Avery Dennison Complete Vehicle Wrapping Tool Kit
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Professional Tools for the DIYer

So you've decided to go all out for your DIY project? That's great! There's no better feeling than getting started on a new project. From customizing your vehicle to building something, you'll want your final result to look flawless but you might not know the amount of tools you need or what's available to you that can make the DIY process even more simple. So after deciding on material you want to use in for your project, you decide on utilizing vinyl to wrap something. Great choice, as applying vinyl to something will definitely breathe new life into whatever you use it for. Maybe you're tired of the current look of your car's color, or its interior, or on whatever it is installed onto, maybe its color faded/cracking, or maybe you just want a change of pace. Whatever the reason, it's normal to want a change, it is something we all face at the spur of the moment. It also comes with the territory of the DIY hobby. When you're dabbling with vinyl, when properly applied it is as flawless as paint, but also expect to remove it at some point too. Depending on the type, some vinyl can last up to 7-8 years before needing to be replaced, it's a long term investment that can thankfully be removed with ease, others however, might need a bit more effort to remove. Naturally, reliability and quality are extremely important criteria for applying your vinyl and getting your vinyl off of what it is installed onto, and the less mistakes or potential damage, the better! So be sure to choose the right materials that will best suit your vinyl removal needs.

Now, there's a variety of different types of vinyls out there that have different types of adhesion properties. Say you've installed Avery or 3M vinyl, these vinyls are amazing and are as flawless as paint when installed properly with care. You'll want to make sure it is firmly applied and left with no bubbles or creases. We offer a tool kit that should provide you with ever tool needed to make sure you get the ideal installation results for your DIY project. The Avery Dennison Tool Kit includes a selection of Avery Dennison Tools such as: tool belt, application gloves, cutter, blue felt squeegee, 2 magnets and snitty. Avery Dennison offers a complete line of accessories to help you achieve a professional end result no matter what your application. There's no need to grab random tools you think may get the job done and end up realizing they're dull or old, and you end up scuffing your original paint job or worse. Great care should to be taken when you want to apply and remove your vinyl, don't just yank it or use a random tool and hope luck is on your side. When you're handling vinyls, as durable as they can be, they can also be a bit finnicky to apply and remove without care and the right tools. With that said, let's explore these Avery Dennison tools you will be picking up to get your DIY project started.

  • Tool belt (11" Wide x 8 1/2" Tall x 5" Open Width)
  • Application gloves
  • Blue felt squeege
  • Includes 2 Magnets
  • Snitty vinyl cutter

Get Familiar With Your Tools

The first product on our list is the Application Tool belt. This Tool belt keeps all your tools in this specially-designed waist belt. Designed by professional applicators. Very convienient to have around when you're moving and keeping track of everything. Who on Earth would want to go back and forth to get tools, or fumble around in your pants pocket, or lose track of it in the event of setting a tool aside somewhere. Keep everything together will save you time and headaches when trying to locate a tool you may have absentmindedly put away. The next tool on the list are the Avery Dennison Application Gloves. These a super soft, seamless, cotton, application glove come with anti-static properties and excellent friction resistance helps smooth graphics over the application surface and into curves and recesses. And will also protect electronics such as computers and laptops if you decide to customize them with vinyl as well. Gone are the days when rough hands snagged a wrap or graphic’s edges not to mention and dirt marring your expensive wrap films. You’ll love the performance and feel of this wrap glove.

Next we have the Avery Dennison® Blue Felt Edged Squeegee. This tool is a compromise between the Rigid White version and the extremely Flexible Red Felt Edge Squeegee. Made to the same exacting standards as all Avery Dennison® tools, we know you 'll love this vinyl wrap and graphics application tool. This blue nylon reinforced squeegee has a a black felt edge that will not scratch or mar the surface of digital prints or specialty vinyl. The perfect tool for flat or lightly curved surfaces. So you can use it when you need to apply steady pressure without scuffing or scratching the film. Onto the next, we have the Avery Dennison® Vinyl Wrap Application Magnets. These magnets are designed for use during your prep and wrap installation. Sold as a pack of two, these ultra-strong magnets are a favorite of Justin Pate and The Wrap Institute and serve as an extra pair of hands. Perfect for holding film in place while measuring and trimming it and great for positioning graphics without using masking tape. One inch in height and 1 and 11/16th inches in diameter with a rubber coating to protect your vinyl and paint. Ideal for those that don't want to pull off tape and want less cleanup time. And last we have the Avery Dennison® Snitty Cutting Tool. This tool is a great mini razor that is perfectly sized and shaped to fit your hand and make quick work of any vinyl adhesive film you're using. Whether you want to use the Snitty to cut off excess vehicle wrap or you choose to use it to custom cut craft vinyl, we know you'll love the convenience and safety of this all purpose cutter.

Professional Level Results

At the end of the day, you want the best products for your DIY project. It makes no sense to waste hours of your time dealing going in blind, that's why you're here. The Avery Dennison Tool Kit will give you a significant head start on getting your project off the ground and you'll have smooth sailing as you see just how easy it makes everything for you. You will achieve professional results quickly and easily that will leave whatever you wrapped or customized identical to its pre-installed state. Snag our Took kit and don't worry, the products you receive are of top tier quality to help you get your job done. So what are you waiting for? Get your project started!