Avery Dennison Metal Breakaway Knife

Avery Dennison™ Metal Breakaway Knife

When you need a professional style knife to cut professional-grade wraps, sign and craft vinyl you need this Avery Dennison™Dennison® Metal Breakaway Knife. Designed with an industry standard 30-degree blade and a metal frame to prevent flexing to give you straighter cuts, we know you'll love to use this utility knife on all of your projects.

Price: $11.99 Retail: $15.99

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Avery Dennison Plastic Breakaway Knife

Avery Dennison™ Plastic Breakaway Knife

Avery Dennison™Dennison Plastic Breakaway Application Knife designed for graphic application. Holds a 30 degree-angled break-away blade for accurate cutting. Ideal knife for cutting craft vinyl, wrap vinyl, hobby, studio, shop use. Get yours here today!

Price: $12.99 Retail: $16.99

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Rvinyl Razor

Rvinyl™ Mini Razor

Use this metal utility knife to quickly trim away your excess window film which may be left over during the installation process. You will get a smooth and clean finish. Easy to carry and use. Always proceed with caution when using the mini razor. Now, you won’t have to spend half an hour searching for the scissor when you have this at your disposal

Price: $2.99 Retail: $3.99

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Black Magic Complete DIY Window Tint Application Kit

Black Magic® Window Tint Application Kit (Complete)

Make window tint installation with the Black Magic Window Tint Film Application Kit. It comes with a bunch of tools that will make installing window tints a walk in the park. With everything provided, you can finish it all in one go! No more having to shop around for a bunch of tools. It is simple and easy with Black Magic. And all at an affordable price.

Price: $19.99 Retail: $25.99

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Black Magic Window Tint Application Squeegee with Razor Kit

Black Magic® Window Tint Application Kit (Starter)

This Black Magic Tint Film Application (Starter) Kit makes window tint applications a breeze. It contains the initial tools you will need to create tinted windows on your vehicle. This starter kit includes a professional-quality angled squeegee and multi-blade utility knife inside. The multi-blade utility knife is compatible with most vehicles and the squeegee makes smoothing out bubbles a...

Price: $5.99 Retail: $7.99

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