Avery Dennison Vinyl Films

No matter what you drive, from a classic Mustang to a heavy-duty F150, or from a luxurious Audi to a tough Wrangler, you can customize your ride to fit your style. While stock color options are limited, the design potentials for your vehicle are endless with Avery Dennison Films. With a wide variety of colors, styles and types, you can find an Avery Dennison Films that perfectly fits the look you want for projects large and small. Customize your vehicle inside and out with Avery Dennison Films.

What Are Avery Dennison Wrapping Films?

Avery Dennison Wrapping Films are expertly designed adhesive films that you can use for a variety of applications. Give your ride a totally new look from hood to bumper by applying a full vehicle wrap — no painting required. You can also create a contrasting appeal by wrapping a portion of your vehicle, whether it be the hood, roof or cockpit. Avery Dennison Films protect the original paint job of your car from dirt and debris to maintain the value of your vehicle. With these high-quality vinyl wraps, you can add graphics, signage, decals or lettering to your vehicle or fleet. With a variety of bold and soft colors, metallics and neons, you can perfectly match your company's branding with Avery films.

Avery Dennison Wrapping Films Advantages

Avery Dennison has earned a worldwide reputation as a company that has committed to making only the best and highest-quality graphics films and applications. The graphic and wrap films Avery Dennison offers provide unique benefits for easy application and great performance.

  • Easy Apply™ technology allows you to slide and reposition your wrap on the surface of your vehicle before sealing it. You can smooth out wrinkles and press air bubbles away without a worry for an easy application with a professional look.
  • Designed for a clean look, Avery Dennison films are perfect for precise graphics and details.
  • The long durability of Avery Dennison wraps means they will withstand the elements for years of beautiful performance.
  • Available in hundreds of Pantone® colors, Avery Dennison wraps will let your design dreams come true and make your vehicle shine.

When you buy Avery Dennison, you're not just purchasing a vinyl wrap — you're buying years of research and technology. The Avery Dennison brand promises quality, reliability, service and warranty — things you just can't get anywhere else. Browse our selection of Avery Dennison wraps at Rvinyl.com to find the perfect wrap for your project.

Available Colors and Styles of Avery Dennison Films

Avery Dennison HP 750 Opaque Films

Avery Dennison HP 750 High-Performance Vinyl is perfect for crafting, as well as interior and exterior sign applications. With more than 100 Pantone colors available, the HP 750 series offers the broadest color palette in the industry so you can find the perfect shade for any project. HP 750 Opaque Films boast Patented Advanced Acrylic Adhesive Technology that delivers exceptional and easy application, while extending the film's shelf life for future use. This solid-color vinyl film with gloss finish also features six-year outdoor durability and excellent performance in UV, humidity, temperature and salt spray. Avery Dennison HP 750 film works best with flat surfaces, but can conform to the compound, convex and concave curves of your car for infinite design possibility.

Avery Dennison V4000 Reflective Films

Avery Dennison V400 Reflective Films are made of high-gloss, high-visibility vinyl that can meet or exceed the applicable requirements of ASTM® D-4956 for reflectivity. At 4.5 millimeters thick, this retro-reflective film can withstand the assaults of the road and elements. Made using Permanent Staflat™ liner, Avery Dennison V400 reflective films offer seven years of outdoor durability. Avery Dennison V400 film is ideal for safety markings on trucks or equipment, or to give your ride a robotic appeal by highlighting the body lines of your vehicle.

Avery Dennison PC 500 Opaque Calendered Vinyl

Avery Dennison PC 500 calendered intermediate film is available in more than two dozen high-gloss colors and offers easy weeding for intricate designs. Perfect for creating flexible decals, Avery Dennison PC 500 Opaque Calendered Vinyl allows easy cutting and conversion for the best performance and look. With a four-year outdoor lifespan, Avery Dennison PC 500 vinyl offers great value at an affordable price.

Avery Dennison PR 800 Translucent Films

Avery Dennison PR 800 Translucent Films offer high-performance intermediate durability at an incredible value. Flexible and translucent, these cast vinyl films are well-suited for screen printing, cut graphics and thermo-forming. Avery Dennison PR 800 films are also ideal for backlit graphic applications, such as signage, architectural uses and outdoor advertising. The matte finish and more than a dozen color options give these translucent vinyl films an incredible appearance, while their six-year durability makes them tough and reliable for a variety of applications. Avery Dennison PR 800 films are designed for flat surfaces and boast easy cutting, weeding and transferring.

Avery Dennison SC 950 Metallic Films

Avery Dennison Super Cast 950 Series Metallic Films boast high-gloss metallic flake colors that will make your ride shine for years with their extended durability. Engineered for easy DIY application, the Avery Dennison SC 950 metallic films boast air-release adhesive liners to prevent bubbles from forming during installation, even on complex and curved surfaces. These premium-quality liners are perfect for architectural, signage and transportation applications and offer excellent value.

Avery Dennison SC 950 Opaque Films

Avery Dennison Super Cast Series 950 Opaque Films offer excellent durability to withstand sun, salt, heat and humidity for up to 10 years of outdoor use. The smooth appearance of this premium opaque vinyl mirrors the look of high-gloss paint. Featuring the same air-release technology of the SC 950 Metallic Films, Avery Dennison SC 950 Opaque Films allow you to complete projects quickly and cleanly with their user-friendly application. With advanced conformability, these vinyl films are great for complex, corrugated, ridged and curved surfaces. Avery Dennison SC 950 Opaque Films are designed for vehicular, signage, marine and architectural applications.

Avery Dennison SC 950 Ultra Metallic Films

Avery Dennison SC 950 Ultra Metallic Films offer a unique appeal with bright metallic flakes that shimmer in any light. Choose from seven standard colors that will make any signage, decal, crafting project or graphic truly shine. SC 950 Ultra Metallic Films offer the same exceptional conformability and durability of the rest of the SC 950 series films, providing exceptional value for any project. The Easy Apply™ technology of these ultra metallic films means you can make your design dreams come true in no time.

Avery Dennison SF 100 Conform Chrome Wrapping Films

Avery Dennison SF 100 Conform Chrome Films offer five bold chrome colors that will last for years without fading or discoloration. These premium wrapping films boast a six-year outdoor durability, as well as Easy Apply RS technology that allows simple, bubble-free installation. The mirror finish of Avery Dennison SF 100 chrome wrapping films will make your car shine and stand out from the crowd. The large panel size of these chrome wrapping films allows seamless coverage of almost any panel on your car, providing a professional look with DIY ease.

Avery Dennison SF 100 Fluorescent Films

Avery Dennison SF 100 Fluorescent Vinyl Films are available in six neon colors with glossy finish for promotional wraps, car shows or showing off your ride in style. Featuring StaFlat liner and Easy Apply RS technology, these fluorescent films are perfect for quick and smooth application with no bubbles. Avery Dennison SF 100 Fluorescent Films are best for short-term uses, as they have a brief six-month outdoor durability.

Avery Dennison SF 100 Glow-in-the-Dark Films

Avery Dennison SF 100 Glow-in-the-Dark Films offer a unique DIY option for making your car or signage glow without using sticky paints or dips. Made from premium, photoluminescent, polyester film, SF 100 Glow-in-the-Dark Film can add bright neon green accents to your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle for a glowing electronic look. Avery Dennison SF 100 Glow-in-the-Dark Film can also improve your visibility at night if you apply it to your helmet or skateboard. At six millimeters thick, this glow-in-the-dark film is durable to withstand the elements.

Avery Dennison SF 100 Metalized Films

Avery Dennison SF 100 Metalized Films are made of rigid top-coated polyester that feels like real metal sheeting and can accept thermal printing for use in future projects. Available in a range of high-gloss colors from Chrome to Gold Leaf to Confetti, these metalized films will give your sign the appearance of true metal. At four millimeters thick, Avery Dennison SF 100 Metalized Films provide an extended durability of up to three years, which is much longer than cheaper metallic films that fade quickly. Avery Dennison Metalized Films are also environmentally friendly, while providing an exotic and modern look for any craft project.

Avery Dennison SW 900 Series Supreme Wrapping Films

With the most color and finish options in the industry, Avery Dennison SW 900 Series Supreme wrapping Films really let you stand out from the crowd. From shade-shifting ColorFlow films to shiny Brushed Metallic vinyl, you can find exactly the look you want for your ride with 46 color and finish combinations. The Avery Dennison SW 900 Series also offers textured wraps with grains you can see and feel in their Carbon Fiber Vinyl films. The dual-layered vinyl of these wraps provides durability and ensures long-lasting color and smooth application. Avery Dennison's SW 900 Series Supreme wrapping Films offer the ultimate wrapping experience, with easy installation and professional results. Made especially for wrapping, the Easy-Apply RS technology of these films allows you to reposition and slid the vinyl into place during installation, as well as expertly wrapping over complex curves and deep recesses. With a width of 60 inches, you can install Avery Dennison SW 900 Series Supreme films on your vehicle with little to no seams. Redesign your vehicle with Avery Dennison SW 900 Series Supreme wrapping Films for a truly one-of-a-kind ride.

Avery Dennison UC 900 Translucent Films

Avery Dennison UC 900 Translucent Films are designed for clean graphic applications made with computer cutting equipment. Featuring easy weeding and nine-year outdoor durability, these translucent films are perfect for illuminated signs and other flat-surface applications. Avery Dennison UC 900 Translucent Films are available in more than 35 Pantone colors with a gloss finish to match any project needs and provide superior-quality results.

How to Apply Avery Dennison Wraps

Depending on your specific project, the application process for your Avery Dennison Wrap may look a little different. Full-vehicle wraps will take more time and precision than adding a decal or signage to your vehicle. Different styles of wraps will also have different specifications — some require wet application instead of dry, and others require heating during stretching so the film remains undamaged. Refer to the product specifications for your wrapping film before applying.

You can apply many Avery Dennison Wraps using either wet or dry application methods, so you can choose your preferred method. Below are general instructions and tips for properly applying Avery Dennison Wrapping Films to your vehicle using a standard dry application method.

1. Gather your tools:

2. Remove all hardware from your vehicle:

3. Clean the application area well: check out this video

4. Measure your sections:

5. Cut your sections of wrap:

6. Apply masking tape to lower surface energy — optional:

7. Lay out your wrap:

8. Remove the liner:

9. Apply to recessed areas first:

10. Smooth the flat areas:

11. Cut around the corners:

12. Seal the wrap:

13. Give it a once-over:

14. Repeat this process with each section of your vehicle.

15. Post-heat your wrap:

16. Wipe down your vehicle:

17. Cure your wrap:

Following these steps will allow you to wrap your vehicle like a pro for a fresh new color or bold decal. Remember that results will vary based on your experience and precision. For more information on the best wrapping techniques, check out Avery Dennison's Installation and How-To Videos.

How to Care for Your Avery Dennison Film

Once you have wrapped your vehicle, you will want to keep it clean to protect your wrap for the best longevity. Using waterless wash products is the best way to care for your Avery Dennison Wrap. If your vehicle is dirty, hand-wash it first, then perform a waterless wash. Applying a sealant to your vehicle after cleaning it will also make dirt and dust easier to remove in the future.

When hand-washing your wrapped vehicle, follow these steps for the best results:

1. Rinse the entire wrap

2. Wash the vehicle gently

3. Rinse

4. Dry the wrap

Hand-wash your vehicle about once a week, or whenever it becomes dirty. Spot-cleaning between washes is also a great idea to keep your wrap looking good as new. Never use an automatic car wash with brushes for your wrapped vehicle, as these may tear or scratch the film.

Avery Dennison Films at Rvinyl

Avery Dennison is a name you can trust — that's why we're excited to offer the full range of Avery Dennison™ Series graphic and wrap films at Rvinyl.com. When you buy Avery Dennison film from Rvinyl, you'll receive high-quality performance at an affordable price. With no minimum order commitment, you can buy exactly the right amount of Avery Dennison film to complete your graphics or decal project within your budget. When you finish your awesome vinyl project, send us five or six high-quality photos of your Avery Dennison film and a brief written review to receive up to a $20 rebate. Whether you are upgrading your vehicle with a new color or showing it off in neon or chrome, Avery Dennison films provide quality and durability you can trust.

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