3M Scotchprint 2080 Series Dirt Bike Wrap Film

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3M™ Dirt Bike Wraps
1080 / 2080 Series Vinyl Film
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Avery Dennison SW900 Dirt Bike Vinyl Wrap Film

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Avery Dennison™ Dirt Bike Wraps
SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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ORACAL ORAFOL 970RA & 975 Dirt Bike Wrap Film

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ORACAL® Dirt Bike Wraps
970RA / 975 Series Vinyl Film
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Rwraps 914:917 Series Dirt Bike Wraps

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Rwraps™ Dirt Bike Wraps
914 / 917 AirTec™ Vinyl Film
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Avery Dennison Wraps Tool Kit

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Avery Dennison™ Wraps Install Kit
Professional Grade Tools
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3M 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray Bottle

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3M™ 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray
Ceramic Wrap Protection
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Dirt Bike Wrap Films

Dirt Bike Wraps

Why paint your dirt bike when you can wrap it with vinyl. Our dirt bike wraps are made especially for exterior wrapping and are perfect for giving your motorbike, off-road bike or motocross bike a makeover at a fraction of the cost of a paint job. Our Motorbike Wrap Kits come in a variety of  sizes for every brand and style of Dirt, Enduro Bikes, Sportsbikes and Tourers. Included in all our bike wrap kits is our bubble free wrap, an application card and a precision cutting blade. Shop by color or application for full vehicle wraps, boat wraps and more and see our full range of over 200 colors and styles from all of the best brands.

No matter the type of Dirt Bike you have, whether it's a KTM 690 Enduro R or a Husqvarna FE501-S, these wraps will take your motocross bike to the next level. Learn more about what these wraps are and why they should be your go-to option when you want to customize your bike below.

What Are Motocross or Dirt Bike Wraps?

Dirt Bike wraps are designed to wrap around your off-road bike to give it a new look. Typically, these wraps are made out of an incredibly flexible and durable vinyl film. Compared to other customization methods, like hydroforming and painting, Dirt Bike wraps are much easier to apply and much more cost-effective. 

Which Brands of Dirt BikesCan You Wrap?

Basically, you can wrap any brand or style of motocross or dirt bike, so long as you only wrap the hard, non-porous parts, such as the fenders and skid plates. Some of the most common types of Dirt Bikes that people like to wrap include:

  • Yamaha
  • KTM
  • Husqvarna
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Beta
  • Sherco

Benefits of Dirt Bike Wraps

While you try to decide if a Dirt Bike wrap is right for you, it's important to consider how they can benefit your off-road motorbike and how they differentiate themselves from other customization options. Vinyl wraps provide an exceptional customization option that beats out expensive paint jobs that require constant maintenance. 

Some of the top advantages of Dirt Bike wraps include:

1. Greater Personalization 

There are several brands and options that buyers get to choose from when they select a vinyl wrap. You can go with a camouflaged wrap for your next trip into the woods or a metallic wrap to give your standard Dirt Bike the look of an elite Yamaha YZ 450 FX cross-country bike. With the endless colors and finishes offered by vinyl wrap brands, you can give your bike a look that matches your taste and reflects your personality.

2. Extra Protection

Do you want your Dirt Bike to last longer while still looking brand new? High-quality vinyl is built with abrasion-resistant features that prevent damage to the graphics and the Dirt Bike itself. The graphic also puts a barrier between the surface of the Dirt Bike and the outside world, preventing longterm damage from environmental effects and daily use. Additionally, unlike paint, which can easily chip or fade, vinyl graphics are built with a UV protective layer to stop your graphics from fading.

3. Easy Installation

Painting your Dirt Bike requires a great deal of skill and time to complete. In contrast, wrapping your Dirt Bike is much simpler and takes much less time, making it the superior option when it comes to installation.

All you need is the help of a friend and a hairdryer or heat gun to apply the wrap onto your Dirt Bike. In addition to being easy to install, these wraps are easy to remove when you want to replace your entire wrap or just a particular section.

4. Long-Lasting, Easy to Maintain

A major benefit of a Dirt Bike wrap is that it's designed to last for a long time before it needs to be swapped out. Dirt Bike wraps are built to resist color fading due to sunlight and to hold up against the elements. The wraps also come with adhesive designed to keep the vinyl wrapping securely attached to the off-road bike for a long time. DIY wrapping is affordable and can last for over nine years.

Some advocates for paint argue that it's a better material since it can last longer, but this argument doesn't take into account the amount of maintenance and repairs needed to keep the paint looking good. In comparison, vinyl wrapping won't ever need to be repainted, and you can quickly replace sections of damaged wraps with new ones. 

5. More Bang for Your Buck

These wraps are much more affordable than custom paint jobs. As you choose a dirt or motocross bikewrap, keep in mind that the price may change due to a variety of factors, including:

  • The design time and complexity of your design
  • The time of the installation
  • The brand and type of vinyl used

Top Dirt Bike Wrap Options

When you're ready to purchase your wrap, you may not know where to start. There are a few brands that are well-known in the industry that you can trust. Below you can find some of the top vinyl Dirt Bike wrap options available:

  • Rwraps Dirt Bike Wrap: Next time you go hunting or simply spend some time in the woods, the Rwraps™ Camouflage Dirt Bike Wrap will be an exceptional choice. You can choose from dozens of patterns, giving you plenty of options to find one that fits your style.
  • Avery Dennison® SW 900 Dirt Bike Wrap: The Avery Dennison® SW 900 Dirt Bike Wrap is built to give your Dirt Bike a high-quality look. You get over 100 different finishes and colors to choose from. Additionally, its multi-layered cast film ensures that it will last for a long time, making it one of the best wrap options available. 
  • 3M 2080 Series Dirt Bike Wrap: Like the SW 900 wrap, the 3M™ 2080 Series Dirt Bike Wrap offers over 100 different colors and finishes, meaning you have plenty of options for customizing your Dirt Bikes. It also features Controltac™ technology to make it easy for users to reposition the wrap when initially installing it onto the Dirt Bike.
  • ORACAL® 970RA / 975 Dirt Bike Wrap: With over 130 different colors and finishes, the ORACAL® 970RA / 975 Dirt Bike Wrap gives you the ability to fully customize your Dirt Bike. These wraps are premium grade, and you can expect them to wow anyone who sees them on your Dirt Bikes.

Shop for Dirt Bike Wraps at Rvinyl Today

Take your Dirt Bike to the next level with attractive vinyl Dirt Bike wraps from Rvinyl. As wrap experts, we only supply our clients with the highest quality vinyl on the market today. Don't spend the time and money repainting your Dirt Bike. Instead, invest in motocross wraps that can be easily applied and customized to give your Dirt Bike a unique look.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions while looking through our options.

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