Dodge: The Undomesticated Domestic

Dodge was founded in 1900 as the Dodge Brothers Company by Horace and John Dodge as a supplier of auto parts for auto makers based in Detroit and pre-dates its current parent company by almost a quarter of a century. From the beginning, Dodge vehicles were primarily trucks and larger passenger vehicles such as the Dodge Model 30 which was a direct competitor to the Ford Model T. The Model 30 sported a V4 engine and a full steel frame and chassis which made it a first for its time. However, after the sudden death of the brothers the company changed hands a number of times until it we was bought by Chrysler in 1928.

Chrysler Comes A-knocking   

Chrysler’s acquisition of Dodge came with a complete re-imagining of the company's purpose and philosophy because of Chrysler's desire to use only the name and rather than the Dodge catalog. Throughout WWII Dodge contributed much to the war effort in terms of parts, supplies and vehicles and earned a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy American automaker. Successful models of the time were the Heavy Duty, B-Series and the Route Van all of which reinforced the perception of Dodge as a maker of large and commercial use trucks.

In the post-War years, Dodge branched out and tried to capitalize on the emergent pony car theme by producing its own muscle cars such as the Dart, Challenger and Charger and, when the oil crisis strike Dodge was able to weather the storm thanks to its compact Omni. As the 70s bled into the 80s, Dodge was able to capitalize on its successes and add to its winnings with the wildly popular Caravan mini-van and K Car.

The Roaring 90s

The 1990s and early 2000s proved to be some of the best decades in Dodges long history. Dodge's Ram line of trucks now rival Chevy and Ford's offerings in terms of prestige and power and its other offerings such as the Dakota, the innovative Caliber, the Charger, Challenger and the Viper have secured Dodge's place in the annals of automotive history as one of the greatest car makers ever. The Dodge V8 HEMI engine is a miracle of automotive design and engineering that has been around for over 50 years and has helped to propel Ram forward as it has split off into its own division--a further testament to the success of Dodge in building strong, durable and dependable trucks. Strong styling, heavy duty build quality and an eye on design along with its incredibly successful advertising campaign seem to be leading Dodge to ever greater heights in the years to come.

Grab Life by the Horns

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