ORAFOL Graphic Film Innovations

Are you looking to take your ride to the next level? Maybe you're sick of the stock color of your car and want to upgrade to a bold hue or shimmering finish, or perhaps you want to deck out your vehicle with custom decals you won't see anywhere else on the road. No matter your design dream, ORAFOL has a high-performance film to make it a reality. Upgrade your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle with ORAFOL films available in a multitude of colors, finishes and textures.

What Are ORAFOL Films?

ORAFOL films are self-adhering films that can give your vehicle or fleet a unique look. These films can protect your current paint job or change the color of your car entirely. ORAFOL even offers textured and color-shifting automotive films for a genuinely custom appeal. Made for easy weeding and precise cutting, these films have several applications outside of the automotive industry. Create a unique outdoor sign for your business or add custom lettering to windows or storefronts. Crafted to the highest quality, ORAFOL films are flexible and durable for any project.

Advantages of ORAFOL Films

ORAFOL films are a product you can trust because they come from a company you can trust. With more than 100 years of experience, ORAFOL provides superior products backed by expert knowledge. When you buy ORAFOL films, you get durable products that are easy to use and to love.

A few benefits of choosing ORAFOL films include:

  • High conformability for curved, flat and complex surfaces
  • Unique color, texture and finish options for endless design potential
  • Excellent resistance to the elements, including temperature, UV, humidity and salt
  • Long-lasting durability for custom designs you can enjoy for years to come
  • Easy removal for the next time you want to upgrade your ride

ORAFOL Brands and Styles

Rvinyl.com carries six brands of ORAFOL films you can use for a variety of projects. Each has unique benefits to help you complete your projects to their highest potential:

  • ORACAL®: These superior films are self-adhesive and expertly designed for plotting and printing.
  • ORALUX®: Use these films indoors to mark hazards and emergency exits.
  • ORALITE®: These prismatic and glass bead reflective films provide reflectivity for a variety of applications.
  • ORAGUARD®: Protect your best designs or premium paint job with high-quality laminating films.
  • ORAMASK®: Made for unique designs, you can use these films for stencils or sandblasting.
  • ORAJET®: These self-adhesive films are perfect for digital printing for signs or designs.

ORAFOL films also come in a range of styles and colors, which include:

  • Backlit Signage: Designed for long-term outdoor durability, ORAFOL films are perfect for use in back-lit and illuminated signs. ORACAL 8500 Translucent Calendered Film and ORACAL 8800 Translucent Premium Cast Film allow light to pass through without being see-through, and their silk-matte finish reduces reflectivity. These films are also great for window application to increase privacy or create a stained glass look. Use ORAFOL films to tint your headlights in your favorite color or add designs on your windows. Available in a wide variety of colors, ORAFOL films offer the perfect shade for any project.
  • General Signage: Create premium quality decorative labels, technical plates and safety stickers with shimmering ORACAL 351 Metallized Polyester Film or ORACAL 352 Print Polyester Film. These high-performance films have excellent weeding and low ooze, making them a crafter's dream. ORAFOL films provide exceptional dimensional stability and are ideal for use in Cricut, Silhouette or professional plotter cutter.
  • Plotter Films: Whether you're a part-time crafter, a DIYer with an addiction to vinyl or a full-time sign guy or gal, ORACAL® is the alpha and omega of adhesive cut vinyl film proudcts. Whether you're looking for a craft style vinyl like ORACAL® 631 or 651, a professional sign, cast vinyl like 751 or 951 or pick up a few feet of 641 Eonomy Cal to get the most nag for your buck.
  • Paint Protection: If your ride has a killer paint job, you will want to keep it protected from scratches, chips, dirt and other outdoor elements. ORAFOL paint protection films are perfect for application on flat or slightly curved surfaces to keep your vehicle shining for years. At six millimeters thick, ORAGUARD 270 Stone Guard Film offer protection for up to five years. For more extended outdoor durability, try ORAGUARD 280 Stone Guard Film for powerful protection for up to seven years.
  • POP/Promotional: Make your point-of-purchase displays and other promotional graphics pop with ORAFOL films available in shimmery metallic shades or bright fluorescent colors. ORACAL 6510 Fluorescent Cast Film is perfect for short-term projects that will glow in six bright shades. For enhanced durability, try ORACAL 7510 Fluorescent Premium Cast Film designed to last up to two years, or one year for pink and orange fluorescent films. When you want people to notice your designs, choose ORAFOL films for your promotional project.
  • Specialty Applications: ORALUX 9300 Luminescent Cast Film is designed to improve the safety in your building, plane or ship by providing bright luminescence that glows in the dark. Use this film for exit signs or to mark stairs or safety hazards. At six millimeters thick, this film offers five years durability. For other specialty projects, try ORAFOL's fluorescent film options.
  • Stencil Films: Designed for conformable stencil applications, ORAFOL stencil films work best with paint and spray stencils and offer a transparent mask that lets you see the surface underneath. ORAMASK 810S Stencil Film is compatible with wet application for ease of use, while ORAMASK 810 Stencil Film works best with dry application. These films are perfect for uneven surfaces, complex curves or semi-flexible substrates. The ORAMASK 813 Stencil Film is useful for flat-surface application. ORAFOL stencil films feature a low-tack removable adhesive for superior performance.

Installation Tips for ORAFOL Film

Because of their self-adhesive technology, ORAFOL films are simple to install with just a few steps. However, you should keep a few pointers in mind when applying your ORAFOL film to your vehicle, sign, window or another surface:

  • Clean the Surface Well Before Application: A clean, dry surface is essential for your ORAFOL films to adhere correctly to any surface. Proper cleaning techniques will also prevent bubbles from being trapped under the film during installation. If applying to glass or another hard surface, use isopropanol to clean the surface thoroughly, then wipe it dry. When applying ORAFOL film to a vehicle, take your car, truck or SUV to the car wash prior to application. Select a wash that does not include a wax, then allow the vehicle to dry entirely. After the initial wash, clean any application areas with isopropanol before installation. Do not use any detergents with nanotechnology for cleaning your vehicle, as it will lead to poor adhesion.
  • Pay Attention to Application Temperatures: The data sheet for each specific ORAFOL film product will include an application temperature range. Keep the temperature of your garage or building within that range for the duration of the installation process.
  • Test the Film First: It is always wise to test a small section of film on your vehicle or application surface after cleaning it. Apply the film and allow it to sit for 24 hours to observe if any bubbles occur. If the film does not adhere properly, repeat the cleaning process.
  • Remove Any Hardware That May Interfere: When applying ORAFOL film to a vehicle or other surface with hardware, remove anything that may interfere with the application of the film. This may include car mirrors, door handles, wipers or trim.

How to Apply ORAFOL Films to Your Vehicle

With a few simple steps, your car can have a whole new look. Apply flashy decals or graphics, or change the color of your vehicle by applying ORAFOL film wrap. After you've cleaned your car and removed the hardware, follow these eight steps to install ORAFOL film on your vehicle.

1. Check the Surface Temperature of Your Vehicle

Using an infrared thermometer, make sure the application surface is between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

2. Pre-Cut Sections of Film

Measure the sections of your vehicle that you plan to wrap and cut the film into sections, leaving a few extra inches of bleed.

3. Cut Film to Size

With the liner still attached, lay your film out on each part and cut away any extra film, leaving enough film to wrap under the edges of each section. You may use tape or a magnet to hold the film in place while cutting.

4. Remove the Liner

After cutting each piece, lay your ORAFOL film out on a flat surface and pull the liner away from the film.

5. Apply Film to Vehicle

Stretch the film over the section you want to cover. Using a squeegee, smooth out the film in even strokes. Be sure to apply adequate pressure, so the film adheres to the vehicle. For curved surfaces, use a heat gun to relax the film before stretching it.

6. Reheat Any Ridges or Deep Recesses

Reheat any area with deep recesses or corrugations should immediately after application for proper adhesion.

7. Cut Edges and Attach Borders

Allow the film to cool after the initial application, then cut away any additional pieces and turn the edges under. Reheat all borders, edges and recesses to between 230 and 248°F for final adhesion.

8. Allow the Film to Set

Maintain the application temperature for at least 24 hours to allow the film to adhere fully. Do not wash your car for at least three days after applying.

How to Care for ORAFOL Films

Caring for your ORAFOL automotive film is relatively straightforward — simply clean your wrapped vehicle on a regular basis and spot-clean any spills or marks as soon as you see them. Keeping your ORAFOL wrap free from dirt, debris, grease and oil will ensure its longevity and excellent performance, too.

You may take your wrapped vehicle to a car wash — as long as it does not use brushes or hot wax — but hand-washing your ORAFOL film is always the best option. You may also use aftercare products to maintain your vehicle wrap, but be sure to check the product specifications to ensure your cleaning products will not damage the film.

Below are a few basic steps for adequately cleaning your ORAFOL wrap by hand:

  1. Before using any new cleaning products on your wrap, test the solution on a small section of the graphic or wrap. It's best to choose proper cleaning products that explicitly suit the material and type of wrap you have. Be sure to read the warning label, so you know you're using any chemical cleaners safely.
  2. Rinse your film with clean water first to remove any loose dirt or debris.
  3. Using a blend of warm water and a mild car wash detergent, scrub your vehicle gently with a microfiber towel or sponge. Work from the top down for the best results without any streaks.
  4. After cleaning your car with the soapy water, rinse it with clean water.
  5. Allow your vehicle to air dry, or wipe it down with another dry microfiber towel.
  6. You may apply a polish after cleaning to help seal and protect the wrap.

When cleaning your ORAFOL film, there are a few things you want to avoid:

  • Car Washes With Brushes: Brushes can scratch or tear your vehicle wrap
  • Car Washes With Wax: Using wax on your vehicle wrap can cause it to degrade more quickly or damage the color
  • Pressure Washing Your Vehicle: While pressure washing your wrapped vehicle can be okay if you or a professional does it correctly, but it's best to avoid it, as it can tear the wrap or cause it to peel away from the vehicle. If you pressure wash the vehicle on a regular basis, it may also cause the wrap to fade, become discolored or crack.

Clean your vehicle and the film weekly to keep it in like-new condition — if you live in an area with a lot of pollution or dirt, you may want to wash it even more frequently. It's particularly important to clean any grease or oil marks as quickly as possible, so they do not damage your new vehicle wrap. For more tips, check out our guide on the best cleaning practices for your vehicle wrap.

How to Repair ORAFOL Automotive Films

Sometimes, accidents happen, and your ORAFOL wrap gets damaged. For example, improper washing could lead to a tear, or rocks from the road could puncture your wrap. But don't despair — you can repair your vehicle wrap easily. Begin by assessing the damage to your wrap. You can patch small holes or tears quickly, but larger rips may require you to replace the entire section. If the damage is in a highly visible location, you may also want to replace the whole wrap for the cleanest look.

If the tear is manageable, first clean and dry the area using the method described above for applying the wrap. Use wet sandpaper and a sanding block to remove any shredded film, so the scrape is level, then clean the area again. Measure the damaged section and cut a patch of wrapping film large enough to cover it. Peel away a corner of the liner and apply it to the vehicle. Squeegee the film onto the vehicle while pulling away the liner to ensure proper adhesion and prevent dirt from getting underneath the wrap. You may also heat the vinyl during stretching and around the edges. Once you've applied your patch, cut away any excess material and seal the edges with a sealant.

Shop ORAFOL Films Today

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, your ride deserves a custom look that truly makes it your own. Rvinyl.com is pleased to offer a large selection of ORAFOL films for any project, including reflective films for safety applications and fluorescent wraps for simply showing off. Make your car sparkle with ORACAL Shift Effect Vinyl, or protect your current paint job with ORAGUARD Stone Guard Film. With long-term durability and easy application, ORAFOL films are the perfect solution for any project.

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