Rwraps™ Premium Vinyl Wraps: Made to Stick 

Why settle for the ordinary when you can upgrade to the look of the extraordinary? Rwraps Premium Vinyl Wrapping Films give you the ability to completely transform the look of your car without having to spend a small fortune. Made especially for wrapping, all of our Rwraps Vinyl Wraps feature great characteristics which make them the DIY installers dream. Whether you choose Rwraps Carbon Fiber, Chrome or Camouflage or Hyper Gloss wraps you'll enjoy the following benefits with each and every sheet or roll you buy:

  • Air-Release Channels: Our Wrapping Films feature air-channels embedded in the adhesives to give you bubble-free results. In other words, you don't need to use special slip solutions or fluids to install the wrap.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: These Vinyl Wraps use PSAs to give you easy tack and uptake so you don't get premature adhesion. Once you've got the vinyl in the right place squeegee on and heat with a heat-gun.
  • Wide Format: When you use these great films you get sixty-inch wide rolls standard so you can wrap with as few seams as possible.

Unparalleled Selection of Vinyl Wrap Films

When you want unique colors and patterns you want Rwraps. Where else will you find Digital Camo, Epoxy Carbon Fiber, Matte Chrome and more? With Rwraps you get all of these finishes and more but we'll highlight some of our best-selling lines below in case you find yourself in need of a little more inspiration.

An Rwraps Finish for Every Taste

At Rvinyl we've got every imaginable finish and style of vinyl imaginable. Choose from our ultra-shiny Hyper Gloss films for that wet, deep lacquered look or go for a flat Matte film. Want something a little glossier than Matte but not as flashy as Gloss? Our Satin Rwraps films are just what you've been looking for. Best of all, we've got Diamond, Metallic and Chameleon variations of these finishes to give you even more visual depth and style.

  • Hyper Gloss: Creates the look of highly polished enamel
  • Gloss: A standard, glossy sheen
  • Satin: A low shine finish
  • Matte: A flat finish that has almost no shine
  • Diamond: A sparkly, flecked finish
  • Metallic: A slight metal flake
  • Chameleon: A color change effect

Gloss versus Hyper Gloss

Gloss versus Hyper Gloss


Carbon Fiber Vehicle Wraps

Carbon Fiber vinyl wraps are probably one of the hottest, DIY wrap films out there. Our Rwraps Carbon Fiber films are versatile, affordable, offer a wide variety of colors and finishes and have been engineered for wrapping. What does this mean? Rwraps™ Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps Rwraps™ Carbon Fiber vinyl films add the look of increased HP and street cred to even the most questionable whips and rides. In this respect they're no different from 2080, SW900 and 975CA films but the major difference between Rwraps and these other brands is in terms of the variety of colors and finishes and price.

  • More colors than any other brand
  • More finishes than any other brand (3D, 4D, 5D Epoxy, Chameleon)
  • Lowest price point

Brushed Metal Vinyl Wraps

Rwraps Brushed Metal Vinyl gives you look and feel of brushed aluminum to your interior without emptying your bank account or blowing your whole paycheck. This line gives you the selection, value and quality you need to upgrade the look of your interior and gets it to your door in time at all. With a choice of more than a half dozen different colors of Brushed Aluminum you're sure to find just the look you need to complement your ride's paint job or color scheme. Best of all, all of our aluminum vinyl films come with a true, textured finish that you not only see but can feel too!

Rwraps Camouflage Vinyl

With 20 different patterns in a variety of colors and styles, there's an Rwraps Camo Vinyl Wrap for everyone. Not sure if our Rwraps Camo is up to the job you have in mind? Rest assured it is because they're made from the same great film as our other vehicle wraps and can be used on any non-porous, hard surface. So, whether you want to wrap the stock of a rifle, your basement bar's backsplash or anything else we've got you covered. Just in case you need some inspiration, here are few ideas we've gleaned from customers:

  • Truck dashboards
  • Four-wheelers
  • Deer stands
  • Vehicle Wraps

Rwraps: Made for You

We've really only covered a fraction of the styles we offer but why read about them when you can browse all of our styles. Want Neochrome or Snake Skin? You can get it here. Looking for realistic Leather or true Velvet wraps? You're in luck. Go ahead and get your style on with our huge selection of embossed, textured, printed and flocked vinyl wrap films. Just be sure to send in pics when you're done to get our Instant Photo Rebate!



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Installed Rvinyl on my jukebox restoration. Old jukebox was worn, faded and scraped.
by Peter B, SEVIERVILLE, TN 5.00

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Installed Rvinyl on my jukebox restoration. Old jukebox was worn, faded and scraped. Installed blue carbon fiber and silver brushed aluminum Rvinyl on the outside with coordinating 1/8" red pinstripe to go with the red, white and blue motif of the glass. Also used the blue smoke tint Rvinyl on a light diffuser that casts a blue glow on the speaker grille when the lights are on. Make: Seeburg Model: Q160 Year: 1960

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I never did a wrap before, and after wrapping my bike with your product.
by Andriy P, AVONDALE, AZ 5.00

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First just want say thank you rvinyl for make it so easy. I never did a wrap before, and after wrapping my bike with your product. It looks better than ever before. The material is little bit challenging to work with at the beginning, but after you figure out its limits and how easy it is. Anyone can do it. Make: suzuki Model: gsxr Year: 2006

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Great vinyl for the price
by Joel, Virginia 4.75

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This vinyl looks amazing and is easy to install. For a first time installer I was very satisfied.
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4.80 | 374 Reviews