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Premium Roof Wraps for Your Vehicle

Premium Roof Wraps for Your Vehicle

With roof wraps from Rvinyl, you can get the look of a panoramic roof on just about any vehicle for pennies on the dollar — so what are you waiting for? 

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in a roof wrap for your ride:

  • It protects your paint job: Tree sap, nuts, branches, hail, and road debris can scuff or scratch your vehicle's roof, possibly damaging the paint. Vinyl roof wraps are a great way to protect your paint job and preserve your vehicle's integrity for future resale.
  • You can showcase your personality: Choose from dozens of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes to create a truly unique look that turns heads and complements your style. The best part? If your tastes change, roof wraps are easy to remove and replace.
  • It's better than paint: Compared to a professional paint job, premium roof wraps are more cost-efficient, versatile and take far less time to apply.

What Is a Roof Wrap?

A roof wrap is a large vinyl sheet or digital graphic that you apply directly to your vehicle's top or roof.The roof wrap's easy application lets you alter your vehicle's look quickly — only a handful of hours instead of days or weeks — while the semi-permanent composition lets you remove the wrap and revert your vehicle to its original state, if necessary. This makes a roof wrap the ideal investment, whether you plan to keep your vehicle for the long haul or put it back on the market in the future.

How Long Does It Take to Wrap Your Roof?

When you take your car or truck into a professional shop, you can expect to be without your vehicle for one to four days. With Rvinyl roof wrapping kits, you get the same quality results without the need for a shop or professional service. All you need is a clear workspace and one to four hours of free time to apply the film to your roof.

Here's how it works:

  1. Assemble your equipment: Gather everything you need to complete your roof wrap, including the film, a step ladder, a squeegee, and water, application liquid, or a heat source, depending on which type of application you're doing.
  2. Prepare the work area: Prepare your work area by washing your vehicle's roof and allowing it to air dry completely before application. Complete the installation in a well-lit area out of direct sunlight.
  3. Apply the hood wrap: Follow the instructions included with your roof wrap to apply the film to your vehicle. Read the instructions from start to finish before you begin, so you know what to expect. Invite a friend or two over to help make wrap installation even easier.

How Long Do Roof Wraps Last?

How Long Do Roof Wraps Last?

Rvinyl roof wraps typically last five to seven years, though we recommend removing and reapplying your film after four years for optimal results. 

The longevity of your wrap also depends on how well you care for it, which means:

  • Avoid pressure washing your roof and other areas with a film wrap.
  • Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth with a car-safe cleaning solution.
  • Do not park your vehicle in direct sunlight.
  • Follow all installation instructions closely.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines regarding polishes, waxes and treatments.

Please note that some brands and film series may last longer than others due to different combinations of materials.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap the Top of Your Car?

While having a roof wrap installed by an auto shop may cost up to $300, we find our customers typically pay a third of that with one of our DIY roof wrap kits.

What Brands of Roof Wraps Can You Get?

Rvinyl is proud to offer an extensive inventory of premium roof wraps and car films from top manufacturers, including:

  • 3M™ 1080 and 2080 Series: 3M roof wraps are some of the toughest available, with more than one hundred product options to choose from. The multi-cast layers will fit each of your roof's corners, curves and edges, for simple application and easy adjustment with Controltac™ technology.
  • Avery Dennison® SW900 Wrap Films: Avery Dennison roof wraps are a dry application with EZ air-egress for a bubble-free finish. Choose from dozens of Diamond, ColorFlow, gloss, satin and carbon fiber color and finish combinations.
  • ORACAL® 970RA and 975 Wraps: ORACAL premium cast roof wrapping vinyl has a repositionable adhesive that is easy to remove — without residue — for four years. These highly pigmented films are available in more than 130 colors and finishes, with a simple wet or dry application.
  • Rwraps™ Vinyl Wrap Films: If you're looking for a fun, cost-efficient roof wrap, look no further than Rwraps. These premium vinyl wrap films are wide and pressure-sensitive, so application is a breeze. Have your choice of nearly two dozen one-of-a-kind film styles, like lightning, leather, snake skin or rust.

Please note, Rvinyl roof wraps are only suitable for application on factory-finished paint jobs and not aftermarket-finished paint. This is due to the different curing processes required for a secure application. When choosing your roof wrap, carefully measure your roof's dimensions and select the appropriate amount of material needed while factoring in an overhang that you will trim after application.

About Rvinyl Roof Wraps

For your convenience, you can use and apply our roof wrap films as soon as you get them, without the need for hazardous chemicals, specialized equipment, printing or lamination. Top manufacturers craft each color layer of film out of strong materials that won't discolor or deform, even on challenging surfaces. 

With every DIY roof wrap kit from Rvinyl, you get:

  • Professional-grade appearance: Get a professional appearance without the cost and time involved in taking your car to the shop. Our vinyl wraps have invisible, air-drain channels that deliver a smooth finish, free of bubbling or peeling, while pressure-sensitive adhesives make it easy to position your film.
  • Endless style options:With more than 200 available colors and finishes, our multi-cast vinyl is available to wrap as little or as much as your roof as you need, including full top wrap, partial and custom dimensions.
  • Convenient ordering: Purchase your removable and semi-permanent vinyl film in rolls up to 25 yards long. Need help choosing the right dimensions for your project? Contact a member of our team, and we'll be happy to help.

Shop Premium Vinyl Roof Wraps Today

Shop Premium Vinyl Roof Wraps Today

Stop dreaming about the perfect ride and start creating it with premium vinyl roof wraps from Rvinyl. Pair your roof wrap kit with other customer favorites, including rim wrap kits, interior dash kits and light tints. Shop our inventory of auto accessories today to get started.

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great product for the DIY person like myself
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my wrap came in beautifully packaged and with good labeling about removing the staple at the ends of the tubing because if dont remove them it could damage the vinyl..the product worked just as discribe from recent youtube videos that I had seen to help with my application of my roof wrap..the Avery Dennison 900w is a great product

by Jose Bermudez, Las Vegas 5.00

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It was great, but the squeeze didn’t come

by Jose Bermudez, Las Vegas 5.00

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It was great, but the squeeze didn’t come


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