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Avery Craft Vinyl

Avery Craft Vinyl

Whenever you're looking for craft vinyl with an unmatched inventory of color options and Pantone color matching, you should pick the selection of craft vinyl films from Avery™. By choosing these cast films, you can select a variety of quality options, such as intermediate, promotional grade and premium quality vinyl cast films. They even come in ultra glitter and opaque types.

Before selecting craft vinyl, take the time to understand what craft vinyl is and the main differences between the types of Avery™ craft vinyl. Besides learning about the kinds of vinyl Avery™ offers, it's also crucial to know about the styles of vinyl you can choose from and the many benefits of using Avery™ craft film.

What Is Craft Vinyl?

What Is Craft Vinyl?

Craft vinyl refers to a subcategory of vinyl films. Crafters can use these films with hobby-style vinyl cutters, such as the Cricut and Cameo models. Typically, people use craft vinyl to produce decals and small lettering. 

Usually, you can identify craft vinyl by its higher tack and its permanent adhesives. Craft vinyl doesn't have air release channels, much like those found in vinyl wraps. Since craft films utilize transfer tape, air channels would make it so the vinyl sticks to the tape instead of the substrate. In place of air channels, craft vinyl's self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive layer goes on the vinyl's back, allowing it to adhere to several surfaces, ranging from semi-rough to smooth. 

At Rvinyl, we offer several types of craft vinyl, such as our Avery Dennison™ PC500 and HP750 vinyl. These calendered craft vinyl films are well-suited for crafting projects in the office, school or home. They're also quite cost-effective for those on a budget. If you want a more flexible vinyl and a flashy ultra-metallic appearance, you should check out SC950 vinyl.

Different Types of Avery™ Craft Vinyl Available

Different Types of Avery™ Craft Vinyl Available 

There are many different types of Avery™ craft vinyl available to consumers today. The Avery™ PC500, Avery™ HP750 and Avery™ SC950 series of films are three of the main types of products available to businesses and individuals. By learning more about the types of vinyl available, you can find one that meets your brand goals and creative vision.

Below you can learn more about the main types of Avery™ craft films:

1. Avery™ PC500 Calendered Craft Vinyl

Want a budget craft vinyl film that still delivers a high-quality appearance? Take a moment to consider PC500 Calendered Craft Vinyl. The 500 Promotional Calendered Series is a type of high-gloss calendered vinyl and offers 30 different colors to choose from. You can use computer vinyl cutting equipment with this kind of vinyl. You can choose PC500 in several sizes, buying by the roll or the sheet.

2. Avery Dennison™ HP750 Series Films

HP750 Series Craft Vinyl features over 100 different colors of high-gloss films. Avery™ has designed them for use in plotters and cutters, and you can apply them to areas with simple curves. The wide swath of colors available makes it a film that offers one of the widest color pallets in the industry. They're prized for their durability and affordability, while still offering an exceptional finish that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

HP750 comes with Advanced Acrylic Adhesive Technology that provides the vinyl with easy weeding and an unrivaled shelf-life. Alongside this technology, the HP750 also features Pantone's patented Color Matching System. With this system, you can use a Pantone® reference code to match your projects with existing printed and digital media. This matching gives your projects a more professional and seamless look. 

3. Avery™ Series SC950 Cast Craft Vinyl 

SC950 Cast Craft Vinyl is a premium quality vinyl built for even the most demanding applications. The opaque film features a high-gloss finish and an eye-catching metallic flake. Some applications of this film include striping, transportation, accent graphics, general signage and architectural applications. This type of premium craft vinyl has Easy Apply™ technology that features a transparent, pressure-activated permanent adhesive. It's the perfect choice for when you need a glitter craft vinyl that stands out.

The SC950 also has some major differences in the types of vinyl films offered. There's the standard opaque film that features a high-gloss finish and offers hundreds of color options. When installed, the standard Avery™ SC950 Super Cast Craft vinyl imitates paint exactly.

If you want something a little more unique, the alternative Avery™ SC950 Ultra Glitter Vinyl features seven colors that glitter. These sparkly films also have a metallic quality, giving them an intense shimmer to draw the eye. This style of vinyl film is often popular when people need to outfit wine glasses, champagne flutes, windows or keychains with unique designs or messages.

Different Styles of Avery™ Craft Vinyls

Besides the many different types of Avery™ craft vinyl, there are even more styles available to choose from. You can find various color options and sizes for vinyl creations that fit your aesthetic style. 

Color Options

The Avery™ PC500 film has over a dozen stunning colors to choose from to help you find the perfect one for your creative needs. For even more options, you can choose from an expansive inventory of 133 different color options when you select the Avery™ SC950. In the middle, when you go with the HP750 Series there are over 100 different colors to choose from.

One major upside of working with Avery™ craft vinyl is how you can maintain a consistent color style across a variety of products. Most notably, the HP750's inventory of over 100 memorable colors has a consistent color palette shared with the SC950. This shared color palette means you can use both types of craft vinyl on a project while keeping the same color scheme. This uniformity in color helps to maintain a stylistic consistency crucial to the visual success of a project.

Size Options

Besides the many color options, the three main types of Avery™ crafting vinyl also come in several sizes. The Avery™ PC500 and the Avery™ HP750 start in a film size as small as 24 inches by 12 inches, and they go all the way up to 24 inches by 50 yards. 

The Avery™ SC950 starts at 24 inches by 12 inches and ranges to a top size of 24 inches by 10 yards. With all the sizes in between offered for all the main types of Avery™ craft film, you can expect to receive craft vinyl in the size you need.

Craft Vinyl Applications

Craft Vinyl Applications

Craft vinyl has many different applications, allowing you to add a personal touch to various projects. You can apply the material to almost anything, from cards and labels to window graphics and signs. With so many choices, Avery™ craft vinyl is perfect for many companies and individuals looking to customize different objects.

Below you can find some of the main craft vinyl applications:

  • Signs: Craft vinyl is very popular for signs. They can go on everything from tiny signs that rest on top of tables to large banners you can hang over the entrance to a building. Vinyl is long-lasting and can be very eye-catching, making it perfect for signs.
  • Drinkware: Looking for a creative way to customize mugs, wine glasses or tumblers? Avery™ craft vinyl is one of the best materials to use to personalize them and make drinkware more attractive. Next time you're hosting a dinner party or throwing a special event, outfit your cups with unique craft vinyl that adds to the experience.
  • Pantry labels: Fancy labels can make your pantry much more aesthetically pleasing and organized. Crafters can use Avery™ craft vinyl to create labels that fit around glass jars and other storage materials. You can create attractive labels with the vinyl, ensuring you can always find items whenever you need them.
  • Cards: What's more special than a homemade card? With Avery™ crafting vinyl, you can create an intricately designed card that's beautiful and personal. Family members and friends will love a card that comes with custom vinyl on it.
  • Window graphics: Window graphics are a great way to get your message out to the world. You can place Avery™ craft vinyl on storefront windows to provide attractive graphics that display store hours and eye-catching imagery. You can also apply the graphics to your home windows to give them some extra flair.

Benefits of Avery™ Craft Vinyl

As you decide on Avery™ craft vinyl, you should know about the top benefits of each type of craft vinyl. Below you can find more about the advantages of the three types of craft vinyl:

Advantages of Avery™ PC500

PC500 has many advantages that make it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. This cost-effective liner is dimensionally stable and maintains a high-quality appearance wherever it's applied. Some of its top advantages include: 

  • Eye-catching high-gloss film: The high gloss film of the PC500 is very attractive, and it's sure to catch the eye. It's no surprise companies consistently use them for outdoor signage and tradeshows. The film's many color options make it very easy to find colors that fit your vision.
  • Excellent durability and resistance: You can keep this type of vinyl outdoor for up to four years. Part of its durability comes from its excellent resistance to temperature, salt-spray, UV and humidity. 
  • Adhesive release system and engineered liner: The PC500 features an adhesive release system that's very simple to apply to key locations where you want to install the graphic. Avery™ has also designed the engineered liner so you can easily weed edges and cut it to fit the shape you want. As a result of the easy application and customization, you may see reduced labor and converting expenses. 

Advantages of Avery™ HP750

HP750 is widely used in marine, architectural and automotive applications. It's a top choice for people who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing craft film. Check out some of its many benefits:

  • Easy installation and removal: These films are very flexible, allowing you to easily place them on flat and curved surfaces. The pressure-activated adhesive also features air-release channels for easy application. When you're ready to remove the craft film, you can do so quickly and without any problems.
  • Exceptional visual appeal: The high gloss film features one of the widest color palettes in the industry, allowing you to create unique projects with the exact color you need. It offers outstanding smoothness, gloss and depth of color. Since the film resists tough environmental effects like temperature, humidity, salt spray and UV rays, it'll keep your graphics looking great for years.
  • High-performance film: Patented Advanced Acrylic Adhesive Technology (PAAAT) is a key feature of HP750. With PAAAT, HP750 delivers best-in-class weeding and incomparable shelf life to other craft films on the market.

Advantages of Avery™ SC950

SC950 is the premier craft film option for those producing cut and screen applications. They're quite durable, easy to apply and have an impressive appearance. Learn more about SC950's top benefits:

  • Long-lasting: If you're planning on keeping a sign or other outdoor project up for a long time, you need SC950. This type of film can last up to 10 years for colors and 12 years for black and white. The film won't fade for a long time and resists common dangerous environmental effects.
  • Paint-like finish: When installed, the color of the SC950 looks exactly like paint, without the durability concerns that come with the more traditional material. You get an opaque craft vinyl that features a high gloss finish, giving your graphics and designs an attractive appearance. With the over 100 colors to choose from, you can be sure you get exactly the color you need for your project. 
  • Easy Apply™ technology: Putting up lots of craft film can be tiresome and take up lots of time if you don't have vinyl designed for simple application. The Easy Apply™ technology that comes standard in SC950 film makes it so you can quickly apply the vinyl, keeping your productivity high. With this technology, you get an embossed liner that generates air release channels in the vinyl's adhesive, which reduce wrinkles and bubbles.

Avery Dennison™ Craft Vinyl for Your Machine

Whether you own a pair of scissors or a full-blown vinyl cutter, you can be confident you can cut the Avery™ craft film we sell. Below you can find some of the most common electronic cutting machines you can use with the vinyl supplied by Rvinyl:

  • Silhouette Cameo, Curio and Portrait Cutting Machines
  • Cricut Machines
  • Quickutz - Silhouette
  • Graphtec - Craft Robo, CE6000-40 PLUS 15"
Choose Avery™ Craft Vinyl From Rvinyl

Choose Avery™ Craft Vinyl From Rvinyl

If you're looking for top-quality vinyl, you've already found it in Avery™ craft film. The films listed above are some of the best in the industry, and everyone can use them, from individuals to businesses. At Rvinyl, we're proud to offer a variety of craft vinyl films from many top brands, with Avery™ being a favorite of many of our customers. 

Have any questions? Contact us today.

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