses that want to maintain a sophisticated and professional look.

  7. Safety Applications: Applied to glass doors and windows, it can act as a safety element by making clear glass more visible, thus preventing accidents.

  8. Educational and Healthcare Facilities: In schools and hospitals, the vinyl is used to create a welcoming environment while ensuring privacy in areas like counseling rooms or patient wards.

This versatility makes ORACAL® 8710 a preferred choice for professionals seeking an elegant, functional, and cost-effective material for glass decoration and design.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of ORACAL® 8710 lies in its ability to mimic the appearance of dusted glass. Available in both Silver and Gold colors and in Coarse or Fine textures, it allows for a range of design possibilities. Whether the goal is to replicate the look of antique, cut glass with intricate patterns or to add a modern, geometric flair to architectural glass, this vinyl meets various creative demands. The material's translucency plays with light, adding depth and elegance to the applied surfaces. Its ability to blend seamlessly with different design aesthetics makes it a popular choice among interior designers and architects.

Cost-Effectiveness and Comparison

When compared to similar products like 3M™ Fasara and Dichromatic glass films, ORACAL® 8710 stands out in terms of cost-effectiveness. It offers a high-quality alternative at a more affordable price point, making it accessible for a wider range of projects and budgets. This affordability does not compromise on quality, as the vinyl maintains high standards of durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use. Its versatility and lower cost make it an attractive option for both large-scale commercial projects and smaller, personal designs. The savings achieved with ORACAL® 8710 can be significant, especially for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their spaces without incurring excessive costs.

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