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Of all the ways to search for the right vinyl film for the job, one of the most comon ways to do it is by searching by brand. And, it makes sense: people often know, or at least think they know, a brand's reputation and assume that any products made by said brand will have a share in the perceived high quality and trustworthiness it has. This is why people may be willing to buy trinkets on Amazon or Wish from unknown brands but wouldn't imagine dropping large sums of money for a no name television or PC. When it comes to the word of vinyl films, this happens to be true to an even greater extent because,unlike consumer electronics, the people buying vinyl are using it as a means to an end.

Wrap Brands You Can Trust

Vinyl Film Brands You Can Trust

Due o the fact that we sell products that need to perform to be any good, we only offer industry-leading brands so you can start and end everyproject with the highest quality vinyl. You'll get vibrant colors and clean finishes to make your projects perfect. So whether you're looking for reflective vinyl for caliper wraps, flocked velvet for a dash wrap or Pearl color change wraps, we've got them all from brands you know you can trust.

3M™ Vinyl Wraps and Films

3M™ Vinyl Films

3M is widely known for offering high-quality products for your home, vehicle, office and everywhere else in between. With an incredibly wide variety of vinyl wraps, you can complete just about any project you put your mind to. Their bold colors and exotic finishes will help you stand out in any crowd. Browse dozens of different colors, styles and textures and you're sure to find the exact look you want.

You can choose shade-shifting flip films, metallic wraps, neon fluorescent vinyl, reflective film or carbon fibers with grains that you can feel — they have it all!

Best of all, when you buy 3M, you're not just purchasing a vinyl wrap you're buying years of research and technology as well. The 3M brand promises quality and reliability you just can't get anywhere else.

Avery Dennison Vinyl Films

Avery Dennison films give you a full range of finish options and an exciting palette of colors to give your project that "wow" factor. With an almost dizzying number of wrap hues to choose from, you can be sure to find just the look you want. They have something for everyone, from bold and soft shades to vibrant neons and metallics.

Designed by experts in the field, Avery Dennison wrapping films are made with beginners in mind. You can slide and reposition the film before sealing it in place. The application is simple so that anyone can use their products for a variety of projects. Whether you're wrapping a car or an appliance, their vinyl wraps will cover your project with style and protect it from dirt and debris.


ORAFOL is known throughout the world for its unique lines of premium adhesive vinyl films. They deliver quality, durability and performance in a wide range of vinyl wrap colors. Stand out from the crowd with custom wrap from ORAFOL.

With over 100 years of experience, ORAFOL has a reputation for creating superior products. Experts engineer their vinyl films for top-notch performance. Their wraps can withstand harsh weather, high temperatures, direct sun and corrosive salt. They are easy to apply and remove for professionals and beginners alike.

With over 100 colors to choose from, you'll always be able to find just the right hue to complement your life and style. So, whether you're looking for a high gloss, matte, metallic or eye-catching color-shift film, you're sure to find it here. We also carry ORACAL's full line of 975 Structure Cast Wrapping films with unique finishes like honeycomb, emulsion and crocodile that have a three-dimensional texture you can feel.

Rwrapsâ„¢ Vinyl Films

Rwraps™ Premium Vinyl Wraps

Don't settle for the ordinary when you can upgrade to the extraordinary. These Premium Vinyl Wrapping Films give you the ability to completely transform the look of your car without having to break the bank. Made especially for wrapping, all of our Rwraps Vinyl Wraps feature the following great characteristics:

  • Air-Release Channels: Our Wrapping Films feature air-channels embedded in the adhesives to give you bubble-free results.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: These Vinyl Wraps use PSAs to give you easy tack and uptake so you don't get premature adhesion.
  • Wide Format: When you use these great films you get sixty-inch wide rolls standard so you can wrap with as few seams as possible.

Unparalleled Selection of Vinyl Wrap Films

When you want unique colors and patterns you want Rwraps. Where else will you find Digital Camo, Epoxy Carbon Fiber, Matte Chrome and more? With Rwraps you get all of these finishes and more but we'll highlight some of our best-selling lines below in case you find yourself in need of a little more inspiration.

An Rwraps Finish for Every Taste

At Rvinyl we've got every imaginable finish and style of vinyl imaginable. Choose from our ultra-shiny Hyper Gloss films for that wet, deep lacquered look or go for a flat Matte film. Want something a little glossier than Matte but not as flashy as Gloss? Our Satin Rwraps films are just what you've been looking for. Best of all, we've got Diamond, Metallic and Chameleon variations of these finishes to give you even more visual depth and style.

  • Hyper Gloss: Creates the look of highly polished enamel
  • Gloss: A standard, glossy sheen
  • Satin: A low shine finish
  • Matte: A flat finish that has almost no shine
  • Diamond: A sparkly, flecked finish
  • Metallic: A slight metal flake
  • Chameleon: A color change effect

Top Three Vinyl Brands

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Wheel wrap
by Moe, 5.00

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Quick delivery, excellent item.
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Wheel wrap
by Moe, 5.00

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Quick delivery, excellent item.

Good price and quick delivery.
by Glenn, 5.00

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Every 3m 2080 vinyl I've tried has been great. It's simple to use and always looks nice.


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