3M™ 2080 Series Cooler Wraps
3M™ Cooler Wraps
1080 / 2080 Series Vinyl Film
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Avery SW900 Cooler Vinyl Wrap Film
Avery Dennison™ Cooler Wraps
SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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ORACAL® 970RA 975 Cooler Wrap
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Rwraps™ Camo Cooler Wrap
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Cooler Wraps

Cooler Wraps

You may have never thought of it but wrapping your cooler is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to show off your style at the beach, while tailgating or at camp. Wrap your entire ice box, just the lid or insert pieces for a truly custom look. Choose from over a dozen different camo patterns to get the coolest hunting cooler in the woods or from hundreds of other premium quality wraps from brands like 3M™, Avery Dennison™, and ORACAL®.

Can You Wrap an Ice Chest?

If you want to create a new and creative look for your Cooler without doing a lot of work, wrapping them is much easier than painting or hydroforming. While wrapping does take some time (and, we should add, a friend or two) and isn't as easy as putting gift paper on a present or a bumper decal on your car, it does take less time to do than painting and does away with the hassle and mess too.

What Are the Benefits of Cooler Wraps?

Coolers are ubiquitous at community gatherings, parties and hunting camps. The high-quality vinyl used in our Cooler wraps is abrasion resistant and has a built in UV protective layer to keep colors from fading, as well as to stand up to the wear and tear of off-roading use. While paint jobs can be expensive and tend to require regular maintenance, DIY wrapping is affordable and can last for over nine years. Vinyl wraps can be removed at any time without causing any harm to the underlying surface.

1. Fun at the Beach, Woods and Everywhere Else

From solid color Cooler Wraps to digitally printed designs — vinyl wraps make customizing your beverage cooling device easy and fun. Rather than trying to hand-paint your cooler, you can control costs by purchasing the material in bulk and wrapping it yourself. And, since you can partially wrap the exterior and interior, you really do control every part of your ice chest’s look.  Best of all, unlike paints, you can get patterns and three-dimensional finishes when you wrap it in carbon fiber, brushed metals and other fun finishes like ORAFOL Crocodile or Honeycomb.

2. More Affordable

A precut skin or graphics kit for your cooler usually starts at around $25 but why pay so much when you can get enough to wrap your icebox for half the price.

3. Simple to Use

If you want to remove your vinyl wrap to expose the paint underneath, a professional can remove it quickly with minimal damage to the surface. Therefore, wraps can be used to protect the paint from the elements and preserve their resale value. Also, if you want to switch to a new design or graphic for your vinyl wrap, it’s easy to replace with another. Finally, since vinyl has no chemicals or solvents needed for its application, it’s safer for the environment.

Cooler Wrap Benefits

How Much Does It Cost to Vinyl Wrap a Cooler?

In general, custom printed Cooler wraps usually run between $50 to $75. With the help of a friend, you wrap the complete body of the golf car using a heat gun or hair dryer. And, while all of the Cooler wraps we carry are made by premium brands like 3M™ and Avery Dennison™, they're still available in an almost mind-boggling assortment of colors, finishes and sizes. Here are a few points to factor into the cost of a wrap, including:

  • The design time and complexity of your design
  • The time of the installation
  • The brand and type of vinyl used

Which Brands of Ice Chest Can You Wrap?

Let's be honest, you can wrap any brand or style, so long as you only track to wrap the hard, non-porous parts. As a result, there is no shortage of carts that can be wrapped but here are the most common types of coolers and chests that people like to wrap:

  • Yeti
  • RTIC
  • OCoolera
  • Grizzly
  • Frio
  • K2
  • Engel
  • Coleman
  • Squatchboxx
  • Can-AM
  • LIT
  • Otterbox

How Long Can a Cooler Wrap Last?

There will always be those who argue that paint is superior because it lasts longer, but they almost never take into account that paint needs to be regularly repaired and undergo yearly maintenance. Maintaining a painted cart is more difficult than a vinyl wrapped one and certainly requires more skill. If, on the other hand, vinyl needs a fix, it’s quick and easy. In addition to being easier to repair, ice chest wraps are also fade resistant, so there’s no trouble matching your repair color to the rest of the ride. Best of all, there’s no need to wrap the entire vessel again if one area gets damaged.

What is the Best Vinyl Ice Box Wrap Brand?

The best brand of vinyl Cooler wrap to buy is the one that you like the best and offers the color and finish you've been looking for. So whether you choose 2080 Series Shadow Green camouflage from 3M™ for a military look, ORACAL® 975CR for the one of a kind look of Crocodile skin or SW900 ColorFlow Rushing Riptide, you know you're going to get the performance and quality you need.

Shop Your Cooler Wraps at Rvinyl Today

Here at Rvinyl, we're excited to supply you with high-quality vinyl wraps that can help you transform your ice chest without all the bother of completely repainting your Cooler. We're also proud to support you every step of the way with our caring and responsive customer support team. If you have any questions about vinyl and how you can use these wraps, don't hesitate to contact us.