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Most people do the sensible, if not boring thing, when looking to buy a wrap for their vehicle. In other words, they end up choosing a solid color wrap for a complete or partial color change. But, as you probably already know, playing it safe limits your creativity, not to mention your options. If you're going to go take the step to customize your ride with a color change wrap, why not go the distance and find something truly original? Browse thousands of different patterns and designs and truly express your originality and unique personality with a custom printed design you won't find anywhere else. Take the time to explore the limitless possibilities we offer under diverse categories like astrological themes, art deco styles, floral designs, paint splatters, pixels, stained glass, skull and bones, wood grain and many more.

Dozens of Designs and Patterns to Choose From

  • Animal Print Wraps – Get the look of animals prints as vinyl wraps for your vehicle. When done correctly, animal prints look great and will become an iconic look that your friends and family will come to know you for. That does’t really happen with regular colors unless it a unique color shade. Be bold and daring all while stating your love for animals.
  • Camouflage Wraps – Do you want a camo pattern for your vehicle or any surface you plan on covering with vinyl wrap? We have got you covered with various camo patterns. Choose from dozens of unique styles and find the one that best represents you and your vehicle.
  • Galaxy Wraps – The galaxy vinyl wraps are some of our favorite designs and when you see them, you’ll know why. They have beautiful and vibrant color patterns that create an unmatched design. With these wraps, you will make a statement and have one of the best looking vehicles on the road or highway every time.
  • Lightning Wraps – The lightning vinyl wrap pattern is one of our more stylish wraps. You will get the lightning design in a couple of different colors so you can choose the one that best matches your needs. The electric pattern in this wrap are the lightning bolts throughout the wrap. Make a statement that cannot be ignored like thunder.
  • Marble Wraps – Feel like a Roman emperor when you add this marble pattern film to your ride or the surface area of whatever you want to wrap. Bring the classic marble look into your life and see why so many people love this design.
  • Rust Wraps – While it may sound like an idea you had when you were drunk, the rust pattern is actually a trend that has seen its popularity skyrocket. The patina finish is a brown or green layer that looks like metal that has been exposed to the elements. Art is in the eye of the beholder and many people, including us at Rvinyl™ are fans of this film.
  • Sticker Bomb Wraps – Want to do something different with your vinyl wraps? Look no further than our sticker bomb designs! You can give your ride a graffiti vinyl wrap and let everyone know your appreciation for art. Sticker bombing, or more commonly known as sticker slapping, is a form of street art popularized in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Artists slap their signature sticker or decal in public like lamp poles or traffic lights that you see around the city. Now you can get this popular trend as a vinyl for your vehicle or use it for a crafting idea.
  • Wood Grain Wraps – Get the look and feel of real wood without the wood with our wood grain film. Now you can easily transform any setting into a wood grain by applying this nature-like film. Buy the look of real wood having to spend the price tag of real wood. Easily convert any place into your own secret getaway by installing a one-of-a-kind wood grain pattern.

Why Choose Pattern Vinyl Film?

You might be asking why you should go with our pattern vinyl films instead of a regular vinyl or actual wood grain. The first reason is that is different from anything out there. The same colors and styles are on the road all across the country. Instead, bring some personality to the road and inspire others to be different. Whether you go with an animal pattern, a lightning design, or a wood grain film, you will get a versatile and durable film that will last for years to come.

An Easy Installation Process

Installation is fast and easy, making it a much faster option than going to a professional. To make it even better, you will pay much less for this film than you would if you went to the shop or bought real wood grain textures. And the finished result looks great no matter your experience level. The vinyl goes around corners and curves and you won’t see any air bubbles or crinkles as a result.

Another great feature of these vinyl wraps are that they are easy to remove if you change your mind. Whether you want to replace it with another vinyl, go back to the original look or want to sale it in its original form, you will be glad to know this vinyl wrap won’t damage the surface when you remove it.

These vinyl patterns are popular with our Do-It-Yourself-installers. That is because they wrap easily on any smooth surface. Our customers have shown us that while these wraps look great on any vehicle, that is not the only thing they can be used for. Some may use it for a crafting protect and others might wrap their guitar case or coolers and that a great way to spot them from far away.

What Can You Wrap?

Vinyl wraps offer a versatile and reversible way to customize the appearance of a vehicle, whether you aim to cover specific parts or the entire vehicle. The flexibility of patterned vinyl allows for creative expressions, brand promotions, or simply a change of color with texture or graphic designs. Here's how different patterned vinyl can be used across various parts of a vehicle, and a list of the most common parts that enthusiasts and professionals alike choose to wrap.

Full Vehicle Wrap

  • Complete Transformation: A full vehicle wrap using patterned vinyl can completely transform the vehicle's appearance. This approach allows for a dramatic change, be it a bold graphic design, a realistic texture mimicking materials like carbon fiber, or intricate patterns that set the vehicle apart.
  • Protection: Beyond aesthetics, a full wrap protects the original paint from UV rays, minor scratches, and general wear and tear.

Vinyl wraps, particularly those with patterns, have become a cornerstone in vehicle customization, blending both aesthetic and protective properties to cater to a wide range of preferences and objectives. Let's delve deeper into how patterned vinyl can enhance specific vehicle parts, emphasizing not just the transformative potential but also the nuanced benefits each application offers.

Full Vehicle Wrap: Aesthetic Overhaul and Protection

  • Custom Graphics and Themes: Full vehicle wraps in patterned vinyl can showcase custom graphics, from complex landscapes to geometric designs, enabling personal or corporate branding to be vividly displayed. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to use their vehicles as moving advertisements.
  • Resale Value Preservation: By covering the original paint, a full wrap protects it from the elements, preserving the vehicle's resale value. The ability to remove the wrap without damaging the original paint allows for greater flexibility in returning the vehicle to its stock appearance or updating its look.

Partial Wraps: Accentuating Details

  • Hood and Roof Wraps: These areas offer a broad canvas for showcasing larger patterned designs or textures that mimic high-end materials like carbon fiber or brushed metal, adding a luxe feel to the vehicle.
  • Racing Stripes: Traditionally used to symbolize speed and performance, racing stripes can be customized with patterns to add depth and motion, creating a dynamic visual effect even when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Door Panels and Side Mirrors: Wrapping these smaller parts in complementary or contrasting patterns can tie the vehicle's theme together or create focal points that draw the eye.
  • Rear Wing or Spoiler: This is a prime location for high-impact designs that emphasize the vehicle's performance orientation. A patterned vinyl wrap here can simulate aerodynamic enhancements or simply add a stylistic flair.

Detail Wraps: Subtle Customizations

  • Door Handles and Trim: Adding patterned vinyl to door handles and trim can introduce subtle accents that enrich the vehicle's overall design narrative. This detail-oriented approach is perfect for enthusiasts looking to make their vehicle uniquely theirs without overwhelming it with color or pattern.
  • Wheel Rims: Though less common due to the technical challenge of wrapping curved and intricate surfaces, patterned vinyl on wheel rims can be a bold statement, aligning the wheels' appearance with the vehicle's custom theme.

Strategic Benefits of Patterned Vinyl Wraps

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to a full paint job, vinyl wraps are a more affordable way to drastically change a vehicle's appearance. They also offer the flexibility to experiment with bold designs or patterns without long-term commitment.
  • Durability and Maintenance: High-quality vinyl wraps can last several years, offering protection against sun damage, minor abrasions, and corrosion. They are also easier to clean and maintain, requiring just soap and water for most cases.
  • Quick and Reversible Changes: The ability to quickly change a vehicle's look to reflect evolving tastes or branding needs is a significant advantage. The reversibility of the process ensures that individuals can return to the original look or opt for a new design without residual effects.

Patterned vinyl wraps serve as a transformative tool for vehicle customization, providing a blend of aesthetic versatility, protective benefits, and economic value. Whether the goal is to make a personal statement, promote a brand, or simply protect the vehicle's surface, the strategic use of patterned vinyl on various parts of the vehicle offers a tailored approach to automotive styling.

Exploring the diverse universe of patterned vinyl films opens a door to endless creative possibilities, offering a fresh and exciting way to infuse personality and style into your everyday life. From the dynamic allure of lighting patterns that evoke a sense of energy and movement, to the classic yet bold statement of zebra print wraps, the variety available caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're considering a personal project or looking for a unique gift, diving into the world of patterned vinyl ensures a rewarding experience.

Transform Your Surroundings

  • Vehicle Customization: Imagine driving a car that perfectly reflects your personality and style. Wrapping your vehicle in a lightning pattern can turn it into a striking piece of art on wheels, capturing attention wherever you go. Not only does this allow for a remarkable expression of individuality, but it also provides your vehicle with a layer of protection against the elements and everyday wear.

  • Home Decor Revitalization: Beyond vehicles, patterned vinyl wraps breathe new life into home furnishings. Wrapping a tabletop in zebra print, for example, can transform an ordinary piece into a captivating focal point of any room. It's a simple yet effective way to update your interior without the commitment or expense of traditional refurbishment methods.

Sustainable and Economical

  • Durability: One of the most compelling aspects of choosing patterned vinyl wraps is their durability. These high-quality wraps are designed to withstand the test of time, maintaining their vibrant colors and intricate patterns for years. This long-lasting nature ensures that you can enjoy your stylish selections without the need for frequent replacements, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

  • Cost-Effective: In addition to their sustainability, patterned vinyl wraps offer an economical way to update and personalize your possessions. Compared to the costs associated with professional custom paint jobs or high-end home decor renovations, vinyl wraps provide a significantly more affordable option. This affordability allows you to experiment with various styles and patterns without straining your budget.

Endless Possibilities

The beauty of patterned vinyl wraps lies in their versatility. Whether it's adding a touch of glamour to your gadgets with metallic patterns, creating a serene atmosphere with nature-inspired designs, or personalizing your workspace with abstract motifs, the possibilities are truly endless. Each pattern holds the potential to transform the mundane into something extraordinary, adding a unique flair to your personal and professional environments.

Final Thoughts

Embracing the world of patterned vinyl films is more than just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that champions creativity, sustainability, and affordability. Whether for personal gratification or as a thoughtful gift, the satisfaction derived from selecting and applying these designs is unmatched. We hope to have inspired you to take the plunge and explore the transformative power of patterned vinyl. Add variety to your life, and enjoy the lasting satisfaction and style that comes with it.


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Great designs and easy to apply.

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Looks great. My only concern is about its durability.
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