Car Accessories, Wraps & More

If you’re reading this it is probably a safe bet that this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about modifying or upgrading your vehicle.  Since that's the case, we’re sure that you'll feel like a fat kid in a candy store once you take a look at everything we've got to offer. Whether you're looking to restyle your interior with a dash kit, want to cool off with a precut window tint kit or you're thinking of adding the tint and protection of Rtint® headlight and taillight tints, we've got something for everyone and every part of your ride. Oh, and don't forget our full line of Rwraps® vinyl vehicle wraps. With over 100 colors and styles to choose from you can save serious cash and give your vehicle a complete new look in no time for a fraction of the cost of a new paint job.

Upgrade the Look and Performance of Your Ride

Want something that increases your performance while improving the look of your car? Why not reduce weight and your drag co-efficient by upgrading to a genuine carbon fiber body kit? Not only will you feel the difference when cornering, you’ll hear the wind howling in your ears as you light up the asphalt like a true street racer. Body kits not your thing? We also carry a full line of exhaust systems, intakes and accessories as well. If you need to hear the roar and feel the rumbling of your engine as you white-knuckle grip the wheel while cornering then have we got some mufflers for you. Check out our full line of intakes, catback exhausts and universal mufflers and we’ll have you waking up the neighbors in no time.

Soup Up & Ice Out Your Exterior

In addition to performance parts we’ve also got tons of other exterior accessories to choose from as well. Do you like the way polished chrome shines in the sun or catches the streetlights as you race down the road? If so you’ll want to check out our full selection of Lund and Putco chrome trim. So, whether you want to throw some bling on you b-pillars, chrome out your fenders or add a custom-look hood scoop to your hood we’ve got something for the retro-chrome lover in you.

Chrome trim is one thing but if you really want to step it up a notch why not add a custom designed, stainless steel grille, vent or engine bay dress up kit from American Car Craft. Made from the strongest automotive grade steel all of their products and designed to fit your vehicle like a glove, ACC’s hand-formed accessories are one of a kind products that will completely change the way you look and feel about your vehicle. Just imagine rolling up to your next swap meet or car show and popping open the hood to the “oohs and aahs” of lookers-on when the see the cold, clean stainless steel fuel lines, fluid caps and engine bay covers. ACC will literally turn any car into an instant museum piece but, because their accessories are made from stainless steel, you don’t have to drive it that way.

Factory Style Trim Upgrades

Looking for something to spruce up you interior? Why not treat yourself to a premium, custom-made dash kit from Benevento™ or Rdash®? When you step into a luxury car or truck one of the first things you notice, besides the heady aroma of real leather, is the trim. When you order any of our dash trim kits you can expect that they'll upgrade and cover the following interior dashboard components:

  • Cluster/stereo. For anyone who sits in the front seat of an automobile, no part of the interior draws more attention than the stereo. When color or patterning is added to this area, it brings character to this most frequently viewed area.
  • Center console. The panel that surrounds the clutch is another area that the eyes frequently shift to when stepping into a car. With dash kit pieces placed over the panel that surrounds the clutch, this significant part of the passenger compartment is rendered less drab and more colorful.
  • Glove box/vent. The front and surroundings of the glove box and vent are second only to the stereo in terms of attention that is given to parts within the passenger area. A car can look a lot more visually appealing with the placement of dash kit pieces on this prominent area.
  • Steering wheel. Whenever you're the one driving, the steering wheel is right in front of you the entire time you're in the car. A dash kit piece in the center panels of the steering wheel can turn this mundane feature into something much more visually pleasing.
  • Door panels. The inner-door panels might not be the most noticeable part of a passenger compartment, but the application of color can bring them in line with your overall interior scheme. With dash kits, the doors form a bigger part of the style and overall appeal of your car.

Whether it is a popular, classic finish like Honey Burlwood or a more modern look like Brushed Aluminum or Carbon Fiber, the right dash kit sets the tone for the rest of a vehicle’s aesthetic and can mean all the difference. If you want to make a lasting impression on any who gets into your car then don’t just leave it to chance, choose a high-quality, custom-designed dash trim kit from the best in the business.

DIY Customization for Everyone

At Rvinyl, we've built our business by catering to you, the DIY enthusiast. When you want to customize and personalize your car, truck or SUV but you can't afford to spend a whole paycheck then you want to shop with us. We've got a ton of options to help you restyle and upgrade your vehicle without breaking the bank. Plus, we offer great Cash Back rebates and other awesome promotions when you review your purchases to make everything you buy from us even more affordable. SO, don't wait, pick up an aftermarket accessory today!

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