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Rust Wraps

Rust Wraps

A new faction of car styles has arisen within car culture — the patina finish. It's a unique look, and people's enjoyment of it has seemingly come out of nowhere. At this point, it's not a fad. The love of a patina finish is here to stay, so now's the time to get on board. 

Getting a patina finish is not an easy task, and many mechanics and body experts argue that this look is not healthy for the cars that achieve it. If you still want your car to have that undeniable patina finish without the risks, Rvinyl's Rwraps® Rust Vinyl Film Wrap is the way to go. 

The Patina Finish Charm

What is a patina finish? Patina is a brown or green layer that appears on the surface of metals exposed to the elements. A prime example of a patina-type finish is the Statue of Liberty. When France gifted the statue to the U.S. in the 1880s, it had a signature bronze appearance. As the metal oxidized over time, it developed the greenish look it has today.

Car enthusiasts expand the definition further when talking about cars with a patina finish. Besides natural oxidization, car enthusiasts look for layers of rust, dings and dents in the car's outer body. Even a dent from a shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot can add to a car's patina. People want to see that a car has lived some life by looking at its weathered and beaten exterior. History is what gives the patina finish its value.

What Is Rust Vinyl?

What Is Rust Vinyl?

Rust vinyl, or rusty car wrap, gives your car a patina finish without making you wait a few decades for it to develop. In other words, you get the look of rust without the ruin. Rvinyl made Rwraps® for the DIY car enthusiast. Anyone can give their car a wrap to make it look like something out of the apocalypse. 

With rust vinyl, you can skip the decades of waiting and avoid actual damage to your car's exterior. Whatever make, model or year, you can give your car character and the feeling of history with a layer of rusty car wrap from Rvinyl. 

Types of Rust Vinyl Wrap

Rvinyl's Rwraps® Iron Tread Rust Vinyl Film Wrap prints the look of rusty, treaded iron on a rolled sheet of vinyl. It comes in several sizes, so you can get the amount you need for either of these project ideas.

  • Complete body covering: Wrap your entire car in Rwraps® Rust Vinyl Film Wrap to make it look like it's been sitting in a forest for decades. And with the treaded iron appearance, your car will appear ready to handle anything life throws at it. 
  • Partial wrap: Give your car accents of a patina finish instead of covering the entire body. You can use this to add the look of rust to emblems and exterior trim to set your car apart while keeping your current paint job exposed. 

Whether you choose a complete body covering or a partial wrap, give the following parts of your car a touch of patina finish with our vinyl coverings:

  • Front and back fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Wheel rims
  • The engine bay hood
  • Door handles
  • Vehicle emblems

Choose the size roll you need of our Rwraps® Iron Tread Rust Vinyl Film Wrap, and you'll be on your way to giving your car a sweet patina finish without the corrosion. 

The Benefits of Patina Wrap for Your Car

The Benefits of Patina Wrap for Your Car

Using rusty car wrap for your car has some benefits. Read on to discover eight reasons you should choose to wrap your car with vinyl for the patina look you crave instead of choosing other methods. 

1. It's More Environmentally Friendly Than Paint

Paint is not the safest material for Mother Nature. It can give off toxic fumes that harm humans and animals. If you have leftover paint, it takes up room on shelves and can be challenging to dispose of. You'll have to ensure you follow the correct disposal protocol or take leftovers to a toxic materials disposal site. 

Using vinyl wrapping is more environmentally friendly. If you order the correct amount, you'll have enough for your project without much waste. And since there are no toxic fumes, you can feel safe wrapping your car indoors or outdoors. 

2. Wrapping Costs Less Than a Custom Paint Job

Painting your entire car can be expensive. You'll need sandpaper, cleaning solutions, primer and the paint itself to complete the task. In the end, you'll have spent a few hundred dollars on the project. And you may even have leftover materials, which wastes money. 

Save money when you wrap your car in vinyl. Buy the size roll of vinyl you need for your project, and you won't waste any money on extra materials. The cost of wrapping your car in vinyl is less than the price of giving your car a decent paint job, especially if you're doing a partial wrap. 

3. Rust Wrap Is Easy to Install and Remove

Painting your car is time-consuming. You'll have to take your car's body apart, strip down the paint, sand the pieces, add primer, apply several layers of paint and finish it off with a protective clear coat. This process can last many days, and that's if it goes smoothly. Car enthusiasts know painting can be stressful when unexpected problems pop up along the way. 

Wrapping your car with vinyl to get a patina finish is a much smoother process than painting. All you'll need is a squeegee, a heat gun and the vinyl to complete the task. You can wrap your car anywhere — even outdoors if it's a dry day. Wrapping with vinyl is a fast, forgiving process, even for first-time vinyl wrappers. It's the perfect DIY solution to achieve a rusty car look. 

4. Protect Your Car's Paint and Finish

Your car's paint and finish are some of its most valuable features. A well-maintained exterior helps raise your car's value if you ever plan on reselling it. Daily driving takes a toll on your car's paint, leading to inevitable scratches and signs of wear. If you live in a snowy climate, salt can eat away at your paint, leading to rust. 

Vinyl film can preserve your car's exterior. The vinyl acts as a protective layer, shielding your precious paint job from salt, rocks and even the sun's harmful UV rays. Vinyl wrapping lasts several years before needing a replacement, so you can conserve your car's paint for years without spending too much money. 

5. Enjoy Less Maintenance

Vinyl is easy to maintain. While freshly painted cars need special treatments and protectants, vinyl needs water, soap and a soft brush. Paint requires constant care to keep its shine, but vinyl film keeps a smooth, unblemished appearance for years with minimal upkeep. Wash off any accumulated grime that comes from daily driving, and you'll be good to go. And since you're going for a patina finish, a little dirt will blend right in. Enjoy peace of mind with your car's vinyl coating. 

6. Vinyl Wrapping Is Durable

Many people factor durability into their decision when choosing between paint and vinyl. Vinyl is a durable material that can protect your car from the elements all year long. And if a section of your vinyl wrapping sustains any damage, you can fix the issue with simple patchwork for a fraction of the cost of touching up paint.

The vinyl wrapping's quality affects its durability. That's why you should always choose a company that offers quality products from trusted brands. If you follow the proper application techniques, your car's rat rod wrap can shield your vehicle's paint job from harm for years to come. 

7. Experience Full Customization and Freedom

If you're a do-it-yourself car enthusiast, Rvinyl's Rwraps® Iron Tread Rust Vinyl Film Wrapping is the perfect solution for you. How you apply the vinyl is up to you, giving you complete control of the product. Will you choose a partial wrap, or give your car a complete covering? Are you looking to give your car patina accents, or is having rusty-looking wheels more your thing? It all comes down to your preferences, letting you attain the exact look you're going for. 

Choosing vinyl also helps you achieve your other goals for your car. If you have a project car, you understand it can be pricey to keep making upgrades. Since vinyl wrapping is an affordable option, you get to devote more money to other parts of your vehicle. Wrapping your car with vinyl is also easier, so you'll have more time to work on other tasks you need to accomplish. 

8. Get the Look of Rust Without the Ruin

An authentic patina finish takes years to achieve. You'd have to let your car sit in the wilderness for decades, exposed to the rain, sun and snow, to get close. And that's if it can even run after it's attained that classic patina finish. Skip that and keep your car in great shape with rust wraps from Rvinyl.

Natural patina finishes exist on old cars sitting around on people's lawns or in junkyards. Imagine the looks you'll get in your newer-model car with a patina finish. People will wonder how a car that rusty is still driveable. It'll be a conversation starter, and you'll surprise everyone when you tell them it's a vinyl covering. Your car's pristine paint job is underneath, waiting for the day you decide to show it off again. 

Cover Applications for Rust Vinyl

Cover Applications for Rust Vinyl

You can find many uses for Rvinyl's Rwraps® Iron Tread Rust Vinyl Film Wrap. Here are some of the possible ways you can use our high-quality vinyl wrapping.

  • Rat rod vehicle look: As a car enthusiast, it's fun to have a rat rod. Hiding a powerful engine and healthy body beneath a vinyl exterior turns your car into the ultimate sleeper vehicle. People might assume your car is in rough shape, but when you let the engine roar, everyone will know your car has more under the hood than meets the eye. Some people may wonder why you'd want your car to have the appearance of rust, but that adds to its uniqueness. 
  • Craft vinyl projects: Vinyl has many uses beyond automotive coverings. Vinyl is great for school projects, hobbies and adding cool features to furniture. You can keep a small roll on hand to use whenever the inspiration strikes you. Many people use vinyl coverings to personalize their smartphone cases. Add an apocalyptic flair to your phone with Rwraps® Rust Vinyl Film Wrap. The Iron Tread decal will make it seem like it's weathered a lot of wear and tear. 
  • Skateboards: Vinyl wrapping is the perfect choice for revamping a skateboard. Skateboard culture enjoys bold decals and provocative images. People love showing each other their creativity and trying out different boards. Mark your territory with style when you give your skateboard the look of rusty iron with our patina-inspired vinyl wrappings. They're an affordable and protective way to change your skateboard's look and impress your friends at the skatepark. And when you feel like changing the design, it's easy to remove. 
  • Film projects: You can even use vinyl wrapping to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your DIY short film or full-length movie. Steampunk, post-apocalyptic and industrial settings are popular in today's film scene. If you need a car to look like it's been sitting around for a few decades, Rvinyl's Rwraps® Iron Tread Film Wrap is the perfect solution. And DIY movies have a limited budget, so vinyl wrappings are an inexpensive way to achieve great results that will wow your audience. Enhance your stage props with vinyl wrappings. 

Some Vinyl Rust Wrap Considerations

The amount of vinyl you need for your project will affect the price. Consider the following when choosing what size to buy.

  • Your vehicle's size: A larger vehicle needs more vinyl, which will increase your price. 
  • The project's complexity: Does your car have many curves and unique trim lines? You may have to do some cutting to get pieces to fit. If you do, it's a safe choice to get extra vinyl to accommodate your cuts. 
  • The vinyl's quality: Low-quality vinyl might be cheaper, but it won't last as long as a high-quality option. When investing in vinyl, it's worth paying a little more to get a product from a trusted brand. 

What Is Rust Vinyl?

Purchase Patina Vinyl From Rvinyl

Give your car a patina finish with Rwraps® Iron Tread Rust Vinyl Film Wrap from Rvinyl. With rolls of three different widths and lengths up to 10 yards, you're sure to find the correct size you need to transform your vehicle. At Rvinyl, we're all about supporting DIY car enthusiasts as they reach their automotive goals. We provide the highest-quality vinyl wrappings to protect your car's finish while making it look unique.

Contact us today to learn more about our vinyl wrappings or to place an order online. We look forward to helping you achieve that sweet patina finish for your vehicle. 

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Rusty emblems
by CWVW, Florida 4.75

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I recently pitched this product to dress up my VW a little different. I have a ‘13 CC and decided to make the emblems have a vintage look. The vinyl was easy to work with and being in new to this, it was challenging but not horrible. I still need some practice and plan to do more to learn. I would say this product is user friendly. The look is ok, I am happy with it but I feel that since I did such a small piece from a far it’s not distinctively a rusty look. Overall I found it a good experience.
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Great product
by Wayne, Tulsa, Ok 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I used this in a non traditional way. I wrapped a ho key goalie helmet with it. Installation was as easy as could be with the wrap being perfect. Little heat and it was like butter. If I do another I will definately be back again and cant recommend enough to others.


4.88 | 2 Reviews