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ORACAL® 352 Print Polyester Series Films

ORACAL® Series 352 Print Polyester film is made specifically for use as a printable plotter film. Although other methods may be possibel, screen printing and UV-offset printing are the only types recommended by the manufacturer. Great for use in decorative labels, name and technical plates, you can also cut decoration and moldings, safety stickers with any type of Cricut, Silhouette or professional model plotter.With great looks, incredible performance and unbeatable value you just won't find its equal elsewhere. Like all polyester films, this Series 352 is not intended to be used as a wrapping film.

352 Print Polyester Series Film Specifications

  • 0.9 mil thick: Transparent, Chrome, Matte Chrome, Gloss Gold
  • 2 mil thick: White, Chrome, Brushed Silver
  • Up to 2 year durability (1 year for gold)
  • 84# custom silicone coated paper with special release characteristics
  • High-gloss finish
  • Clear, water-based adhesives
  • 47°F minimum application temperature

Common Applications

  • Make safety labels and molding
  • Marking and decoration.
  • Die-Cutting

ORACAL® 352 Print Polyester Series Films: Expanded Overview

The ORACAL® 352 Print Polyester Series Films represent a specialized category within the realm of printable plotter films. Designed to cater to a range of applications, this series stands out due to its unique material properties and the versatility it offers in both commercial and personal projects. The film is engineered to be compatible with specific printing methods, primarily screen printing and UV-offset printing, as recommended by the manufacturer. This specificity in printing techniques underscores the film's specialized nature.

Applications and Versatility

One of the standout features of the ORACAL® 352 Series is its adaptability for various applications. It is particularly effective for crafting decorative labels, nameplates, and technical plates. The film's compatibility with a range of cutting machines, including popular models like Cricut and Silhouette, as well as professional-grade plotters, makes it a go-to choice for creating intricate designs and patterns. Safety stickers are another notable application, where the film's properties can be leveraged to produce durable and visible signage.

The film's aesthetics are not compromised by its functionality. It offers an attractive appearance, ensuring that projects not only perform well but also have a visually appealing finish. This balance between aesthetics and performance is a key selling point, contributing to the film's reputation as a product that offers great value.

Material and Durability

The Series 352 films are available in various thicknesses and finishes, catering to different project requirements. The 0.9 mil variants come in Transparent, Chrome, Matte Chrome, and Gloss Gold, while the 2 mil variants are available in White, Chrome, and Brushed Silver. This range of options allows users to select the most appropriate film for their specific needs.

Durability is a significant aspect of these films. With up to a 2-year lifespan (1 year for the gold variant), they offer a balance between longevity and cost-effectiveness. The 84# custom silicone-coated paper backing features special release characteristics, enhancing the film's usability during application processes.

The high-gloss finish and clear, water-based adhesives contribute to the film's overall quality, ensuring that it not only looks good but also adheres well to various surfaces. The minimum application temperature of 47°F is an important consideration, as it dictates the environmental conditions suitable for applying the film.

Use in Plotters and Vinyl Cutters: Settings, Weeding, and Transfer Tape Application

Plotter and Vinyl Cutter Compatibility

The ORACAL® 352 Print Polyester Series Films are designed to be compatible with a wide range of plotters and vinyl cutters, including popular models like Cricut and Silhouette, as well as professional-grade machines. This compatibility ensures that users can achieve precise cuts and intricate designs, whether for personal projects or commercial applications.

Recommended Settings

When using the Series 352 films with plotters or vinyl cutters, it is crucial to adjust the settings appropriately. This includes setting the blade depth, pressure, and speed to match the thickness and type of the film being used. For the 0.9 mil films, a shallower blade depth and lower pressure setting are typically recommended, whereas the 2 mil films may require slightly deeper cuts and higher pressure. Users should refer to their machine's manual for specific guidance and may need to conduct test cuts to determine the optimal settings.

Weeding Process

Weeding is the process of removing excess film after cutting, leaving only the desired design on the backing paper. For the ORACAL® 352 Series, this process should be done with care to avoid damaging the intricate designs. Tools like weeding picks or tweezers can be helpful in removing small pieces of film. The film's clear, water-based adhesive aids in this process by ensuring that the cut pieces remain firmly attached to the backing paper until intentionally removed.

Applying Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is used to transfer the cut design from the backing paper onto the desired surface. For the Series 352 films, it is important to select a transfer tape that is compatible with the film's adhesive and finish. The tape should be applied evenly over the design, using a squeegee or similar tool to ensure that it adheres well and that any air bubbles are removed. The design can then be lifted from the backing paper and positioned on the target surface, where it should be pressed firmly to ensure good adhesion. The transfer tape is then carefully peeled away, leaving the design in place.

In conclusion, the ORACAL® 352 Print Polyester Series Films offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional performance, suitable for a variety of applications. When used with plotters and vinyl cutters, attention to settings, careful weeding, and proper transfer tape application are key to achieving the best results.


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