Custom Ram Dash Kits

Ram custom dash kits are a quick, easy way to restyle and personalize your Ram's interior. There's no question that Ram has upped its game when it comes to making the interiors of their trucks aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing ergonomics or functionality. And yet, as with any mass produced vehicle, there is still room for the true truck enthusiast to customize and personalize the interior trim of his or her Ram. Add your own special touch to your Dakota, Promaster, 1500, 2500 or 3500 with a custom made dash kit. At Rvinyl we have made it our goal to provide affordable, high quality and stylish options for you that meet your budget while giving you the exact look you want. All of the Ram dash kits you'll find on our site are made in the USA by companies who specialize in making interior trim for a variety of cars and trucks.

Ram Truck Interior Design

Ram trucks, formerly known as the Ram Truck Division of Chrysler, was spun off from the Dodge division in 2010. According to FCA USA LLC, Ram trucks are intended to appeal to real truck lovers rather than the casual truck buyer and, from what we have seen in the last five years, that certainly seems to be the case. And yet, as the automotive industry has become increasingly segmented, it seems that design and style have replaced performance as the prime factor in marketing and sales. In fact, on the surface, it appears that many design choices are made on the results of focus groups preferences or the whims of designers but when it comes to Ram, this just doesn't seem to be the case.

When it comes to interior trim and the design of Ram truck cabins, it has to be said that for years the brand was know for uninspired, poorly executed dash trim. But, according to Ryan Nagode, head of interior design at Ram, all of that has changed since the brand came into its own. He asserts that many of the problems the company experienced in the past were due to budget constraints and an overall emphasis on exterior design. Under Nagode, however, the pure strings have been released and the focus has returned to interior styling. From 2013 on, Ram's interior design team demonstrated that vast improvements in terms of interior trim and design could be made without requiring tremendous investments. As a result, the team was given the okay to move forward with upgraded materials for use in the interiors. Of course, in all things, form must follow function, so Nagode and his team spend ta lot of time reducing redundancy in terms of the controls with results that are stunning to behold and exceedingly intuitive to use.

Which Dash Kit is Right for Your Ram?

Benevento has been making custom dash kits for more than thirty years and have a commitment to quality that is second to none. When the first started all of their dash trim kits were cut by hand from wood veneers but as demand grew they began to use CAD design and laser cutting technology to make their kits more affordable. Today you can buy a custom Ram dash kit in a great finish like real carbon fiber and it will be laser cut for a precision fit, domed by hand with a poly resin finish and arrive at your door with premium VHB foam trim tape for easy and long-lasting installation.

Automaxus gives you the same accuracy of fit and smoothness of cut as Benevento dash kits but at a lower price and lower profile. Automaxus kits are made using the same great materials but do not have a heavy, resin coating which allows them to belted with your OEM dash better and gives you that stylish, matte finish. Rdash dash kits are our most affordable dash kits and the thinnest on the market. With more pieces per dollar than any other trim kits on the market you just can't go wrong. What if you don't yet see a dash kit for your model year? Not to worry,  you can always have a custom Ram dash kit designed for you and shipped right to your door within seven to fourteen business days. And, when you buy a Ram dash kit from Rvinyl be sure to take advantage of our instant rebate refund.

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Well this was the first time I ever installed a dash kit but it looks amazing in my car, tons of compliments!


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