Afzelia Burlwood Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Amboyna Burlwood Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Ash Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Blackwood Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Box Elder-Burlwood Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Burma Padauk-Burlwood Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Cherry Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Ebony Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Elm Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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French Walnut Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Golden Oak Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Honey Burlwood Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Marine Teak Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Rustic Pine Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap Pattern
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Wood Grain Vinyl Film

Are you looking for an easy way to upgrade your home and craft projects, even on a budget? Consider using wood grain vinyl films. These easy-to-use films cover almost any type of surface you can imagine in a variety of wood grains. You can enjoy the warmth of wood without the expense of buying handmade wood products. Don't settle for standard furniture. Upgrade with wood films to get the look you crave while saving money.

What Are Wood Grain Refacing Films?

Wood grain films are peel-and-stick films you apply to any flat surface. They have the colors and grain of real wood without the cost of buying and maintaining genuine wood products. You have multiple choices for wood grain, color and finish. For many wood grain options, the film even has a real-wood texture you can feel.

  • Walnut: Choose walnut when you want a light color and unmistakable grain of walnut, complete with realistic knotholes in the film.
  • Oak: Blond, red and royal are color options for oak.
  • Mahogany: Dark mahogany offers a reddish-brown hue with a linear grain.
  • Ebony: Almost black, ebony adds a luxurious appearance to anything.
  • Burlwood: Select from dark, honey or matte finishes in this unique swirling grain.
  • Cherry: Cherry texture has a light grain and bright color.
  • Zebrano: Also known as zebrawood, Zebrano has an even stripe throughout the grain. Our film features a dark mahogany color.

Whether you choose one wood grain or many, you cannot go wrong when selecting these films as an economical alternative to wood fixtures in your home. Anywhere you want the texture and color of wood, use these films. You will find virtually unlimited uses for these wood grain vinyl films.

DIY Furniture Wraps

How Do You Use Wood Grain Vinyl Films in the Home?

In your house, you can save money on furniture, cabinets, fixtures and more by purchasing more economical versions and finishing them with wood grain films. You don't have to settle for the plain black-and-white wood furniture sold at Ikea and similar stores. Dress it up with the look of real wood in an afternoon.

Around the home, you can apply wood grain films to any flat or gently curving surface. One of the most popular applications our customers use this film for is to improve the appearance of their kitchen. Choosing wood films for your cabinets has several advantages. The process costs less, saves time and does not put a hold on operations in your kitchen, compared to traditional makeovers.

Upgrades to your cabinets and drawers do not require a several-thousand-dollar renovation. Forget having a crew of contractors taking over your kitchen, ripping out your old cabinets and leaving piles of trash and sawdust in your home. Some wood grain film, time and maybe a helper or two can transform the appearance of your kitchen without the cost of new fixtures.

How Much Wood Vinyl Do You Need to Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets?

If you've been wanting to replace or repaint your kitchen counters and cabinets but just plain didn't have the time, money or patience then you'll be glad you stumbled on this page. With these architectural films you can forget about the hassle of repainting or the cost of replacing them. All you have to do is clean them up, pick up a few rolls of Rcraft™ Wood Vinyl and apply them yourself in your spare time.  Really, what could be better or most satisfying? But, before you can refinish your kitchen or bathroom cabinets you'll need to know how much vinyl film to buy which is why we've included this helpful graphic.

How Much Wood Vinyl Do You Need to Refinsih Your Cabinets?

Suggested Wood Grain Film Sizes

Still not scratching your head over what the graphic means? If so, we've listed some suggested film sizes you might want to consider if you're going to be refinishing part or all of your counters and cabinetry.

  • Cabinet Doors: A 24" by 36" inch roll for each door is a safe bet.
  • Wide Drawers: For wider drawers we recommend a 12" by 36" or 48" long roll.
  • Small (Cutlery) Drawers: A 12" by 12" sheet should suffice.
  • Standard (Bread) Drawers: 24" by 24" sheets of wood grain will give you more than enough to work with.
  • Entire Standard Size Kitchen: We recommend using a 10 yard roll.

Of course, as we noted in our last bullet point above, you may want to just buy a roll yourself and slit it as needed. We think it's a great idea and will certainly save you money but be please remember that all of our Rcraft™ Wood Grain films come at a maximum of twenty-four inches in length so plan accordingly.

1. How Many Feet of Film Should You Use to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets?

When resurfacing kitchen cabinets, you can skip the use of smelly paints and toxic wood finishes. Wood grain films will transform the kitchen quickly and easily without the need for brushes, varnish or other messier methods of changing the look of your kitchen.

Break out the tape measure, because you will need to determine how much film to purchase for your kitchen. While some cabinets have standard dimensions, others may have customized measurements. Because you may not know the type of kitchen fixtures you have, always measure everything before purchasing the film. You will get the correct amount to finish the project the first time without needing to reorder.

2. Suggested Wood Grain Film Sizes for Kitchen Appliances

Once you have the right-sized film for your project, clean off the surfaces of any dust and dirt and get ready to change the look of your kitchen. You don't even have to do everything at once. Cover the drawers and cabinets gradually in your spare time until you complete the project. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use our recommendations for ordering films based on standard kitchen fixture sizes.

  • Cabinet doors: For each door, select a 24-by-36-inch roll.
  • Small drawers: Choose a 12-by-12-inch sheet for each small drawer.
  • Standard drawers: Double the size of the sheet used for small drawers when covering standard drawers. A 24-by-24-inch sheet will cover the drawer with extra left over.
  • Wide drawers: The widest drawers in your kitchen will need a 12-by-36-inch or 12-by-48-inch roll per drawer to adequately cover the space.
  • Entire kitchen: Use a 10-yard roll and measure and cut it to fit each drawer or cabinet door.

All our wood film options come sold by the foot in 12-inch or 24-inch widths, so plan your kitchen refacing accordingly. If you plan to use your wood grain film for other uses, purchase a larger roll or several to have enough to let your creativity go wild. Once you have a roll of this film, you will continue to find things both inside and outside your home to add a wood grain finish to.

3. What Are Uses for Wood Grain Films Outside the Kitchen?

Around the home, tables, desks, video game cabinets and more all get customized upgrades thanks to our vinyl films. A highly popular option is covering furniture outside the kitchen. Anything that could benefit from a wood grain finish can improve when you apply this film to it.

Do you have a bookshelf from Ikea that you love the structure of, but dislike the color? Give it the look of real wood by covering it with wood grain film. You can do the same for any lower-cost furniture you may buy from mass merchandise stores. Just because you saved money on your new bookcase or DVD shelf does not mean it has to look cheap. Adding the beauty of wood enhances any piece of furniture. For extra realism, many of our films have embossed grain, so you get the feel of wood with the appearance.

Consider thinking outside the box when it comes to using wood vinyl film around the house. Speaker boxes, wall art, chairs, tables and other home furnishings are prime uses for this material. You can even cover your cell phone, storage boxes and other craft projects.

4. What is the Most Popular Wood Grain for Cabinets

Our most popular wood grain film for refinishing cabinets, furniture and man caves is our Honey Burlwood which features a dark amber field with complicated burlwood swirl patterns. Use it to restore your dashboard or conceal scuffed door controls and panels. Are you looking for a higher-gloss burlwood? Dark Burlwood film is a deep burgundy film that is perfect for any interior or architectural application. If you like the look of the Dark Burlwood but want a European, satin wood grain finish we think you might want to try our Matte Burlwood film.

DIY Furniture Wraps

In addition to our burlwood wood grains we also offer several vertical-grain woods, like Mahogany, Zebrano, Cherry and a variety of Oaks. We sell all of these great wood vinyl films are sold by the foot and come to you in either 12-inch or 24-inch widths. As you can see from the refaced Pac-Man arcade game pictured here, these wood films are a convincing and stylish way to restore almost anything you can think of. Buy only as much as you need and save yourself hundreds of dollars when you compare to what a shop would charge.

If you want a standard linear wood grain pattern, we have light to dark colors in patterns that mimic cherry, oak, ebony, mahogany and walnut. Those finishing cabinets or covering furniture may appreciate the appearance of oak, cherry or walnut. Mahogany and ebony are especially good options if you have a darker color palette in your home. The best wood grain choice for you is the one that appeals to you most. Browse our options to see your choices.

Other Places to Install Wood Grain Film

Who says wood grain film has to stay inside? Cars, boats and trucks are perfect canvases to showcase a wood grain look. The classic wood paneling of station wagons from years gone by has appeared occasionally on modern vehicles, such as Chrysler's PT Cruiser. You don't need to buy a new car to get a vintage look. Apply wood grain film to the side of your vehicle to get the timeless "woody" appearance without excessive cost.

DIY Furniture Wraps

Upgrade the interior of your car with a high-class wood dashboard and trim. By installing the wood film, you can quickly change the look of your car's dashboard. Also, use films around the base of your gear shift or around the window controls. You will match your newly upgraded dashboard and make your car look like a luxury machine.

How about your garage, man cave, mother-in-law cottage or she shed? These secondary locations for living and playing are perfect for using wood grain on the furniture. Bed headboards, cabinets, wardrobes, nightstands, tables, desks and other furniture you put into secondary spaces can have the luxurious look of wood without the cost. When furnishing your retreat, even if it's just a man cave in the basement, you don't have to spend a fortune on furniture.

Transform cardboard or plastic storage boxes into wooden-looking treasure chests for your goods. By covering the boxes, you will differentiate them from empty containers while improving the appearance of your storage space. If you keep storage containers in a living area of your home, covering the box with wood grain vinyl will make it blend in better with your home.

How Many Uses Are There for Self-Adhesive Wood Vinyl?

How to Use Wood Grain Vinyl

As you can see above, there are a wide variety of uses for our wood vinyl films. In fact, according to Google, the two largest searches for our wood grain sticker vinyl are a result of people looking to use the film for architectural applications and automotive films. Here are the top four uses for these Woodgrain films:

  1. Furniture Refacing
  2. Car Films
  3. Sign Backdrops and Lettering
  4. Craft Graphics and Wall Art

Recommended Applications

DIY Furniture WrapsThe possible uses of this film are almost endless. Of course, most people use wood films to upgrade their vehicle's dashboard or refinish aging or stained kitchen and bathroom cabinets but there's so much more to do.  Here are some of the top uses of this vinyl:

  • As a woody conversion film for PT Cruisers, station wagons and, yes, even a Porsche.
  • As a dash film for cars, trucks and even boats.
  • As a film for crafting use in electronic vinyl cutters to make lettering, signs and graphics.
  • To film audio equipment such as speaker boxes and sub-woofers.
  • A cellphone and tablet film.
  • Furniture films, especially Ikea
  • Cabinetry refacing, so you skip the trip to the hardware store

How to Apply Vinyl Films on Flat Surfaces

How to Install wood contact paper

Step 1:
Peel the vinyl film from the liner. Before doing so, be sure to clean and dust the area thoroughly, because these vinyl door films behave just like wood grain contact paper. In other words, the liner and vinyl create a static electric charge which will attract dust and debris as the film gets lifted off of the paper liner. At this stage, only lift the film off about three to four inches and allow it to fold over, so the non-sticky side is touching the face.

Refacing cabinet doors with wood grain wraps

Step 2:
Carefully position the exposed self adhesive wood grain vinyl film to the edge of the furniture, cabinet or door's surface. Realign the sheet of wood grain vinyl and reapply as many times as necessary to ensure that it is on straight.

Applying vinyl wraps to Ikea cabinet doors

Step 3: Apply pressure to the edges in order to stick the wood graining kit vinyl to the surface.

Squeegee on the vinyl cabinet wrap

Step 4: Using a squeegee at a 45-degree angle, apply firm and steady pressure from the center and out toward the edges. As you proceed, slowly remove the liner from the film. Do not squeegee until you have pulled the liner out from between the wood grain vinyl film and the surface of the furniture you are refacing.

Attach Knobs to Cabinet Door Wraps

(OPTIONAL) Step 5:
If there are knobs, handles or other hardware to be attached to the cabinet doors or drawers, attach them only after applying the film

Do you need further help with the application? Here are some tips to help you get the most success when covering a surface with a wood grain film.

  • Go slowly. Rushing will cause mistakes.
  • Don't skip cleaning. Dirt left on the surface will keep the vinyl from sticking properly. Clean thoroughly before starting.
  • Measure the film and areas twice before starting. Use a level to create a clean, even cut in the vinyl and measure the length twice to ensure you get the correct value.
  • Wait until after applying the film before adding knobs or handles back onto the drawer or cabinet.

Benefits of Rcraft™ Wood Vinyl

We get it: You like what you see but you're still on the fence. There really are a lot of great reasons to choose Rcraft™ woodgrain films, but price alone just won't cut it. And, rather than waste your time with paragraphs of text no one's going to read, here's a quick top five listing the benefits of this wood vinyl film

  • The adhesives are semi-permanent, meaning you can remove them easily for up to a year after installation. In other words, you won't have to peel them off strip by strip.
  • The wood grain has a texture you can actually feel. You can't tell the difference from real wood once you apply it!
  • There's no minimum order quantity required. Buy a 12 by 12 inch sheet or a 24" by 10 yard roll.
  • You can cut this our wood grain vinyl films with ease in your Cricut or Silhouette plotter. 
  • There are 10 grains and styles of wood vinyl to choose from.

It's pretty clear that we haven't even scratched the surface of everything you can do with this wood grain film, but we thought the list above might get you started. However you decide to use these Rcraft™ films, be sure to send in your pics and write a review to get discounts and up to a $20 Rebate Refund!

Let Rvinyl Help You With Cost-Effective Upgrades

Several reputable companies make high-quality, wood grain vinyl films that have real textures and come in a variety of finishes and styles. Belbien and 3M™ Di-Noc come immediately to mind, but, although they perform well, are often priced way out of budget for most of us. If you've been thinking of refacing your kitchen cabinets, dressing up your car's faded or scratched interior or want to add the look of real wood to anything with a hard, non-porous surface, Rcraft™ Wood Vinyl is just what you've been looking for.

Rcraft™ Wood Grain Vinyl Film Films let you add the warmth and elegance of deeply textured wood grain to just about anything. Produced and sold by an all-American company, every Rcraft™ wood vinyl film you buy ships directly from our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. Made from embossed and printed vinyl films, all of these wood vinyl films have an actual grain that you can feel, with a couple of exceptions. Upgrade your interior or refinish aging wood panels for less than you'd pay for a dinner for two!

rvinyl guy

GMC Acadia Ebony Wood Grain Dash Wrap

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rwraps® Ebony Vinyl Film

When you want the look of real wood in your Acadia without the price tag look no further than Rwraps® wood grain vinyl films. Made from ultra thin, thermo-formable, self-adhesive vinyl for easy, DIY installation you just wont find a better value or look anywhere. Browse our great selection of woods and upgrade your ride today!


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Wood grain Dash wrap
by CJ, 5.00

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Great product. Very pleased with the results. Easy to work with and enhanced the appearance of my interior.

Shop Owner
by John Ash , Pa 5.00

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Love it

Good for price
by KT, 3.75

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For ~$30 the product I got was pretty good. Installed by myself for the first time and it went well.
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