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Unroll Possibilities: The Vinyl Decor Guide

Welcome to a world where your decor speaks your dialect of style and function, where your environment wraps itself around your personality like a vinyl record encases its grooves. Journey through a myriad of transformative options without the commitment of a permanent change. Peel into a realm where the vibrancy of colors meets the finesse of top-quality materials, revealing an avenue where your aesthetic dreams find their wings through the tactile and visual allure of vinyl. Your spaces echo your individuality, offering an invitation not just into your rooms, but into the realms of your distinctiveness and personality.

We've curated an unparalleled selection of home decor vinyls to ensure your surroundings are nothing short of a dynamic canvas, ready to morph with your evolving tastes and innovative décor visions. Revel in the freedom of frequent reinvention, keeping your spaces forever fresh, forever you. Imagine swapping out the mundane for the mesmerizing without engaging in a full-scale home makeover. Our Home Decor Vinyl Applications turn that imagination into tangible reality, allowing you to wrap your world in charismatic charm, one vinyl application at a time!

Cabinet Wraps: Elevate Every Culinary Endeavour

Cabinet Wraps

Unlock a New Dimension of Kitchen Style with Our Vinyl Wraps

Let your culinary creativity cascade amidst a backdrop that is as vibrant and sophisticated as your most cherished recipes. The kitchen is where homely magic unfolds, and our cabinet wraps ensure that each opening and closing of storage spaces is complemented by a visual treat. Imagine the sheer elegance of 3M 2080’s luxurious finishes and the myriad of choices brought to you by Avery Dennison SW900, wrapping your cabinets in a symphony of aesthetic brilliance. Dive into the textured realms with ORACAL 970RA & 975 or smartly style without straining your budget with Rwraps.Breathing Life into Every Corner

The very essence of a delightful kitchen dwells not only in the aromas wafting through it but also in the subtle, yet compelling visuals that accompany every ingredient’s journey from cabinet to pan. With a palette of over 100 colors and textures to choose from, your culinary haven can now resonate with your unique style and personality, offering more than just flavors to your home’s story.

Application so Smooth, it's the Icing on the Cake

Venture into a hassle-free application process, ensuring every wrap adheres with a finesse that’s almost poetic. Whether you bask in the surety of dry application or sway towards the adaptable and forgiving nature of wet application, your cabinets are set to be encased in a veneer that’s impeccable and awe-inspiring.

A Sustainable Choice

In an era that rightfully tilts towards sustainability, swapping out entire cabinets becomes a thought of the past. Our wraps breathe new life into your existing structures, ensuring your style evolves without contributing to landfills.

Whether it’s the boldness of glossy finishes, the understated elegance of matte, or the adventurous spirit of textures, each film stands ready to transform your space into a realm that’s exclusively and authentically yours.

Door Wraps: Unveiling Style with Every Entry

Door Wraps

Make Every Entrance an Event with Our Vibrant Vinyl Door Wraps

The door, a portal to your personal space, should whisper tales of your unique style, unfolding a world that’s quintessentially you as it swings open. With our versatile door wraps, you’re not just opening up rooms but chapters of your decor narrative. The 3M 2080 series invites you into a realm where durability meets class, ensuring your door isn’t just a barrier but a constant, stylish companion in all your comings and goings. For those with an appetite for choices, Avery Dennison SW900 offers a banquet of options, ensuring your entrances and exits are always cloaked in sophistication.

Choosing Simplicity and Quality

Door wraps bring forth a duality of simplicity and verve, where each selection from our exquisite range is a commitment to high-quality aesthetics, without the burdens of heavy-duty installation or maintenance. It’s not just about beauty; it’s about choosing a smart, sustainable manner of expressing your individuality through every threshold in your dwelling.

Navigating through the application process is smooth sailing with our comprehensive guides and quality-assured vinyl wraps. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, ensure every edge is wrapped to perfection, creating a seamless, lasting look that’s both protective and pristine.

Furniture Wraps: Tailoring a New Aesthetic

Furniture Wraps

Dress Your Decor in Impeccable Vinyl Attire

Why settle for factory-made when you can curate? Our furniture wraps invite you to transform every piece of furniture into a bespoke artifact of your personal style. From the daring textures of ORACAL 970RA & 975 to the budget-friendly yet incredibly chic Rwraps, your furniture will be encased in a skin that’s both protective and visually enchanting.

No Furniture Left Behind

Whether it's an antique dresser or a contemporary coffee table, each piece finds a new visage with our wraps. It’s not just about altering appearances but rejuvenating every piece with a fresh, durable layer that defends against wear and tear while presenting a visual feast.

Easy Application, Easier Impressions

Envelop your furniture in a new identity without getting entangled in complications. With options for both wet and dry application, ensuring every corner is smoothed to perfection, your furniture is not just seen but admired, becoming silent, yet eloquent conversation starters in your spaces.

Cooler Wraps: Where Function Meets Fashion

Cooler Wraps

Chill Your Drinks in a Cooler That's Unapologetically You

Why should your drinks have all the cool? Imbue your coolers with a personality that’s as chill and unique as you are. Avery Dennison SW900 brings a symphony of choices to the table, ensuring your cooler is not just a storage box but a statement. Meanwhile, the impeccable durability of 3M 2080 offers a shield that defends while dazzling anyone who lays eyes on it.

More Than Just a Cooler

You’re not just keeping beverages cold; you’re keeping style unmistakable and fresh, ensuring that even the functionality of cooling comes wrapped in unparalleled aesthetics. Every outing, every gathering becomes a showcase of your impeccable taste, expressed vividly through cooler wraps that are both sturdy and stylish.

In a world that continually evolves, so should your style. Ensure every outdoor escapade is complemented by a cooler that refuses to be mundane, employing our wraps that promise a chilled drink and a visual treat, every single time.

Everything Can Be Your Canvas

Embark on a journey where every space becomes a canvas and every corner narrates your tale with our vibrant, durable, and enchantingly versatile vinyl wraps. Let's defy the ordinary together and mold a world that's authentically yours, reflecting your essence in every glance and touch. Your narrative, paired with our premium wraps, will weave a decor tale that’s both enchanting and genuinely you. Elevate your spaces and wrap your world in unparalleled aesthetics now! Dare to weave your story through your decor? Shop Now and transform every nook and cranny into a vibrant echo of your unique style and spirit.

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Cabinet vinyl
by Nicola Visible Difference, MA 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I loved that the colors were close to that on the website. The shipping was fast. Application was tricky but love the end results. will definitely use again if I decide to change the color palette.
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Kitchen cabinets
by Adam Lewon, 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
We first started off with samples of different colors and product lines from Rvinyl, and we landed on the Satin Thunder Cloud. Pleased so far with installation, and how it has turned out. The only thing I would recommend is getting a squeegee with felt or something soft like that. The ones that you can buy here are plastic and it started to scratch the vinyl. Also order more than what you need, I just ran out and need to order more.
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Good stuff
by Matthew, TN 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Used this to finish up a vinyl wrap job on a bathroom cabinet. worked great and matched perfect. Highly recommend this product if you are wrapping cabinets.


4.71 | 34 Reviews