Camouflage Refrigerator Wrap

Rwraps™ Camouflage Refrigerator Vinyl Wrap

Turn your refrigerator into a nature lover's dream with a woodland-themed Camo Fridge Wrap from Rwraps™. Makeover your refrigerator in a number of great camo styles and show-off your unique personality. Choose from real tree-style, classic military and arctic camouflages and wrap your mini, full-size or built in fridge.

Price: $4.99 Retail: $6.99

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3M Vinyl Brushed Steel Fridge Wrap

3M™ Brushed Steel Vinyl Refrigerator Wrap

Have an ugly old white (or a color that now resembles a coffee drinker's teeth) fridge that you want to get rid of but can't afford to shell out a grand to replace? If so, you can get the latest look of Brushed Black Steel or Brushed Titanium with a 3M™ Brushed Metal Refrigerator Wrap. Sold in convenient widths of 60" in rolls of up to 120" in length. You'll love how the realistic grain of...

Price: $24.99 Retail: $34.99

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3M Vinyl Matte Fridge Wrap

3M™ Matte Vinyl Refrigerator Wrap

These 3M™ 1080 Series Matte vinyl wraps are just what you need to wrap your standard sized, double-door or mini fridge. Choose from all of 3M™'s high-quality matte vinyl wrap films and get only as much as you need to wrap your refrigerator in style. Hide scuffs and take years off the look of your battered, bruised and besmirched fridge.

Price: $12.99 Retail: $17.99

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Rwraps™ Chrome Refrigerator Wraps

Rwraps™ Chrome Refrigerator Vinyl Film Wrap

Sick and tired of having a boring kitchen? Want to blind yourself every time you head into the kitchen for a midnight snack? If so, Rwraps™ Chrome Vinyl Refrigerator Wraps are the answer to your prayers! Now you can wrap that ugly old fridge and give it a new lease on life without spending three months' pay on a new fridge. Choose from great chrome colors like Silver, Gold, Red, Green and...

Price: $4.99 Retail: $6.99

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