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Avery Dennison is known worldwide as the premier designer and manufacturer of adhesives, graphic and wrap films. As part of its commitment to the auto restyling market, Avery Dennison is committed to a full portfolio of window films with a full range of aesthetic, performance and pricing options. As a result,  Avery Dennison, in partnership with Rvinyl, is proud to offer their Automotive Window Tint Films in all available Visible Light Percentages and in Nano Ceramic and NR Pro Series varieties. Buy by the roll for custom jobs or if your already own a plotter and have your own software and your distributor isn't yet carry Avery Dennison AWF or pick up a complete or partial precut window tint kit if you're a DIYer or jobber.

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint

Types of Avery Dennison Window Tint

There are a wide variety of widow tint films produced and sold by Avery Dennison but we have chosen only to carry the most premium lines of their window films: NR Pro and Nano Ceramic IR Series. That being said, the choice of which to purchase is yours and will depend upon your window tinting want and needs. Since each type of window film is made using different materials, each type will have its own unique set of pros and cons. Read on to find out more about all of the kinds of window tint offered by Avery Dennison, including those that we don't currently carry.

Avery Dennison NR Pro Series Window Tint

Non-Reflective Films NR Series Non-Reflective Film

Avery Dennison NR automotive window films are specially designed for keeping car interiors safer from the harmful sun.

Dyed window film is a multi-ply film, with a layer of dye sandwiched between a layer of adhesive and a protective layer on the outer surface. It is the most popular type of window tint because it is the least expensive. It is also the least durable, but you can expect several years of life out of a properly installed dyed window film.

Dyed window film doesn't deflect heat from entering the car because the material isn't reflective, so your car's interior will still get quite hot. It will protect against the UV rays that can be more damaging to the interior surfaces of your vehicle.

One big advantage of dyed window film is that it is devoid of any metallic substances, so it won't interfere with your car's electronics systems - such as GPS, tire pressure monitors, antennas and phones.

Dyed film will give you the darkest look, even if you find other styles that block more light. The dye itself doesn't have much visual character of its own - it's simply dark.

Avery Dennison offers two types of non-reflective, dyed window film:

  • NR Series: A two-ply, UV stable dyed window tint film that is 1.5 mil thick with a warm graphite color tone.
  • NNR Pro Series: A two-ply, UV stable film made with nanotech dye, 1.5 mil in thickness and with a graphite color.

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint

High-Performance Hybrid Film

With their rich, non-fading cool charcoal tone, Avery Dennison HP Pro automotive window films offer exceptional style and solar performance unmatched by other metallized films. Hybrid tinting films combine the best features of dyed window film and metalized window film, without many of the associated drawbacks. The layer of dye will help give it the dark look that the dye film can provide, and the metalized layer will still offer some - though not all - of the UV protection of a standard metalized film.

More durable than dyed window film, but with less metal used in its manufacturing, this HP Pro Series film won't cause as many interference issues with your electronics as a standard metalized film would.

Reducing interference and cost while achieving a nice, dark appearance and UV protection seems to be the best of all worlds. Some compromises are made in all areas to achieve this middle ground, but it is certainly an attractive option.

Avery Dennison NR Nano Ceramic IR Series Window Tint

NR Nano Ceramic IR Series Films

Avery Dennison NR Nano Ceramic IR automotive window films deliver exceptional performance with their advanced Nano ceramic components for long lasting color stability and outstanding heat rejection. These tint films will block UV light and heat, and since there is no metal involved, it won't interfere with any electronics systems.

Visual Light Transmission (VLT)

Window tint films are classified by the amount of light they allow in, by percentage. A 5% tint is much darker - and almost universally illegal on passenger vehicles - than a 50% tint. Factory tints on rear windows tend to be in the 50-70% range, so buying something on the lighter side might not actually accomplish what you are going for.

State laws regarding window tint are quite clear, and law enforcement officers don't always have a sense of humor about illegal tint. Know the laws governing car modifications in your area. If you are going to exceed the legal darkness level, know the potential consequences of your decisions.

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Thickness and Ply

Window tint films of all varieties come in 1- and 2-ply thicknesses. A ply is typically 1mil (1/1000th of an inch), so 2-ply films are about 2mil although Avery Dennison films are generally thinner being in the range of 1.5 mil. Thickness can imply quality and durability, but it isn't always necessarily true. A manufacturer could add a second ply to a cheap product, but the resulting window film wouldn't magically be higher quality. That's why it's imperative to buy from brands and companies that have been around for decades and are known for their quality and performance.

Pre-Cut vs. Whole Sheets

Tinted tail light with text describing pre-cut sheets

When shopping for your window tint film, you will have the option of buying pre-cut sheets or whole, uncut sheets. Pre-cut sheets are a convenient way to save time in the installation process. With advanced software and precision cutting machines, pre-cut tint film will give you a great finished product with half the work.

If you are a perfectionist with a steady hand, whole tint sheets are the only way to ensure a truly custom job - custom to your vehicle because you did the cutting based on the measurements made on your own vehicle. This is a difficult trade-off, as the tools, skill and patience required to complete the job from whole sheets aren't always accessible to the average DIY-er.

Is It Pre-Cut 'Long' or 'Short?'

Long kits are meant to go under or behind the rubber gasket, while short kits go to the gasket. Long kits will be more difficult to install, but they last longer because they won't delaminate when you roll down your window. With a short kit, the gasket on the bottom of your window will pick at any exposed edge of your tint film, or create an exposed edge in the long run.

Precut or Pre-Shrunk?

Many pre-cut kits will also claim to be pre-shrunk, but don't be fooled. To get the most professional-looking results possible, you must shrink the film yourself. Pre-cut kits are cut from databases, rather than from the measurements taken on the actual vehicle. This DIY project will require a lot of work on your part, and it will never be a 100% perfect fit. Pre-shrinking the tint film before it touches your window will put you even further away from that 100% perfect fit.

Luckily, pre-cut kits can give you professional-looking results, but they depend on you shrinking the tint film once it has been applied to your vehicle. For more information on the shrinking process, see our guide to heat-shrinking window tint with a wet method.

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