Transparent Adhesive Craft Vinyl

Transparent Adhesive Craft Vinyl

Take your signs, graphics, labels, and custom champagne flute decals to the next level with the look of transparent or see-through, colored vinyl film. Choose from Rtint™ or ORACAL® 8300 and upgrade your craft and sign projects today. All of these transparent films are calendered and designed especially for use in electronic vinyl cutters. So, whether you have a Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, Graphtec, or a computer cutter of any other make, you can rest assured that it will cut all of the transparent film you see here.

Types of Transparent Adhesive Vinyl 

Transparent vinyl currently comes in two brands. Each has options for sizing and color, and the potential applications are similar. The two types are:

1. Rtint™ Craft Vinyl Films

Rtint™ transparent craft vinyl is available in both 12- and 24-inch widths and comes in 14 different colors. What makes Rtint™ see-through vinyl unique is that it has clear liners on both the face and bottom meaning that it is ideal for use as a protective laminate, glass or window tint. Simply apply the sheet of film to a glass partition in an office or on your home's windows and remove the clear liner for a one-of-a-kind look you can't get anywhere else. Or, remove the protective liner and feed the 12-inch sheets into your electronic cutter to make your own stained glass window decals, lettering, signage and more!

2. ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Craft Vinyl

ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Calendered vinyl is so versatile that you'll run out of the film long before you run out of ideas about how to use it. Whether you want to make transparent window decals, use it to add color to glass architectural barriers, make highly-visible signage or even put it to use as vehicle headlight, taillight and fog light tint film, this ORACAL® 8300 Transparent film really is the sign and craft maker's best friend. Use this great film in both indoor and outdoor applications and enjoy its five-year durability. And, at 3 mil thick, it cuts and weeds great too!

8300 Transparent Premium Calendered Series Film Specifications

Transparent craft vinyl is a quality material with several features that make it durable and easy to use. This type of vinyl is:

  • Available in 30 colors
  • Five-year durability
  • 84# custom silicone coated paper liner
  • Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive
  • 46°F minimum application temperature
  • 3 mil thick
  • Wet or dry application method

Options for Transparent Vinyl

When you order transparent craft vinyl, you have many size and color options to choose from.

1. Sizing Options

Measure the surface you want to cover in transparent craft vinyl before placing your order. If you are uncertain about the amount of material you will need because you're making stickers or decals, try to estimate for leftover material instead of putting yourself at risk of running out. This type of vinyl is designed for craft projects specifically, so the sizing fits the purpose.

Sizing is available for just about any project. Here are suggestions for which size to order for your project:

  • Small projects: For a simple sticker sheet or other smaller project, order smaller sheets, such as 12-by-24 inches.
  • Medium projects: The 24 inches wide by whatever length you need makes a good size for decals, scrapbooking and window graphics.
  • Large projects: For larger projects, consider rolls between 7 and 10 feet long.
  • Jumbo projects: The 10- and 50-yard rolls are best for the largest projects or when ordering for a business.

2. Color Options

With over 40 color options for transparent craft vinyl, you can find a match for any color of your imagining:

  • Cool colors: Cool tones include blues, purples and greens.
  • Warm colors: Warm tones include pink, red, orange and yellow.
  • Neutrals: Neutral colors include gray, black and brown.
  • Others: Some additional color options include our Chameleon iridescent film and Neon fluorescent green.

Vinyl Tint Tools

Having the right tools make completing a project easier. Apply your vinyl using the proper technique and take your time to avoid having to make do-overs or order more material. Self-adhesive vinyl is simple to apply when you have the tools for the job. Here are some of the tools you might want to order with your transparent craft vinyl.

1. Application Razor

A razor specially designed for vinyl projects can help you make precision cuts. Cut expertly around edges and curves so you can make a smooth application.

2. Squeegee

With a squeegee tool, you can apply your vinyl smoothly and avoid leaving visible bubbles. For a craft project, you will probably be doing the work yourself, so make sure you have a squeegee before you start your project.

3. Application Fluid

This type of glue helps vinyl adhere more firmly to the surface. Even craft vinyl with self-adhesive might start to curl up on an edge or corner over time. Applying some additional glue can ensure the vinyl stays in place for a long time.

4. Edge Seal-It Pen

A vinyl Seal-It pen can glue the edges of a project in place, which is helpful for extended use and can help your project last for the years to come.

Common Applications for See-Through Craft Vinyl

This type of vinyl is suitable for more than just crafts. The following are some common applications for transparent craft vinyl:

1. Glass Decals

Transparent craft vinyl allows the sunlight to shine through, making an eye-catching application for window panels. You can have the your transparent window vinyl material printed with the design of your choosing. Glass decals can give a blank window a noticeable impact and also be a way to advertise for your business. If you want a stained glass look for your windows, this type of vinyl also provides privacy with a slight amount of tint.

Light Tint

2. Light Tint

If you're interested in customizing your vehicle, adding tint to your taillights, headlights and side markers is one way to express your creativity. Transparent light vinyl can make your car look new without any drastic changes or the service expense of visiting an auto shop. Transparent craft vinyl is a good choice for light tint because it allows some light to pass through, which is required by law for safe transportation.

3. Window Graphics and Crafts

You can also use transparent vinyl to create custom graphics for your vehicle's or home's windows. Decorate your car with decals to give it a unique new look. If you intend to use this type of vinyl to print custom advertisements, you can display your work easily in a building's windows.

4. Craft Projects

Craft vinyl is the ideal material for art projects, school presentations and home decor. It was named for these uses and is the best material for crafts of all sizes. Ideas for craft vinyl projects include:

  • Decorating household items: Flower pots, notebooks, phones and many other items have flat surfaces that vinyl can adhere to. Transparent vinyl is best for clear surfaces that will allow the light to shine through or items where you only want to add a hint of color.
  • Creating party props: Vinyl is an inexpensive but durable material that you can use to create reusable props for parties or festive events.
  • Making school projects: Craft vinyl can come in handy when you or your child needs to create a project for school. Whether you're putting a presentation together or making art, this type of vinyl is ideal for these projects.

5. Illuminated Signs

Transparent vinyl looks its best when it is applied to a surface where light can shine through. This makes it a good application material for window advertisements or illuminated signs. Whether you're advertising on a small or large scale, transparent vinyl can serve as an affordable solution. Illuminated signs with vinyl graphics can also be used as decorations around your home.

Vehicle Graphics

6. Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl is easy to print on, so making custom graphics for your vehicle using this type of vinyl is simple. Although craft vinyl is often used for household projects, its transparent nature makes it a good choice for a car's windows or body. When placed on the body of a vehicle, the vinyl will tint the original color.

7. Laminate

Another frequent, though less common application, for tint films is to use them as a "laminate" to create colored carbon fiber or chrome films. Although most DIYers won't have a professional-grade laminator, the film can be easily laminated into chromes like Avery™ SF100 Conform Chrome or 3M™ 1080 Carbon Fiber to create unique color combinations.

8 Die-Cutting

The process of die-cutting can make professional-quality work, and this vinyl is compatible with a die-cutting machine. Use Rtint™ Chameleon and SF100 Chrome to make a Neochrome wrap or ORACAL® 8300 Dark Green and Anthracite Carbon Fiber to make a Dark Green CF film suitable for cutting on a plotter or wrapping your ride.

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