3M Rim Wraps

3M™ 2080 Series Rim Wraps

Wrap your rims with durable and high-quality 3M™ 200 Rim Wraps. Choose from more than eighty exotic colors and finishes of 3M™ vinyl wrap films and make-over your ride’s front grille and air dams in the space of an afternoon. Made with the do-it-yourself installer in mind this high-performing rim wheel wrap is designed for use right out of the box! Simply clean and prepare your rims...

Price: $12.99 Retail: $17.99

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Avery SW900 Vehicle Rim Wrap Film

Avery Dennison® SW 900 Rim Wraps

Avery® Dennison™ Rim Wraps let you make over the look of your ride without the hassle of a paint job or the expense of aftermarket rims. Choose from more than a hundred unique colors, patterns and finishes of Supreme Wrapping 900 vinyl wrap films. Protect and restyle your ride with the installer's favorite SW900 wrap vinyl. We know you'll love the professional grade quality of Avery...

Price: $12.99 Retail: $16.99

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ORACAL ORAFOL 970RA & 975 Rim Wrap Film

ORACAL® 970RA / 975 Rim Wraps

Whether you want to add a Carbon Fiber look to your rims or murder out your wheels with this ORACAL® Rim Wrap. Take your pick of over 130 unique styles of vinyl wrap films like Carbon Fiber, Honey Comb and give your car or truck’s hood a custom look in no time at all. Once you’ve wrapped your rims be sure to send in your pics for our Photo Rebate.

Price: $15.99 Retail: $18.99

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