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For every job, you want to hire someone who specializes in that field. With film, that is also true as there are a bunch of different films for different surfaces. Applying the wrong one can damage the surface area and will erode fast and won’t be protecting your vehicle. The good news is that with some help, you can be a pro and choose the right film for the job.

Craft Film

Craft Vinyl is used for crafting, decoration, and scrapbooking because of its versatility. If you have thought about making custom T-shirts, stickers, etc., then crafting film is what you need. But there is more than one type of crafting film.

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl has a sticky side that sticks to most surfaces like paper, plastic, metal, etc. It is a great choice for personalizing gifts. There are two categories adhesive vinyl falls under: Removable Vinyl and Permanent Vinyl.

Removable Vinyl

For indoor use, removable vinyl works perfectly. There aren’t any harsh conditions for the vinyl to erode from. Use the vinyl on doors and windows or make monogram designs for the living room or your bedroom!

Permanent Vinyl

For outdoor areas or surfaces, permanent vinyl is the way to go. Decals that will be exposed to water, the cold, heat, and various other elements should be wrapped with permanent vinyl. It is great for car windows, flowerpots, and mugs. Do not wash the mug in the dishwasher or it may be damaged and erode.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Many people also know it as iron-on vinyl, heat transfer vinyl is heat activated instead of pressure-activated. It is meant for surfaces that can withstand high temperatures needed to make the vinyl stick. Some surfaces that you can apply heat transfer vinyl to wood, ceramic, and metal.

Decorative Glass Film

If you want to stylize the windows of your home or your car, then you have to use decorative glass film. Ordinary windows are not much fun which is why decorative glass film exists. Decorative glass films are made specially to adhere to glass such as windows, mirrors, glass vanities, doors, and storefronts.

Turn regular glass to an amazing arts and crafts project. There’s a lot you can do like make the windows translucent, opaque, patterned, or colored. And with sticky adhesive on the opposite side, you can apply it with ease and smooth it on.

Paint Protection Films

Protect the paint of your vehicle or any object you want with paint protection film. What is paint protection film? It is a thermoplastic, urethane film that is applied to painted surfaces to protect that paint from UV damage, minor abrasions, stone chips, key scratches, and many more things that can damage the paint. The film won’t affect the appearance as it is almost invisible and won’t be spotted unless the person is a few feet away.

You can purchase either precut or uncut paint protection film. Uncut film is sold in various widths and length and depending on the manufacturer, it ranges from 4 mil thickness to 15 mil. A professional can install it for you or you can do it yourself. Pre-cut films are made for specific cars and fit on perfectly. They are easy to install and tend to end about 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch from edges.

Paint protection film can be applied to plastic and it is a common occurrence. Headlight lenses are made of plastic and that is the most common plastic component that paint protection film is used for. If you want to remove the film, you can do just that as it comes off easily. But once you remove it, it cannot be reapplied. And lastly, if you recently got your car painted, you will have to wait. Only after 30 days from the paint job can you apply the paint protection film. We do recommend doing your research and reaching out to the manufacturer for the bets timetable as different brands use different materials.

Sign Vinyl

Adhesive sign vinyl is thin vinyl that comes in various colors, is flexible, and is designed to stick to the surface with ease. One side is stylish and colorful while the other side is engineered to stick to any surface. There are different types of vinyl and come in any color you can imagine.

There are a bunch of different films that bring something different to the table. Each is effective in certain areas so make sure you know which one you will be using ahead of time. You can see the different sign vinyl below.

  • Opaque cast film: Solid film that is durable, flexible, and will maintain its color for a long time.
  • Opaque Calendered Film: Solid film that isn’t meant for long term. A cost-effective option for short term applications.
  • Metallized Film: Film that resemble the look of Chrome and Diamond Plate. Very durable and easy to use with a cutting machine.
  • Translucent film: Intended for use with backlit signs. Engineered to be more transparent than other vinyl, this matte finish creates a glowing effect as a result.
  • Transparent film: Designed to be more see-through than most vinyl film. They come in a variety of shades and are meant to stacked on metallized film, giving them a colored tint.

  • Tint Films

    Protect against UV rays and reduce glare with tint films. Add headlight tints or tail light tints to your ride. Not only will you reduce glare but you will also upgrade the look of your car. Before you purchase any tint films, research your state law, and find out what the legal percentage of window tint is in your state.

    Besides tints for your vehicle, you can also buy architectural tints as a way to cool your house or to reduce the glare coming in. It is a great way to save money while also protecting against UV ray. Or you might just want to purchase it to stylize the windows or door of your house.

    Wrap Films

    Vinyl wrap films are versatile materials that add color and flair to anything you decide to wrap. They come in over hundreds of colors, patterns, styles, and textures. As long as the surface area is flat, hard, and non-porous, you can wrap it. No matter your experience level, you can easily install wrap films. Watch our instructional videos and see how easy it is for yourself.

    Made with flexible material, vinyl wrap will be able to tackle curvatures with no issue. Adhesive on one side of the vinyl makes it stick. And it is easy to remove if you change your mind. You can apply vinyl wrap film on numerous applications and vehicles such a skateboards, boats, trucks, golf carts, and dirt bikes.  

    Shop with Confidence 

    Now that you have a better idea of different types of film, you can start on the project that you have been putting off for a while. Whether it is for an arts and crafts project or you wanted to install tints for your windows, you will know exactly what type to shop for!