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Leather Vinyl Wrap Films

Leather Vinyl Wrap Films

Rwraps™ Leather and Snakeskin wraps are an excellent way to add the exotic, luxury look of real materials without the cruelty of real animal hides. Choose from Black, Brown, Gray, Red or Silver Leather and Black Snakeskin, and enjoy the three-dimensional texture of both films.

Our leather vinyl has a semi-gloss finish with a life-like leather texture, and our Snakeskins sport a high-gloss, scaled finish.

What Is Leather Vinyl?

Leather vinyl is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of synthetic plastic that comes from petroleum. Leather vinyl shares similarities to genuine leather without being made from the skins of animals. Although it's actually a fine plastic, this type of vinyl looks and feels just like the real thing.

Types of Leather Vinyl

With plenty of colors and sizes to choose from, you can select the option that fits your vehicle's interior the most closely. Some options look like special types of genuine leather, and others have more color than the real thing typically offers. 

Rwraps™ has high-quality vinyl that mimics these leather types:

  • Carbon fiber: Vinyl material has a texture that emulates carbon fiber leather, an animal hide material textured with a herringbone pattern. Semi-gloss vinyl leather is adhesive-backed and much less expensive.
  • Chrome-tanned or silver: When chromium is used to tan leather, the resulting product is shiny and soft. Leather vinyl appears chrome-tanned without the expensive processing, and you can also find metallic vinyl leather in silver if that's the look you want.
  • Snakeskin: Leather made from a scaly animal has a sleek, stylish aesthetic. Snakeskin vinyl is as close to the real thing you can get without paying a premium for materials from exotic animals.

Realistic Finishes Made for You

Why buy real leather that will eventually fade when you could have a high-quality alternative? Rwraps™ Leather and Snakeskin vinyl wraps come in gloss and matte styles and are so realistic after you've installed them that you won't be able to convince anyone otherwise. 

Find options available in three widths — 12 inches, 24 inches and 60 inches — offered by the foot in rolls that go up to 10 yards. This means you can get the full length of material you need without overspending.

Best of all, these wraps include pressure-sensitive adhesives, so you can press the material on to apply it. The adhesive contains invisible channels, allowing air to escape as you complete the installation process, helping eliminate bubbles. This means you get a professional result without the mess of using glue.

Rwraps™ Wraps Suggested Applications

You can use Rwraps™ Leather wraps in just about any application. They're rated for indoor and outdoor use, unlike genuine leather. Try out these popular end-uses.

Cover Applications for Leather Wraps

Cover Applications for Leather Wraps

Leather wraps have plenty of uses, but you might want them for the most common reason — refreshing your car. Leather is traditionally an interior material because genuine leather must stay out of the elements, but your vinyl can go anywhere. Below are some of the most common ways to use leather vinyl wrap for creating a custom vehicle look:

  • Full wraps: Fully wrapping a car in durable leather vinyl creates a unique look, whether you go neutral or colorful.
  • Bumpers: Even making a small, nondescript change in your vehicle's exterior appearance can be the makeover it needs.
  • Mirrors: An often neglected part of a car, your mirrors can stand out with the right casing.
  • Hoods and trunks: Vinyl is commonly used for custom graphics or decals to go on your car's exterior.
  • Dashboards: A newly finished leather vinyl interior can make a car look brand-new, refreshing a tired interior.
  • The interior trim: Updating the interior of a car or another vehicle with some leather trim vinyl is a popular placement, whether you're adding to the doors or console. 

Leather Wrap Applications for Other Vehicles

Leather vinyl looks good on more than just your car. If you regularly enjoy different recreational vehicles and want to customize them, you can apply vinyl to:

  • Golf carts
  • RVs
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

Redecorate your recreational vehicles with a fresh leather look to show off your personality, whether you're cruising around the neighborhood or taking it to a show.

What Else Can You Use Leather Vinyl On?

Leather vinyl is a highly versatile product — it's also great for customizing your furniture or other items:

  • Furniture: Customize hard surfaces on refrigerators, washers, dryers and chairs, whether you are in your home, apartment or RV. Hide damage or create an entirely new space with a leather vinyl set of furniture — great for rec rooms to living rooms, or wherever you want a customized look.
  • Architectural applications: Customize just about anything in your home, from beams and columns to backsplashes and cabinet doors. Transform a wet bar in your basement or give your bathroom an edgy spin.
  • Leather craft vinyl projects: Leather vinyl looks good on costume fashion, props, toys and other items. Get creative with your craft vinyl applications, whether you're making signs for your home or hand-cutting a custom decal.

What Makes Leather Vinyl Great

Compared to genuine leather, vinyl has many advantages. Vinyl materials mimic the same crease patterns that make leather distinctive, but it is so much easier to care for. It's a desirable material to work with for auto owners and others interested in DIY projects or commercial applications. Leather vinyl is:

1. Easy to Clean

Vinyl is a low-maintenance material that is very simple to keep clean. Genuine leather requires special cleaning products, and you have to condition it once a month so it will stay supple. As long as you stick to non-abrasive products, you can clean vinyl with just about anything. You can even wipe off vinyl with a damp cloth, making it a durable and smart material choice for vehicle interiors and furniture.

2. Low in Cost

Vinyl is more affordable than leather, which has a price tag to fit its status as a luxury material. Leather vinyl mimics the appearance of the high-end material, presenting an affordable alternative with a high value and long lifespan.

3. Wide in Variety

Most leathers come in neutral colors and natural tones. Vinyl is easier to color, giving you options like Rwraps™ Leather in vivid red, and you can buy leather vinyl with different patterns and textures.


4. Durable

Leather fades and cracks without maintenance or when exposed to too much sunlight. Vinyl lacks these issues and has a scratch-resistant surface. If one scratch in real leather is deep enough, it can be very difficult to repair. 

Vinyl also maintains its color longer, whereas leather fades and changes color with time. Matching colors is much easier with a consistent material.

5. Adaptable

When you're upholstering a boat or an exterior that gets regular exposure to water, real leather is the wrong material for the job. Leather gets ruined when it's wet and absorbs sunlight when you leave it outdoors. For a motorcycle or the cockpit of a boat, vinyl with the look of leather is the superior option.

6. Easy to Apply

Pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed material makes it easy to apply the look of leather to just about any project. With real leather, you'd need custom cut and sewn materials, which you'd install with messy epoxies or adhesives that are difficult to work with. Choose Rwraps™ Leather or Snakeskin to get an easier application. You can even order an application razor and squeegee to get all the tools you need.

Get Leather Vinyl With Rvinyl

Now that you're familiar with how much different leather vinyl is from the leather derived from animals, you're ready to choose the best products. Order quality, leather wrap adhesive vinyl for your DIY projects and save money on upholstery costs. Whatever you decide to wrap, you can get credit for it and a refund of up to $20 with our Cash Back Rebate. Contact us online, and our vinyl specialists will get back to you about a product.

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Snake Plissken
by Louis Paul Productions, Cumberland, Maryland 5.00

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After looking at hundreds of patterns, we choose to cover our custom tables with a Snakeskin vinyl that is easy to apply & clean, durable & eye catching. Our customers just love this is classy!
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by Cal, 5.00

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Very cool. Think it looks better on accent parts though.

by Cal, 5.00

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Similar to a satin finish but with a texture to it.


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