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Dash kits are the ultimate DIY interior accessory. Unlike many other aftermarket auto accessory which require tons of technical knowledge or years of experience, dash kit installation is relatively straight forward. At Rvinyl, we have built our company on selling auto accessories which allow our customers to quickly and easily customize their vehicles and at prices that won’t cost a whole paycheck. Rdash ultra-thin dash kits represent the culmination of style, price and usability and were one of the products that helped to put Rvinyl in its place as an industry leader. Available in over forty different colors and finishes and pre-cut to your vehicle’s year, make and model these semi-permanent kits install in a matter of minutes and are guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade for three years (although you can count on them outliving the life of any ride).

Rdash dash kits are available in a huge variety of finishes like wood grain, carbon fiber, chrome and brushed aluminum just to name a few. In addition to these popular styles, Rdash also offers specialty finishes such as diamond plate, engine turn and premium, solid colored films. Designed by a company with over ten years’ experience in the field you can be sure of getting the right fit and enjoying a simple, straightforward installation experience when you buy an Rdash kit. And, the best part about custom dash kits is that they are semi-permanent so whether you want to sell your car or simply change the look and feel of your interior you can do so without causing permanent damage to your interior. Don’t try that with a polyurethane kit!

In addition to Rdash kits, Rvinyl is also excited to offer DL Auto’s extensive product line. All of DL Auto’s high-quality, dash kits come to you precut and coated in a protective, high-gloss urethane finish which means that your kit will last the lifetime of your car or truck. When you’re looking for that high-class, showroom quality finish, DL Auto is the natural choice. Made in the USA with flawless craftsmanship, your purchase of a DL Auto dash kit from is one you’ll not soon regret.

American Car Craft is well-known throughout the auto accessory world as purveyors of high-quality, custom-made stainless-steel accessories. Based right here in the USA, American Car Craft is dedicated to making automotive trim from only the highest quality materials and to standards unparalleled in the world of aftermarket accessories. If it’s stainless or chrome you’re looking for then a dash kit from American Car Craft would be the perfect finishing touch to your custom ride.

Designed and manufactured by the some of the most innovative companies in the world of automotive customization, Rvinyl is proud to offer dash kits from American Car Craft, Rdash and DL Auto. At Rvinyl we did our homework and took the time to bring you only the best in terms of quality, price and design so you can rest assured knowing that whichever option you choose the end result will be a great looking dashboard and a wallet full of bills.

Providing you with the highest quality dash kits on the market is our goal. We understand that when you purchase a dash kit for your car or truck you're not making just any purchase--you're making a statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Customizing cars has been a passion of our since we started back in 2003 and we are proud to be able to share it with customers like you every single day. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older car or tune a new one we want to be the people you come to first for the best-priced and most innovative products on the market

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