Avery Dennison™ SW900 Brushed Bronze Vinyl Rim Wrap
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Avery Dennison™ SW900 Gloss Metallic Gold Vinyl Rim Wrap
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ORACAL® 970RA Metallic Bronze Antique Vinyl Rim Wrap
ORACAL® 970RA Rim Wraps
Metallic Bronze Antique
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ORACAL® 970RA Metallic Bronze Vinyl Rim Wrap
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Rwraps™ Matte Chrome Bronze Vinyl Rim Wrap
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Avery Dennison Wraps Tool Kit

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Avery Dennison™ Wraps Install Kit
Professional Grade Tools
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3M 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray Bottle

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3M™ 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray
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Bronze Rim Wraps: When You Want to Win Third Place and Look Good Doing It!

Feast your eyes on a medley of metallic majesty, forged from the very essence of the third-place Olympic medal itself: bronze. Our Bronze Rim Wraps don't just turn heads; they twist necks! Welcome to the world where every wheel is a winner and every road a runway.

Features and Characteristics of Bronze Rim Wraps

Bronze is the New Gold

  • A Shimmering Delight: Gleaming and glinting under the sun, these wraps promise a blingy road trip.
  • Durable as an Ancient Warrior's Shield: These wraps will outlast your car's other whims and caprices.
  • Super Easy to Apply: Because who has time to figure out complex wrapping rituals?

The Perfect Match: Color Schemes

  • With Black: For a look that's sleeker than a cat on a hot tin roof.
  • With White: Pure elegance meets rustic charm.
  • With Green: Bring out the nature-loving aristocrat in you.

Size Does Matter: Rims, Rims, Rims!

  • Average Size: Usually 15 to 20 inches, like a baby’s laughter, sweet and short.
  • Maximum Size for Most Cars: A whopping 22 inches, bigger than your uncle's fish stories.
  • 15-inch to 20-inch Rims? Snag 24" by 60" wraps.
  • 22-inch + Rims? We've got 36" by 60" wraps. They're like a warm hug for your rims.

How to Apply: Bronze Your Wheels, Not Your Forehead

  1. Clean it Up: Your rims shouldn't eat dirt anymore.
  2. Measure and Cut: Just like cutting the thanksgiving turkey but way less messy.
  3. Apply Dry, Never Wet: Water and vinyl wraps mix like cats and vacuum cleaners.
  4. Smooth it Out: Let’s not have any wrinkles, the car hasn’t aged yet!
  5. Wash Carefully: But not too carefully, these wraps aren’t your grandma's china.

The Bronze Age: Our Collection

Avery Dennison SW900 Rim Wraps Brushed Bronze

The only thing more suave than this wrap is a secret agent in a tuxedo. Brushed to perfection, this wrap is the epitome of class.

ORACAL 970RA Rim Wraps Metallic Bronze

Metallic sheen with a heart of bronze, this wrap glitters without being gaudy. It's for the silent show-off in you.

Avery Dennison SW900 Rim Wraps Gloss Metallic Gold

Gold met bronze and they had a baby. The result? A glossy metallic wonder that turns roads into red carpets.

Rwraps Matte Chrome Rim Wraps Bronze

If sophistication had a color, it would be matte chrome bronze. It's like having your rims dressed by a personal stylist.

ORACAL 970RA Rim Wraps Metallic Bronze Antique

Vintage charm in a modern wrap. This one's for the classic car lover who's looking to roll down memory lane.

Tips & Tricks: Mastering Your Bronze

  • Not Sticky on Dirt and Grime: Clean those wheels like your life depends on it.
  • Wary of Lifting? Use a squeegee. Think of it as a massage for your wheels.
  • Want to Wash Your Wrapped Rims? Sure! Just avoid any industrial power washing.

Bronze Yourself, Boldly

So you're tired of silver, and gold is just too pretentious? Here's bronze, unapologetically glamorous and fearlessly third place.

With our Bronze Rim Wraps, you're not just changing the color; you're adding an aura, a character, an indefinable mystique. It's a statement that says, "I don't follow the crowd, but I sure do lead it."

So go ahead, step into the Bronze Age and wrap those wheels with the majesty they deserve. No need to thank us, your glorious ride is thanks enough!

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