ORACAL® 8510 Etched Decorative Glass Film
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ORACAL® 8710 Dusted Decorative Glass Film
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3M™ Fasara Glass Decorative Film (Discontinued)
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3M™ Fasara Glass Decorative Film
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3M™ Fasara Glass Decorative Film (Discontinued)
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3M™ Fasara Glass Decorative Film
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Decorative Glass Films

Decorative Glass Films

Why settle for an ordinary glass window when you could have something so much more exciting and eye-catching? Maybe you're looking to add a little bit of color, or perhaps the elegant appeal of etching is more in line with your tastes. Frosted glass is another beautiful way to add a touch of sophistication and that extra-special something to your windows as well.Decorative Glass films are a way of making your windows just a little more aesthetically interesting ann eye-catching

These are the options you can take advantage of when you turn to glass window films. These thin vinyl sheets cling gently over your glass and transform them from blank window panes into works of art through color, etching or design. For a small price and an afternoon of DIY-work, you can take your windows to the next level and set your house apart as something truly lovely and unique.

Decorative glass films don't take much background to understand. However, rather than rushing into things and diving into a project of applying these films with no prior knowledge, it can be helpful to take a step back first to learn more about what these films are, how they work and why you may want to apply them. To help you learn these things and give you the information you need to embark on your new decorating project, we've compiled this guide to decorative window films.

What Are Decorative Glass Films?

In the very simplest terms, decorative glass films, sometimes called architectural glass films, are a way of making your windows just a little more aesthetically interesting and eye-catching. With only the use of these basic films, you can turn even the most ordinary windows into something truly extraordinary. Try the 3M Fasaraa™ films to add a sophisticated style to glass partitions, or the ORACAL® Dusted or Frosted Glass films to bring a touch of elegance and privacy. For a bit of color, try one of our many brands of Translucent Vinyl. No matter which kind you choose, we think you can find just what you're looking for within the world of decorative window films.

Think of a vinyl film as similar to the cling wrap you use in the kitchen. Just like cling wrap, these vinyl wraps come in rolls that, when unrolled, reveal a thin wrapping material. Depending on what type of vinyl wrap you have, the film may be translucent or opaque. It may be patterned, or it may be colored, but either way, it will have the same thin and filmy feel between your hands.

While this description could fit any type of vinyl film, decorative glass films are a specific type of vinyl. These films are designed to adhere to glass - usually windows, but also mirrors, glass vanities, doors or storefronts - and give the window a unique appearance. Decorative glass films may be etched with a pattern or colored lightly so the glass is still transparent, but with the added visual interest of the film laid overtop of it. Most decorative vinyl is also self-adhesive, meaning that they come equipped with a naturally sticky back that will adhere to the glass once you smooth it into place.

Options and Types of Decorative Glass Films

Decorative glass films aren't a single homogenous category. Under this overarching umbrella, there are many different types of window treatment films, all of which have a slightly different purpose and may perform slightly differently. Before you can choose which one is best for your purpose and most well-suited to the way you intend to use it, it's helpful to start with a solid understanding of the different types of films you can choose between. Here are the primary types of glass films you'll find available. These are industry standards, and all are available from Rvinyl.

Options and Types of decorative glass films

1. 3M™ Fasara™ Films

3M™ Fasara™ films deliver elegance and distinction and can be used to control light and privacy while enhancing interior aesthetics. It's no stretch to say that most of us don't think much about glass since it's something we look through, not at. And yet, glass can serve as a medium for advertising, as decor or to partition public and private spaces without blocking light flow. 3M™ Fasara™ films do just that and are perfect for privacy and ornamental applications on glass and windows. 3M™ Fasara™ films are the ideal solution to give a touch of elegance and originality to the glass surfaces of spas, malls, restaurants, shops, hotels and offices.

3M™ Fasara™ films top of the line, but this price point comes with many perks. 3M™ decorative glass films offer durability for up to 10 years, a shatter-resistant and low-gloss surface and a removable, pressure-activated acrylic adhesive for easy application. Additionally, these high-quality films require no special maintenance, making them easy to apply and then forget all about them except to admire their beauty.

2. Frosted and Dusted Decorative Films

Whether you choose our 3M™ Scotchcal™ 7725SE Crystal Frosted film or one of our ORACAL® Frosted or Dusted films, you'll get the performance and quality you're looking for from brands synonymous with quality. All of these great films feature an actual texture that you can touch and which also aids in refracting the light as it passes through to give you the privacy you need without sacrificing light transmission. Best of all, when you choose ORACAL® Frosted Cast films, you get a choice from among five great colors:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Silver

At a slightly lower price point than the 3M™ Fasara™ films, our ORACAL® Dusted film is rated for at least seven years of outdoor durability and is perfectly designed for easy weeding to allow you to create just the shapes and designs you want. These films are also equipped with a solvent-based clear permanent adhesive that's perfect for fast and simple application.

3. Etched Glass Film

The look of etched glass immediately conveys class and luxury. So, whether you choose to use it as a sheet for privacy or to cut it in your Silhouette or Cricut machine to make window decals, you'll love the look and performance of this matte finished etch glass film. Choose from Gold or Silver Etched Calendered film in either the Coarse or Fine varieties, and you'll get the look and feel you want in no time.

Located at the next step lower on the price scale, our Etched Glass films offer fantastic value for their cost. These films are designed to last a minimum of seven years outdoors, with the potential to last longer indoors. They also feature a smooth matte finish, a composition intended for easy weeding and fantastic performance against humidity, fluctuating temperatures, UV light and even salt spray.

4. Translucent Vinyl Film

Originally created for use as backlit sign vinyl, our translucent vinyl films come to you from a variety of manufacturers in both calendered and cast grades of film. Use this film to add color to your windows, to create light transmitting decals and more. Choose from Avery™, 3M™ and ORACAL® and buy by the foot to get only what you need.

What Are the Possible Applications for Decorative Glass Films?

The first and most immediately obvious application for decorative glass films is a window. As these are the largest expanses of glass most of us encounter in our daily lives, it's natural place to start. Glass films can make fantastic additions to your windows, and you can use them in many different creative ways to add a little visual interest.

However, windows are far from the only applications for your glass films. Anyplace where you can find glass in your home or business is a place where you can also use one of these films we've discussed. The only limits here are your imagination. While it would be impossible to list every single potential application for these decorative films, here are just a few application ideas to get you started brainstorming:

  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Glass storefronts
  • Glass doors
  • Glass cabinets
  • Glass vanities
  • Glass tabletops

If it has glass, then you can use our decorative window films on it. Browse your home for glass items, and you might be surprised with all the locations you'll come up with. Any of these are great spots to add a little pizzazz through these vinyl films.

Why Might You Choose to Add a Decorative Glass Film to Your Window?

Benefits of decorative glass films There are plenty of different reasons a person might choose to decorate their window with a film - advertising, decorating, creating an atmosphere - but all of them boil down to roughly the same reason at heart, and that reason is aesthetic. We all like beautiful things - and why not? They bring more joy and excitement into our lives. If you're decorating a living space, beautiful things make the space feel unique to you and specifically tailored to your tastes. If you're decorating a business, filling it with aesthetically pleasing things helps tell your customers, "I care about this business, and I demonstrate this care by giving the same amount of attention to my glass windows that I do to the services I provide my customers."

What Are the Benefits of Decorative Glass Films?

It's easy to see why you might want beautiful and decorative glass in your window or mirror. Still, you might be wondering why decorative glass films are the solution. Why not replace the entire glass panel with etched or colored glass and cut out this extra middle step of applying a film

There are plenty of benefits films offer that you won't get when you replace your glass entirely. Here are just a few of those advantages:

  • Lower price:Replacing your glass is an expensive endeavor. While the exact cost of the job will vary depending on how much glass you're replacing and who is doing the work, it's safe to assume that this enterprise will almost always be more expensive than buying a sheet of vinyl to apply over your glass. If you're interested in keeping costs to a minimum while still achieving a beautiful and unique look, then decorative films are a perfect solution.
  • Temporary nature:You can always replace glass panes at a later date, but doing so is expensive, time-consuming and troublesome. Vinyl films, on the other hand, are easy to peel off and discard. This makes vinyl the ideal solution if you think you may want to change up your style again in the future. Or, if you only want the decorative glass for a short time while leaving your plain glass intact underneath it, vinyl films are the answer.
  • Easy installation:Most experts will advise you not to install glass yourself, and to bring in professionals to do so instead. This is both a hassle and expensive. When you choose vinyl films, however, you can easily install these yourself when you follow a few simple directions.

How Do You Install Decorative Glass Films?

Installing your new window films is a simple process. With just a little bit of patience and determination, you should have no trouble applying yours. Here's how:

  1. Clean the glass before you do anything else. If you apply the film and the window underneath is dirty, this will be visible underneath the film and may also affect the way the vinyl lies on the glass. Use a basic soap and water solution and wipe off all traces of dirt and grime before doing anything else.
  2. Cut the window film to slightly larger than the size you require for your project. Remove the adhesive-protection backing from the back of the film and hold it in place over the glass where you'll attach it.
  3. If you're performing a wet application, spray the now-exposed adhesive backing with your wetting solution. If you're doing a dry application, skip this step.
  4. Stick the film into place. For a wet application, make sure the backing is still wet. The wet solution will keep it from sticking firmly into place immediately on contact, giving you more time to position the film exactly as you prefer.
  5. Trim away excess film around the edge, until the vinyl fits perfectly into the area you want to cover. Then, take a squeegee or credit card and start pushing any bubbles or ripples out. Start in the middle and push towards the edges as you flatten out these bubbles.

Be aware that it may take several days for the film to dry entirely and become firmly adhered.

Purchase Your Decorative Window Film Today

Are you ready to take your windows and glass surfaces from plain and ordinary to gorgeous works of arts? It's as simple as purchasing a sheet of our decorative vinyl and letting it transform your space into something extraordinary. And when you shop at Rvinyl, you can have confidence that we only carry the very highest quality brands of vinyl in the industry. Whether you're hunting for an etched-glass look or a frosted film, we've got just the thing to accommodate your needs. Browse our selection above!

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