3M™ 2080 Series Snowmobile Wraps
3M™ Snowmobile Wraps
1080 / 2080 Series Vinyl Film
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Avery Dennison™ SW900 Snowmobile Wraps
Avery Dennison™ Snowmobile Wraps
SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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ORACAL® 970RA / 975 Snowmobile Wraps
ORACAL® Snowmobile Wraps
970RA / 975 Series Vinyl Film
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Starting at $15.99
Rwraps™ Camo Snowmobile Wrap
Rwraps™ Snowmobile Wraps
914 / 917 AirTec™ Vinyl Film
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Snowmobile Wraps

Pulling on your helmet, jumping into the cold and conquering the snowy terrain is easy with a snowmobile, whether you’re adventuring through the mountains or hauling various loads. But if you’re a thrill-seeker, we can already assume you’re over the stock paint that came with your snow machine.

DIY vinyl wrapping films allow you to ride around in style — which can also help you be seen in the snow. Rvinyl custom vinyl wraps give you the combination of style and protection as you’re trekking through the snow. You can customize the look of your machine with an array of brands, colors, textures, designs, logos and graphics for a fresh start.

What Is a Vinyl Snowmobile Wrap?

Vinyl sled wraps are sheets of vinyl that adhere to your snow bike, covering its outdated paint. Sled wraps are similar to a fresh paint job, but they’re more durable and cost-effective — not to mention they’re available in hundreds of options. You can revamp your snowmobile’s color, texture, design, logo and images to match the exact vibe you’re going for.

Vinyl film can transform your old snowmobile into a new and unique off-road trailblazer. The material is built to last with exclusive features, such as fade resistance, UV protection and durability. Snowmobile vinyl wraps alter and enhance the look of your machine, but they also deliver protection as you operate through different environments.

Vinyl is awesome because it adheres to almost any surface, such as fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic and polycarbonate. The only areas on a snow bike you can’t wrap are porous parts or sections affected by rust and corrosion. Vinyl won’t peel, lift or crack if you follow the right installation procedures.

Types of Vinyl Snowmobile Wraps

Sled wraps are ideal for professionals and DIYers who want to swap the look of a snowmobile 180 degrees or add a little personalization. The best part? You can decide to alter the entire trailblazer or a few sections for the right amount of spunk.

Two types of vinyl applications are full vs. partial. A full wrap will cover every component and add an extra line of defense when traveling through the snowy mountains. A partial wrap allows you to cover particular sections. You can place accents on individual parts to suit your exact taste.

Parts of a snowmobile you can cover include:

  • Fenders
  • Handlebars
  • Hood
  • Mirrors
  • Skis
  • Spindles
  • Windscreen

The best thing about a vinyl wrap is that you have control over what areas you want to upgrade and what sections you want to keep original.

What Are the Benefits of Snowmobile Wraps?

What Are the Benefits of Snowmobile Wraps

We all know off-road vehicles take a beating from the elements. Snowmobiles can undergo weather damage and scratches, plus impairment from obstacles hidden in the snow. But when you install premium vinyl wrap, the film protects your ride. Providing security and showcasing your machine’s coolest features are two advantages of vinyl. Other benefits include:

1. Durability

Snowmobile vinyl wrap is abrasion resistant with a built-in UV protective layer to prevent the film’s color from fading. With an extra layer on your machine, it can withstand the rough wear of off-roading. It has a longer lifespan than paint, enduring more than nine years with the proper care.

The durability of your vinyl wrap also depends on the brand you use and the quality of the installation. A DIY vinyl application involves simple steps. If completed correctly, the cover can protect your snowmobile from damage and the elements like snow, rain, sun and sleet.

Vinyl gives you both durability and a fresh look.

2. Gives Your Better Resale Value

There may come a time when you want or need to sell your snowmobile, and it’s better to think ahead as opposed to selling a rundown, battered machine. Vinyl can maintain the value of your trailblazer by protecting its paint and original surface. Preserving the conditions of your snowmobile will boost its resale value.

You can choose to keep the wrap job intact, or you can remove the film to reveal the snow bike’s stock paint job. Someone may love your unique color scheme, making it the selling point. Other riders may want to install their own wrap version. Either way, vinyl will protect your snowmobile and increase its value.

3. More Economical

Paint jobs are expensive, costing anywhere between $500 and $1,500. The price depends on many factors, such as:

  • How long it takes to prep the snowmobile
  • Level of detailing
  • How much of the machine you want to paint

You can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for enough premium vinyl to cover the entire snow bike — and if you install the vinyl with a few friends, it can save you even more time and money. DIY wrapping is affordable and allows you to control the cost by purchasing the exact amount you need for a full or partial wrap.

You can also purchase in bulk if you have more than one ride to transform. Snowmobile vinyl film combines quality and value by delivering long-term benefits and a low upfront cost.

4. Offers Amazing Customization

Nothing beats total customization when you’re looking to vamp up your snowmobile. With maximum personalization at your fingertips, you can choose to color block your snow sled or add a far-out design that no one’s seen before. Whether you’re an avid adventurist or enjoy the occasional ride, you can pick between digitally printed designs, 3D films, textures and solid colors to complete your wrap.

With an infinite amount of styles to choose from, customizing your off-roader is simple. Determine the exact look of your snowmobile, select a brand and start your DIY.

You can show off your personality through carbon fiber and brushed metal solutions. Or you can go for one of the most popular snowmobile finishes like the arctic camouflage sled wrap. What about shadow black or a chameleon effect?

At Rvinyl, we stock some of the most trusted brands in the industry, like 3M™, Avery™, ORACAL® and Rwraps™.

5. Positive Impact on the Environment

Compared to paint and primer that emit chemicals, solvents, paint chips and fumes into the environment, sled wraps have no harsh effects. Vinyl is safer for the environment and you. As you’re applying the film, you only need a heat gun to complete the process. Then, all you need is soap and water for simple upkeep.

6. Requires Less Maintenance Than Paint

Although expensive paint jobs may look nice, they also demand consistent and skillful maintenance like cleaning, polishing, buffing and repainting. If you’re not experienced in precision painting, you will have to rely on the professionals. Keeping up with a paint job can be tedious and costly.

Maintaining vinyl is much easier, giving you plenty of time to get out on the trails. All you need is warm water, soap and a soft brush. You should stick to a regular cleaning schedule because eliminating dirt, snow and grime buildup can retain the quality of your snowmobile’s film. Giving your trailblazer a quick wash is all it takes to keep it in excellent condition.

Adequate maintenance also means storing your sled in a cool, dry area during the offseason. Using a gentle polishing formula and never leaving it out in the elements for an extended time are other ways you can preserve the snowmobile.

If the film scratches at any time, you can apply a patch. It’s a simple fix where you don’t have to redo the whole machine. Vinyl wrap upkeep is easier than slipping on your riding gloves.

7. Straightforward Installation and Removal

Prepping a snowmobile for vinyl installation requires a good cleaning. When it’s dry, you can start applying your full or partial wrap. Unlike paint bodywork, you can work from anywhere that provides enough space. Applying vinyl doesn’t require specialized tools, protective gear or a professional work site.

If you mess up or decide to switch to a different look in the middle of your project, it won’t put a dent in your progress. The awesome thing about vinyl is that it’s versatile enough to be permanent or removable, depending on what you want.

For example, if you decide to change the color or design, or want to add a new graphic within months of the first update, it’s simple. You can return the snowmobile to its original look and expose the paint without damaging the underlying surface. Switch from one color to a different design with little hassle.

Vinyl wrap is your go-to solution when you want to upgrade your snowmobile and gain heaps of additional benefits. Sheets of vinyl also look like a whole piece of film that covers your machine. There is little visibility of the film joins to make for a sleek appearance. Vinyl wrap demands less time, money and skill while giving you a new look and superior protection.

Other Vinyl Wrap Factors to Consider

We bet you’re excited to start on your vinyl wrapping venture, but what other questions do you have about transforming your snowmobile? Here are the answers to common questions:

Which Brands of Snowmobiles Can You Wrap?

Because there isn’t much of anything you can’t wrap in vinyl, it’s safe to say you can transform any brand of snowmobile. Rvinyl delivers high-quality film to off-road manufacturers, like:

  • Arctic Cat
  • Polaris
  • Ski-Doo
  • Timbersled
  • Yamaha

Vinyl sled wraps also work for many model types, such as:

  • Crossover
  • Mountain
  • Performance
  • Sport
  • Touring
  • Trail
  • Utility
  • Youth

Whether you’re using your snow bike to haul heavy loads, cruise through the mountains with friends or travel long distances, professionals and DIYers can rely on vinyl as the perfect solution.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap A Snowmobile?

It’s important to look at how much money you can expect to pay for a snowmobile wrap. Different factors affect the final price, ranging from the intricacy of the design to installation time. It also comes down to the brand, type of vinyl and whether you’re completing a full or partial wrap.

The time of installation also depends on several of the same elements — design, amount of vinyl, size of snowmobile and if you have a helping hand or not.

If you need professional insight, find a trusted brand that can give you an estimate.

How Much Vinyl Will You Need?

When determining how much vinyl you’ll need, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your wrapping one snowmobile or several?
  • Do you want a partial or full installation?
  • How big is your trailblazer?

You will need less material if you choose to highlight only a few parts of your off-roader, while a complete cover will demand more material. Figure out the area of each section you want to transform, then add a few more yards, just in case. If you need help finding an accurate measurement, you can rely on the experts for support.

How Long Can a Sled Wrap Last?

Paint does give you a shiny finish that can last a significant amount of time, but consider how much upkeep and skill it requires. Maintaining a snowmobile with paint is more demanding than one covered with protective and colorful vinyl.

A vinyl-wrapped snowmobile is easier to repair and is UV resistant — meaning, you don’t have to fret about matching the repair color to the rest of your machine if it scratches. Any nick in the vinyl requires simple patchwork, while damaged paint often requires total repainting to get the color right.


Vinyl wrap can outlast paint through any ride and weather condition, lasting years with minimal maintenance. The material’s quality and the level of installation also determines vinyl durability. Make sure to work with a trusted company that delivers top-tier vinyl brands.

What Is the Best Vinyl Snow Bike Wrap Brand?

Rvinyl works with premium brands like 3M™, Avery™, ORACAL® and Rwraps™. Invest in one that matches your budget as well as expectations when it comes to the color range, unique texture and design. Does the brand offer the color and finish you want? Is it within your price range?

Choose from the Avery™ SW900 series that includes satin and colorflow films or the 3M™ 2080 wraps that improve on the older 1080 vinyl to better showcase chrome, slip and matte vinyl. You can even go for the Oracal® 970 RA and 975 structure cast wraps.

Updating your snowmobile from its mundane stock paint into a vibrant and eye-catching vinyl will transform it in more ways than one.


Get Started on Your DIY Snowmobile Wrap With Rvinyl

We are excited to work with you to find the ideal vinyl wrap for your snowmobile. Fshop-snow-sled-wrapsrom distinctive camo designs to fiber texture and matte colors, Rvinyl will help transform your off-roader. Don’t bother with the cost and upkeep of paint. Instead, rely on the experts for a simple and smooth vinyl installation process that’s perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Browse our vinyl wraps or contact our responsive support team. We value your enthusiasm for top-tier solutions and are here to help narrow down the options.

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Accents for my snowmobile
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I bought a new snowmobile and it was all black. Too black. I picked this wrap from the website and cut some accent pieces for the side panels and some smaller pieces near the nose. I really like the stuff. I hope I got it on well. The texture of the plastic isn't slick on the side panels. It is smooth but not slick. We will see when I get out with the machine.


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