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    Want to make your hood, trunk or man cave wall look like a scene from Star Wars? Cover your car, truck, wall, SUV or ATV with Rwraps™ Star Light Galaxy vinyl wrap and get the look of deep space now. Made for DIY installation, this film is UV stable and features a special, air-egress adhesive which means it goes on smooth for bubble-free results each and every time. No special tools or glues required. Buy by the foot in three easy-to-use widths: 12, 24 and 60 inches.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-GAL-003

    Rwraps™ Galaxy Vinyl Film Wrap - Star Light Features

    • Galaxy Series Star Light Pattern
    • Self-adhesive with air-drain technology
    • 3 mil thick wrapping film won't deform or discolor
    • One Year Warranty against cracking, peeling and fading
    • Pick from 12, 24, and 60" widths.

    Go Warp Speed with Star Light Wraps

    Rwraps™ Galaxy-series Star Light films give you the look of deep space without having to have deep pockets. Add the look of far-away galaxies and the light of a super nova or two to your car, truck or SUV. Heck, we've even had people wrap their boats with it (even though we don't recommend it since it's not marine vinyl). You can wrap just about anything that has a smooth, hard surface with our Rwraps™ Star Light vinyl and it's rated for both indoor and outdoor use so pick up a roll today and get started!

    Rwraps™ Warp-Drive Wraps

    Rwraps™ Star Light wrapping films come to you ready to wrap. Our twelve inch wide rolls are perfect to wrap your fender, bumpers, rear view mirrors and rocker panels. For larger jobs, check out our twenty-four inch width Galaxy wraps. The glossy, non-repeating pattern of our Star Light film is excellent for use as a backsplash or interior automotive dash wrap. And, when you're looking for a complete vehicle wrap or have an architectural application like a booth or the walls of your man-cave cum space station our the sixty inch wide rolls are exactly what you need.

    Made for the DIYer

    The popularity of our Star Light film doesn't appear to be dying like a red giant star and we expect that as more and more people become interested in space and the possibility of alien life these wraps will continue to sell like hot cakes. Originally designed with automotive use in mind, our customers have shown us that they can be used just about anywhere. And because they're made for the do-it-yourselfer with air-release adhesives, there's no need for messy primers or additional fluids. Just clean the surface of whatever you want to wrap and apply. Use a razor to cut away any excess film and you're done. What could be easier or cooler?

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