Ram Pickup Vehicle Wraps  

A lot of our customers ask us how much vinyl they should buy to wrap their Ram Pickup . In the past, we could not provide the best answer which is why we have teamed up with Justin Pate from the Wrap Institute. Now, we can give you an accurate amount that you will need to wrap your vehicle. Even better than that, with Pate's help, we can tell you how to measure and prepare the vinyl wrap and cut it into sections so you can wrap all the surfaces of your vehicle. You can watch the full video below and pause the video so you can accurately follow each step for the best possible result.

How Much Vinyl Do I Need to Wrap My Ram Pickup?

First Generation Ram Pickup (2009-2018)

The Ram brand is a new kid on the block after having been spun off from Dodge in 2009. The new marque is meant to focus on so-called real truck customers and its line of heavy-duty trucks and pickups seems to confirm this.

First Generation Ram Pickup Measurements

For the first generation Ram Pickup, you will need about 16-18 yards of vinyl wraps to completely wrap it. The vinyl wrap is going to cover the entire exterior besides the windows, lights, and tires. That includes the doors, trunks, hoods, roof, pillar post trim, bumpers, mirrors, rocker panels, and fenders. For partial wraps, 8 yards is a great option since that covers one side of the vehicle.

 First Generation Dimensions and Wrap Recommendations
  • 4500/5500 Crew Cab MWB: 287.0 in (7,290 mm)
  • 4500/5500 Crew Cab SWB: 263.0 in (6,680 mm)
  • 4500/5500 Regular Cab Ext. LWB: 294.1 in (7,470 mm)
  • 4500/5500 Regular Cab LWB: 282.1 in (7,170 mm)
  • Crew Cab 3500: 259.4 in (6,590 mm)
  • 2500 LWB Crew Cab: Regular Cab: 209.0 in (5,310 mm)
  • Extended Cab: 226.9 in (5,760 mm)
  • Quad Cab: 229.0 in (5,820 mm)
  • Crew Cab: 227.5 in (5,780 mm)
  • 2500 Crew Cab SWB: 237.4 in (6,030 mm)
  • 2500 Crew Cab LWB: 259.4 in (6,590 mm)
  • Regular Cab 2500: 231.0 in (5,870 mm)
  • 3500 Chassis Cab: 234.1 in (5,950 mm)
  • 3500 Regular Cab LWB: 258.1 in (6,560 mm)
  • 3500 Crew Cab & 4500/5500 Regular Cabs: 263.0 in (6,680 mm)
  • 4500/5500 Regular Cab: 234.1 in (5,950 mm)
  • Recommended roll size: 15-16 yards
  • Recommended Wraps: Rwraps™ Gloss Carmine Red Film, Rwraps™ 4D Red Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film

Second Generation Ram Pickup (2019-Now)

The second generation Ram Pickup was redesigned for the 2019 model ram. The second-gen Ram is wider than its predecessor, yet weighs around 200 pounds less than its predecessors. The familiar crosshair grille has been retired, replaced by a grille with large “RAM” lettering set front and center.

Second Generation Ram Pickup Measurements

To fully wrap your second generation Ram Pickup , you will need 15-16 yards of vinyl wraps as the vehicle and will still have some leftover. The vinyl wrap will give completely wrap your vehicle excluding the doors, trunks, hoods, roof, pillar post trim, bumpers, mirrors, rocker panels, and fenders. If you want to do a partial wrap, remember that one side of the vehicle is about 6.5 yards and plan accordingly.

Second Generation Dimensions and Wrap Recommendations
  • 1500: 5,815 mm - 6141 mm (228.9 in - 241.8 in)
  • 2500: 5,892 mm (232 in - 260 in)
  • 3500: 5,892 mm (232 in - 260 in)
  • Recommended roll size: 16 yards
  • Recommended Wraps: Rwraps™ 3D Sky Blue Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film, Rwraps™ 4D Blue Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film

Ram: In Style

The Ram series is an extremely popular vehicle on the market and yet so many people leave their Ram Pickup looking default. We have a variety of beautiful colors that can upgrade the look of your ride. We have provided the measurements to help you buy enough wraps to do a partial or a complete wrap. And with Justin Pate's instructional video, you will be able to do the installation fast and easy.

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