Translucent Vinyl

Translucent Vinyl

Whether you're looking for a premium quality cast translucent vinyl film to use in a large-scale, commercial project for backlit signage or are in search of calendered translucent film for window decals and lettering, we've got everything you need in one place. Browse our selection of 3M™ 3630, Avery Dennison® PR 800 and UC 900 light-diffusing vinyl or ORACAL® 8500 films. All told, that's a selection of more than 200 different colors of translucent vinyl!

What Is Translucent Vinyl?

Translucent vinyl allows some light to pass through the material, which creates a glow effect in the sunlight or when another light source is present. The surface below translucent vinyl is somewhat hidden from view, unlike transparent vinyl that can allow you to see completely through it.

Although you can see through translucent vinyl, it blocks out more light than the transparent alternative. This property makes translucent vinyl a good choice for windows, glass room dividers and lighted signs. Translucent vinyl can help give you privacy without blocking all light. If you place a translucent vinyl graphic over a sign face equipped with illumination, the design would be more visible after sundown.

Translucent Film Properties

We have five different series and three brands of translucent so it can be hard to pin down their shared characteristics. Rest assured however that all of the light-diffusing films we offer are quality vinyl products with the following characteristics:

  • Matte finish to diffuse light and mask imperfections
  • Made for application on flat surfaces
  • Designed especially for conversion, cutting and weeding
  • Sold by the foot with no minimum order quantities

Translucent Vinyl Film Buying Guide

Translucent Vinyl Film Buying Guide

Before you buy, be sure to check out the quick guide to buying the right translucent film for your next job or project.

1. 3M™ 3630 Translucent Film

Our Series 3630 Translucent films are designed for screen printing, precut graphics and backlit signage. Easily use this matte-finished, 2 mil film to create the appearance of stained glass windows, on glass room dividers to add a touch of elegance without sacrificing light transmission or anywhere you need lighted signage. Ideal for commercial use both indoors and outdoors, you can rely on its seven-year life span to perform for years to come.

2. Avery™ PR 800 and UC 900 Films

PR 800 Premium Cast Translucent films is an intermediate and flexible translucent cast vinyl designed especially for computer-cut graphic applications. Some examples include internally illuminated signs and awnings and deliver unparalleled cutting and weeding on computer cutting equipment like Silhouette, Cricut and Graphtec plotters and adhere to a wide variety of properly prepared substrates.

If you're in need of an even more premium translucent film, put your trust in Avery Graphics™ UC 900 Ultra Cast Translucent vinyl. These Avery Dennison® Graphics UC 900 films are high-performance, ultra-conformable vinyl films which are especially suited for architectural graphic applications involving flexible and rigid backlit signage and awnings, as well as window graphics.

Options for Translucent Vinyl

3. ORACAL® 8500 Calendered and 8800 Cast Translucent Films

ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Calendered vinyl allows light to pass through without being see-through. ORACAL® 8500 features a satin finish and is great for making backlit and illuminated signage, as a privacy film and even to simulate glass tile and stained glass windows. Best of all, if you need a metallic translucent film, ORAFOL's got it for you in their line-up.

Options for Translucent Vinyl

Like other popular vinyl products, you have several options for size, color and tools when you order translucent vinyl. Here is an overview of your possibilities:

1. Sizing Options

Sizing Options

If you're concerned with ordering enough material for your project, it's a good idea to measure the surface you want to cover before finalizing your translucent vinyl order. For some projects, you might have to estimate how much material you will need more generally, such as for projects with a complex shape.

Try to order more material than you think you will need. If you run out, you will have to make another order and wait longer to finish your project. This type of vinyl is best for commercial projects, and the available sizing options are meant to make purchasing more convenient.

All our translucent vinyl is available in 24-inch widths. Here are suggestions for sizes to order:

  • Samples: If you want to look at the material before you purchase a large amount for your project, the 24-by-12-inch sheets are good for taking a sample.
  • Small projects: The 24-, 36- and 48-inch lengths are all suitable for a smaller project.
  • Decals and window graphics: A length ben 60- and 96-inches is good for window graphics.
  • Large projects: The 108- or 120-inch lengths are best suited for large commercial projects. 
  • Jumbo projects: If you have a particularly large project, this vinyl is also available in lengths of 10 yards and 50 yards.

2. Color Options

Finding the right color for your project may help you decide which brand to choose. Translucent vinyl comes in various color options, including:

  • Cool colors: Our vinyl is available in many cool tones, including Bottle Green, Royal Blue and Azure Pantone.
  • Warm colors: Warm tones include Red, Pumpkin Orange and Sunflower Yellow.
  • Neutrals: For a neutral appearance, you can select from Black, White, Ash Pantone and Brown Pantone.
  • Others: Other colors you can order include Gold Metallic, Bronze and Duranodic, a copper-colored film.

Vinyl Tint Tools

You want a commercial application to look and feel professional even if you are doing a self-installation. When you order translucent vinyl, you can also select tools and accessories for applying the vinyl, which can make it a simpler process for you or your team. For a lasting installation, apply the vinyl using reliable tools. Here are some of the most popular ordering options for translucent vinyl:

1. Application Razor

An application razor can cut your vinyl precisely, helping you create a professional custom fit. If you lack a tool to make precision cuts, ordering one with your material is a good idea. Using this type of razor, you can cut around edges without damaging your design and section off excess material.

2. Squeegee

A squeegee helps you secure vinyl smoothly over the application surface. While installing an important commercial graphic, you want to avoid accidental bubbling and wrinkles as you work on the project. Using a squeegee helps you avoid having to get a reprint made.

3. Application Fluid

Even with self-adhesive vinyl, using a thin layer of glue can ensure that your material adheres securely to the application surface. Vinyl of the highest quality may curl up at the corners over time. Hold the edges down with some vinyl glue to ensure your materials last as long as they are guaranteed to.

4. Edge Seal-It Pen

Using a vinyl-sealing pen can keep the edges of your project from coming up. This is a valuable tool if you plan to keep the vinyl in place for an extended period.

Applications for Translucent Vinyl

Translucent vinyl works well for the following projects:

1. Stained Glass Projects

Stained Glass Projects

Stained glass has a classic appearance that customers or clients easily recognize, but it can be expensive to install. Translucent vinyl in various colors can give your windows a similar appearance, and when applied well, it can be difficult to notice the difference.

A translucent window film can be used to create intricate designs on glass without the expense of purchasing specialty glass. You can give the glass an etched or stained window look without paying a premium for installing these types of glass. If you are creating a stained glass look for a window, you might need to buy several different colors rather than printing the color on one sheet of vinyl. Using different colors helps stained glass vinyl maintain its translucent property that mirrors real stained glass panels.

2. Backlit Signs

An illuminated sign will make translucent vinyl graphics stand out at night or in dark conditions. Because some light passes through the translucent vinyl, it is an excellent material for signs you want customers to notice. Vinyl materials are generally easy to print on, so a vinyl sign stands out even in the daylight.

Translucent vinyl lets more light shine through on a backlit sign than opaque vinyl. Matte translucent vinyl can have a frosted look, obscuring more of the light and allowing for a different type of expression.

3. Vehicle Window Decals

Whether you want to customize one vehicle or an entire fleet, translucent vinyl is a good material to make window decals. Adding a layer of vinyl can tint the glass, still allowing some light to come through. Vinyl window decals are fully customizable and look professional on a work vehicle.

You can use window decals to advertise your business or as a form of artistic expression. If you drive a work van, a vinyl window decal can function as effective advertising that potential customers will notice while you're driving between job sites.

Order Quality Translucent Vinyl

Translucent vinyl has many practical and creative uses and is excellent for window, glass or lighted sign applications. Are you looking for superior translucent vinyl for your company? We have a vinyl solution for any desired purpose. Contact us to learn more about our products or place an order today.

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